Squeak (for Wank Wednesday)

Props to Ruby Kiddell for this week’s amazing prompt, “squeak”. The prompt page can be found here.



She let out a little squeak. I had snuck up behind her in the bedroom, whilst she was getting dressed. Her belly was beautifully swollen, due to her fourth month of pregnancy. She was glowing. And loving every minute of it.

“Jase! Never scare a pregnant woman!” she let out.

“I couldn’t resist. You looked so delicious.” I answered. I tried to seduce her in to going back to bed.

“Oh, Jase, I’ll never make it to work on time!”

“Then call in sick. Morning sickness. That’s a plausible excuse, isn’t it?” I said, kissing her neck. She trembled under the spell of my lips and finally caved in.

“Shit, why do you have to feel so good?” she breathed. She took her phone from the nightstand and quickly called work.

After she had finished informing Daria the receptionist about her sudden bout of morning sickness, she crawled next to me in our big bed. I wasted no time in making her mine.

I kissed her, from her neck down to her soft, swollen breasts, licking her pert little nipples. It made her squeak again.

“What? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I asked, concerned for my girl’s wellbeing.

“No, not at all! Just a bit tender, that’s all. Keep going, feels great.”

I obliged and kissed my way down to her stomach. Was there a prettier sight than her pregnant belly? I don’t think so.

“Hey baby. Hope you’re still snug in there.” I said to her bump. This made her chuckle. I loved talking to the baby. I did it so he or she could get used to my voice. Elin did so by playing her guitar and singing for him or her.

Suddenly, she pulled me back up.

“Could we skip the kissing and the licking for once? It’s just that I desperately need your cock inside me…” she said innocently.

“Jesus, has pregancy made you even hornier?” I asked, surprised by her wanton desire.

“Shut up and get that cock out!” she shouted out. “Fuck me hard!”

“Are you sure I won’t hurt you or the baby?”

“FUCK ME NOW!” she cried.

Slightly disturbed by my wife’s sexual hunger, I got to work on opening my zipper. Luckily, I was still topless, as she would have probably ripped my shirt to shreds…

I spread open her legs and guided my cock inside her. Upon the first contact, she cried out: “Fuck, that feels so good.”

“I haven’t even done anything yet.” I noted.

“I know. It’s just that feeling. That feeling of togetherness. We fit, Jase. Haven’t you noticed?”

I smiled at this very true comment. We fit together perfectly.

“Come on. I’m ready for you, sir.” she whispered sensually. “Fuck me like the freak you are.”

Fuelled by her words, I thrusted.

Once, twice. She arched her back and moaned.

Three, four, five. Whispered dirty words in my ear.

Six. Seven. Buried her head in my neck, buried her teeth in my shoulder.

Eight, nine, ten. I winced in pain and pleasure.

It was so intense. I felt every muscle in my body contracting, her pussy pulsing around my cock.

And then, without warning…

The phone rang.

“Don’t answer.” I breathed. “Please don’t answer.”

But she did. I halted for a second, composing myself.

“Hello? Oh, hi doctor Matthews.”

My muscles contracted again. But this time in fear. Was there something wrong with the baby?

“What? You’re joshing me.”

Elin broke out in a massive smile.

“Thank you! Of course! I’m over the moon! Oh, thank you doctor! I’ll be sure to tell him when he’s sitting down. Ok, bye!”

“What is it? Something wrong?”

Suddenly, a tear trickled from her face.

“Oh baby, what is it?” I asked, lowering myself down upon her.

“Babe… we’re having twins!”

My heart started beating in double time. I swallowed.

“Twins? Holy shit. HOLY SHIT!” I heard myself crying out. Then, I couldn’t help myself. I let out a tear.

“Oh babe.” I said, caressing her face and wiping the tear away. “What a miracle!”

“I know. I know. Will we cope?”

“Of course we will. We’ll make it work, you and me and the kids.”

We hugged.

I’m going to be a father. Of two children. Two adorable little children. I couldn’t help myself. I let out a little squeak.

