Zombie Apocalypse …?

It’s Saturday night and after convincing myself I have probably developed a load of diseases I’m now lying in bed and for some reason I have further convinced myself that the zombie apocalypse has started. Here, localised in downtown Dublin.   I live close to the city centre and I can hear what seems like

21 Nov 2016

So Long Lemonade

(I’m Feeling Beyoncé’s Lemonade so hard right now …) Ah lads, where do I start? Well, I’ve not been feeling great for the past few weeks. So haven’t been posting – I suppose you need to be inspired to do that and I was barely inspired enough to get up before wetting the bed most

28 Oct 2016

His First Bum Sex

You will never know gratitude more than the gratitude bestowed on you from a well-endowed guy who you’ve had bum sex with! Especially if it’s his first time with anal.   There’s no two ways around it, his cock is pretty big, it’s also really fat. So I have no trouble believing that he hasn’t

23 Sep 2016

Dancing On My Own

These words feel huge. Like I’m a tiny spec trying to hold something enormous; probably only visible to me.   When I’m sad I can’t tolerate the complication that is you I can’t contemplate it. When I’m happy, when work and family and the rest of life is going well, I can tolerate it. I

16 Sep 2016

Filthy Alley Sex

Will you order me another milkshake and get the bill, I’m just going to run to the loo. You just had one? I know. But get me another one. Friday Night I walk off to the loo not explaining myself. It’s about 11 on a busy Friday night at the end of the summer. It’s

09 Sep 2016

Get Fucked

I’m outside your house Well come in then!   He closes the door behind him as I walk away and up the stairs. Telling his I’m soaked and I need to change, he follows me up. I have my pants off by the time he stands behind me and grabs my hips. What are you

26 Aug 2016

Sex and Your Career – where’s the line?

I know I told you all about the last time I had sex during work hours – that was great. But this is more the figurative sense; when is it ok for your sex life to cross over into your work realm. Or is it ever?   I got a LinkedIn ‘connection’ request from an

19 Aug 2016

Last Night A Dicking Saved My Life

  Sex stops me from wanting to end it all I don’t say that flippantly, it keeps me alive. And on one occasion it saved my life. This is very hard for most people to understand. I know this and expect this. Less easy to understand is how I explain this to people in my

12 Aug 2016

Why Don’t I Give Blow Jobs?

I love a cock in my mouth so why don’t I give blow jobs? Good question, but a trick one – I do give blow jobs but this only depends on how you look at it. Or so it seems. I read an article this week on The Dublin Inquirer page, where it was suggested

05 Aug 2016

When Are You Coming To Suck My Cock?

 Do Not Fuck up My Makeup You’ll be on the clock too, I won’t have much time. That’s ok, I like the excitement, been a long time since I did anything in work during business hours. And you can’t mess up my face so no deep throat I’m afraid Maybe just a little Nope. Them’s

29 Jul 2016
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