“Uhm… not to be rude and spoil this moment completely, but should we not finish our little tryst here? You’re kind of still inside me.”

“Oh right, we should.” I chuckled. I leaned in and kissed her.

Oh we finished our little tryst alright.

Albeit with a crowd inside her stomach…

Lindi Hop (for Fuck Me Friday)

Watch how cleverly I use this week’s prompt: Seat.

9.25 am

Running down the platform, schlepping my trolley behind me. I’m horribly late.

I’m on my way to Scotland, and in a bout of foolishness, I had decided to take a train. Five hours to Glasgow. And my i-Pod wasn’t charged. This wasn’t turning out to be a good day.

I made my way down to an empty seat and put my trolley on the rack above me. Plunging down on the soft cushioned seat, I instantly relaxed. I could take a nap. A long, five-hour nap and then Glasgow wouldn’t be far off. Simple as that.

Half an hour later, I woke up from my super short nap. Shit. This wasn’t how I planned it.

The next hour, I spent watching the landscape go by through the window. Who knew the countryside could be so boring? See, this is why I don’t watch Countryfile. That and Matt Baker.

We stopped at another station. People made their way down the carriage. I was studying a poster for Lucozade, hanging on a wall in the station, when I heard a deep, quite sexy voice call me.


I turned around and faced a frankly gorgeous man. Messy auburn hair, piercing blue eyes, cute smile,  loaded with a laptop and a book bag. This ride just got a lot more interesting…


“Do you mind if I take a seat here?”

I smiled at him. “Sure.”

He smiled back and sat down.

“Crikey, it’s a long ride, isn’t it?” he said, sighing.

“Five hours from London. And I’m suffering already.” I replied.

“Tell me about it. I do this a lot. Family is in Scotland.”

“Oh, are you Scottish?”

“Aye. I hail from Glasgow. Nice to be going home for the weekend. So.. if I may ask, what brings you to my fair city?”

“A much-needed holiday. I’m well tired. Working overtime every day.”

“Must be tough. I’m Caleb, by the way.” he said, sticking out his hand.

“Lindi. Nice to meet you.”

I shook his hand and I was sure I felt a tiny spark there. His hand felt good. Bit rough, but tender.

“Lindi. Nice name for a nice lass. Where do you hail from?”

“Lewisham. So, I’m a nice lass? What are you basing this on?”

“Well, you let me sit here. The bonniest place in the train.”

“And tell me, why is this the ‘bonniest” place?”

“Because you’re here too. You can’t ask for a finer view.”

I felt myself blush. Nice to get some attention from a good-looking man. And then, I did something stupid. I started undressing him mentally. In my head, under his clothes, there was a body of a Grecian god. Toned abs, six-pack, strong arms, and to top it all off, a little tuft of hair running from his bellybutton to God knows where in the nether regions of his body.

It was only then, that I realised that he was doing the same! I recognised that look from anywhere. He shot me a lusty smile. Clearly, he liked what he didn’t see.

I thought it would end right there. With a little harmless flirtation. But for the next hour, we continued exchanging looks. Every time I looked at him, my stomach would flip in a very happy way. No doubt that Caleb was attractive. That voice could command any woman to get down on her knees for him. A little wink would seal the deal.

Just as the thought crossed my mind, he winked.

“Ok, kind sir, what are you aiming at?” I asked.

“We’re both looking for a way to spend the time. How about we.. spend some time with each other?”

I lowered my voice. “Are you suggesting…”

“The loo. In five minutes.”


He went off towards the loo. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. First of all, I only met this guy mere hours back. Second, this is an old train. It’s wobbly. Third, what if someone catches us? And fourth… I want him, I want him, I want him.

Four minutes after he went off, I followed after him.

Three knocks on the door of the loo. The door opened. Caleb lured me in.

The loo was well small.

“How the hell are we going to do this?” I worried.

He shut me up by urgently kissing me. I kissed him back, caught up in the heat of the moment. He’s a good kisser, that.

The train swirled and swiveled and I nearly lost my balance, but Caleb caught me. He smiled.

“Not very comfortable. But we’ll make it work somehow.”

He sat down on the closed loo and undid the button on his jeans. With one swift move, he released his cock from his pants. I took a little moment and admired it.

“Like what I’m packing?” he said, cheekily.

His cock was already hard. And very pretty and plump and pink.

“Nice equipment.” I said, gingerly touching the head. He smiled and pulled me closer.

With that cut-glass Glaswegian accent, he whispered in my ear: “Take off your knickers, Lindi Hop.” 

“Lindi Hop? Is that the best you can do?” I whispered back. He grinned evilly.

I hiked up my light summer skirt and obliged him. Then, I straddled him, taking him in. The feeling was incredible. I instantly began riding him, shaking along with the train, which, strangely, intensified both our feelings.

“Lindi..” he moaned. “Lindi, you feel so good, so wet and warm, fuck that’s good. Keep going.”

He buried his head between my breasts and took a long, deep breath. What followed, was a long string of quiet curses and moans. I rode him hard, and he was apparently enjoying every minute of it.

He came with a muffled cry and the sensation of his warm seed spilling inside me made me come myself.

We stayed there, like that, for a few minutes. Just smiling at each other.

By the time we got back to our seats, we had arrived in another station.

“Blimey, we’re not even close to Scotland.” he sighed.

“I guess not.”

Then I grinned. “But fuck it, it was a fun way to pass the time!”


This little story has a happy ending too. When we eventually arrived in Glasgow, after spending time watching a movie on his laptop, we decided to stick together for the day. I didn’t know it, he didn’t know it, but it was definitely the start of something big….


You were sitting naked on my bed. Grinning like a mad woman.

“Let me watch you.”

“Pardon?” I said, not quite listening. Too busy admiring your beautiful, curvy body. Tentatively touching it, pulling away, not wanting to bruise that perfect flesh with my rough fingers.

“Let me watch you. I want to see you touch yourself. I want to see you get off.”

I swallowed. I’ve never done anything like it before. Didn’t quite know if I’d feel comfortable.

“Ayls, I don’t know.” I said, my voice trembling a bit. “It’s so private. I’ve never masturbated for anyone before.”

You smiled. I knew that you loved me saying the word “masturbated”. Something in the accent, you always said.

“I’d just feel so exposed.” I whispered.

I knew you were getting a bit cross with me. I could see it in your eyes.

“Jase, it’s just wanking. And it’s just me. I’m not asking you to do something ridiculously complicated, am I? Besides, I guarantee you, it would make me go bonkers with desire.”

“Ayls, I don’t think…”

You shut me up by pulling down my boxers. To my own surprise, my cock was reacting. I had to face it. This idea may have turned me on more than I was willing to admit.

“Babe, for fuck’s sake. It would make me so hot, it would turn me on so much. Please, do me a favor..”

You smiled at me, looking so kind. “I’ll do it for you, if you do it for me.”

That made me grin. “Alright, you’re on.”

You placed yourself at the end of the bed, and made yourself comfortable. I did the same, nervously lying back on the soft cushions.

I started by gently stroking my cock, which you had nicknamed my “soldier of love.” I quite liked that nickname. Made me feel like a proper man.

You watched, studying the way the “soldier” became hard under my feather-light strokes. I half expected you to lower your glasses and mumble “Mmm. Interesting.” like a doctor studying a test subject. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable. I don’t do well under pressure.

And you noticed it.

“Close your eyes.” you said. “Imagine it’s me touching you. If that’ll help.”

I did.

I imagined your hand wrapped around my cock, skilfully sliding up and down the shaft, never forgetting the head. I relaxed under the spell of that fantasy.

Your next trick was even better. Replacing your hands with your lips. I could just feel that hot mouth on me, that devil tongue licking every inch of warm, throbbing flesh.

I could hear myself moaning your name. Under the influence of the fantasy, I slurred a string of words together.

“Ayls… please fuck me, can’t.. fuck.. your mouth.. so hot…fuuuuuuck.”

The pleasure was unbearable. I could feel my stomach tighten, my balls twitch, every single bit of me was reacting to my imagination.

“Good. Come for me.” you said. “Be a good boy and come for me.”

The words triggered a release like no other. So you see where imagination could take you. I came in hot spurts, all over my stomach.

I opened my eyes and saw you grinning.

“Did… did you like it?” I stuttered, out of breath and sticky with jizz.

“I loved it.” you said, crawling towards me.

Then, I got what I wanted. Your hot tongue on my skin, licking off my cum.

You. You always bring out the best in me. The best in everything. You are the one.


This week’s Wank Wednesday prompt is “shield”. Now, excuse me if this is absolute rubbish, but I have slept all day long, and am on what my doctor called “horse strength medication” so I can get better for Thursday. I haven’t eaten much, save for chicken and some chocolate. I feel miserable. But being miserable doesn’t mean I can’t provide you with your weekly smut.

The link to the original prompt page is here.


“I have these strange fantasies.” I say one day. We’re sitting in the kitchen, discussing random stuff over breakfast. And I don’t know why, but I feel the need to confess this to my friend.

“I’m sure you’re not the only one.” Jase says, whilst absent-mindedly munching on a bacon and egg sarnie. He’s obviously in a completely different head space than me.

“About men.” I say, trying to lure his attention. “Sexy fantasies.”

“Sure, loads of women have sexy fantasies.” he replies. “Loads of men do too. God knows I do.”

“But you fantasize about Carey Mulligan, and all those other foxy actresses. My fantasy is different.”

He puts down his sarnie and faces me.

“So tell me, who do you fantasize about?”

“A knight.”

He chuckles. “What, King Arthur? Or is Lancelot more your thing?”

“Oi, don’t laugh!”

“Do you imagine you’re Guinevere, or something like that? Kinky action on The Round Table? Gang bang with all the knights?”

I all but smack him dead in the face.

“One knight! Just the one!” I cry out.

“I’m sorry. Now, come on. Fess up.”

I take a deep breath. And then I tell him.

“It’s a modern fairytale, really. But none of that gooey shite, romance novel sort of thing. It’s… steamy.”

“Ooh.” he says. “Steamy, even. Now you’ve got my attention. Do carry on.”

“He’s just… so hot. Not handsome in a traditional way, but just hot like fire.”

“Keep going.”

“Beautiful, amber eyes and a cheeky smile. A body to die for. And he’s so kind. He’s a genuine hero. Not a knight in a traditional, knight-in-shining-armor. Think your typical action hero.”

“And what does this man do that turns you on?”

“Well… he defends me. Shields me from danger. I imagine someone bastard or bitch edging in on me and then he swoops in. Not that I can’t fend for myself, I mean, I can, but he is just so heroic. He steps in and fends them off. Defends me. Fights for me.”

“And what does he do next?”

He appears to be transfixed with what I’m saying. Getting lost in the moment. Which I never expected from Jase. Not in this particular fantasy.

“He takes me to his “castle”. Throws me on the bed. And fucks me.”

His eyes nearly drop out of their sockets. I laugh. I had clearly got his attention. He swallows and whispers that I should carry on.

“Ok, so imagine this. I’m in this lily-white, long dress. He rips it apart. Under it, I’m wearing my devil-red corset and knickers. He deftly undoes the corset to reveal my buxom bosom. Then, he rips open my knickers, and throws me on the bed. By the way, there is a lot of fabric-ripping going on here. It’s that good.”

“That good.” he repeats silently.

“His shirt is already undone. He takes it off and reveals the most impressive muscles. Amazing pecs, fantastic abs, you name it, he’s got it. Takes off his shoes, takes off his trousers. And the amazing thing is… he’s not wearing underpants. And his cock… Oh, Jase, his cock is to die for.”

He swallows uncomfortably and shifts in his seat. “Shouldn’t you be telling this to Jade?”

“Oh, Jade knows about this. Anyway, he crawls onto the bed and then… the best sex of my life. He knows every move, every single trick in the book of sex. His touch is electrifying, his kiss is stupendously terrific. His lips taste like spun sugar, for some reason. Anyway, that’s my fantasy. What do you think?”

“I think I want to be that knight. I want to rescue you, sweep you off your feet and then throw you on the bed and fuck you mercilessly. I’d be good, you know. But until you realise that, I will wait. ” I think.

I shift on my chair, trying to douse the fire in my loins. Yes, embarrassingly enough, I am now sporting a hard-on. I can’t help it. I am intoxicated by her voice, by her words. I can’t help thinking, maybe it’s sheer ego, or maybe there is truth in it.. is it me she’s fantasizing about? I would shield her from danger.

I would die for her.

Shy Guy

I never knew Jase to be a shy guy.

I learn a lot about him from having sex with him. You think you know, but you have no idea what’s in that head of his. He has come clean about some fantasies in the past few weeks. Things that he never wanted anyone but me to do for him. Things that linger under the surface.

The mere possibility of these things happening kept him going for all these years. He has interesting desires. Nothing fancy, not being bound and gagged or something. Just being touched. Being loved.

One particular fantasy surprised me. This happened in the first week of our relationship.

“You look very delicious tonight.” he whispered in my ear, as he lay down next to me. He had just returned from a shift at the bar and looked a bit tired. It was hot outside and I was dressed in nothing but my lacy bra and panties, watching television.

“Is that how you pass time when I’m not here? Watching the poker in your skivvies?” he asked, while stroking my hair. I relaxed under his touch. It had been a tense day at the office. Some deadlines were coming very close and everyone felt very stressed. And it definitely rubbed off on me.

“Ooh, I do everything in my skivvies when you’re not here. Even the washing up. You look tired.”

“Yeah, rough day. You too?”

“Deadlines and all that. We should find a way to relax.”

He giggled. “I know how!”

He leaned over and kissed me, with so much longing that it made me dizzy. It prompted me to declare: “I’m all yours.”

“Lovely. Will you do what I ask?”

“Sure. As long as you kiss me like that.”

He obliged and kissed me again. Then, he pulled away.

“Take off your bra. Let me see your breasts.” he whispered huskily. I stood up in front of him and unclasped my bra.

“Do you want me to touch them?” I said.

“Yeah. I do.”

So I did. I touched my soft breasts, looking straight into his eyes.

“Ta…take off your panties too. I want…” he stuttered. I quite enjoyed this sensual power I had. I’ve never been able to turn a man into absolute dripping goo. It made me feel more womanly.

I took off my panties and revelled in the sight of him watching me. He made a come hither motion. So, I joined him on the bed, where we kissed again.

In between the kissing, it was obvious that he wanted to ask me something.

“Ayls?” he said, with his lips against mine.

I moaned in response.

“Ayls.. I want to ask you something.”

“Ask away, I’m all ears.”

“Will you… oh fuck.. I’ve never…”

I pulled away and looked him in the eyes, trying to read his expression. He looked down at the mattress, as if he was shying away from me.

“What is it, babe?”

“I’ve never… asked a woman to do this before.”

For a moment, panic struck. What the hell did he want me to do?

“What is it, Jase? Tell me.”

Unless it’s something freaky. Then, please do not.

“Will you… suck me?”

My jaw dropped. “Let me get this absolutely straight. You’ve never asked a woman for a blowjob before? Have you had one?”

He blushed a bright crimson shade. “Fuck me, now I’m embarrassed. No. Not properly. And no, I haven’t asked. Too shy I guess.”

I smiled. “You needn’t be shy. Not with me. Fuck, Jase, it’s me.”

“Do you want to?” he whimpered silently, preparing himself for rejection.

I didn’t say a word. I just sat up and reached out to his zipper.

Carefully, I opened it, and pulled down his pants. Easy does it. Then, I pulled down his boxers, revealing his cock, in all his long and hard glory.

“Look at that. Your big soldier. Your soldier of love.” I said, admiring it for a second, and running my finger down the shaft. This left him grinning.

I nestled myself between his legs and took his cock in my hand. Then, carefully, I bent down and swirled my tongue around the head. Just once, only delicately. It provoked an immediate reaction from him, a cute little yelp.

I looked up at him and he smiled. “Tickled a bit.” he explained.

Why do I suddenly feel like I’m sixteen again and giving head to Johnny McNamara in the ladies bathroom of the cinema? I got about the same reaction back then, by the way.

I then, still carefully, licked from the head to the bottom, down the shaft. And back up again. I kept licking, which was greeted with a contented sigh and a moan from Jase.

“More.” he whispered. “I just want to feel those lips. That mouth. Everything.”

He wanted more, and I gave him more. I took hold of the base, and took him in my mouth. I licked and I sucked for dear life, because fuck me, if this is his first blowjob ever, it is my duty to make it one to remember.

“Oh jesus, Ayls, that feels so good.” he moaned. “Please.. please.. I want..”

With my mouth still full of cock, I looked up at him and tried to say: “What?”

“I want…will you..”

I took his cock out of my mouth and said: “Don’t be shy, just ask.”

“Will you touch my balls?”

I grinned. “Would you enjoy that?”

He nodded.

So, I did. As I continued my sucking, I gently touched his balls, which provoked such an extreme reaction from him, that I could have sworn he was going to explode in a cloud of semen.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKKK!!” he cried out, as he came in a hot rush, inside my mouth. It was quite a shock at first, but I just swallowed it all. Which made him very happy.

I sat up, and looked at him. He was looking so happy. He sat up, with his pants down to his ankles and his cock now flaccid, but still very pretty.

“I love you.” he said. “I bloody love you so much. Thanks for doing this for me.”

“The pleasure was all mine.” I said, feeling quite proud of myself. “So, was it worth waiting thirty years for?”

“Bloody hell, yes!” he cried out. “I’ve fantasized about this for so long and for it to be you doing it… heavenly does not begin to cover it. I’m spent.”

“Well, do you fancy some naked poker watching? That always perks me up.”

“Uhm.. yeah, why not!”

He got undressed and slipped under the covers with me. As the poker match reached a humming crescendo, I relaxed into his arms. The feeling of skin on skin was amazing.

“All he needs is an ace and he’s won it.” I pointed out, being a keen poker player myself.

“Don’t care about him. I’ve got my ace, right here.” he said, cuddling me.

The following morning, on my way to work, I happened to lick my lips, which made me smile. They still tasted like my shy guy.

Finding sexuality

I originally wanted to do this for Lady Porn Day, but of course, in true authentic Dalide Style, I forgot. So, I’m doing this now.

It was just two short years ago and we were about to embark on a trip to Wales, a sort of Doctor Who pilgrimage. Two days before leaving, I had a long conversation with my mum. It ended in me confessing that I had never masturbated before. I had watched many an erotic movie (Emanuelle and all that) before, I had felt that tingling sensation in my nether regions before, but I had never gone the distance. Masturbation was the final frontier.

But that night, I felt like… feeling myself up a bit. I touched myself through my pants. And then, something clicked. People were finding me an idiot for not indulging in this. So I decided to prove them wrong. That very night, two days before we left for the Sci Fi capital of Britain, I touched myself. Flesh on flesh. It didn’t take me long to find my clit. And the sensation was electric, so new and so amazing. My leg was shaking, don’t know why. I thought that was what was supposed to happen. I moaned to myself. Why hadn’t I done this before?

After we came back from the bugger of a trip that was Cardiff (Cardiff, fyi, is 5 hours by train from Belgium), I couldn’t wait to try again. And again. Soon I became addicted. I couldn’t wait for it to be night, for me to be in the safe haven of my bed. I don’t remember the first time I came. But I bet it was amazing. I had found my sexuality.

And then.. without warning it was taken away from me. I had a depression and my medication was having a VERY negative effect on my love life. I couldn’t come anymore. I couldn’t feel anything. I was numb.

One night, I plucked up the courage to tell my mother what was going on and that I might need some help. We talked it over and decided to get a vibrator. My first vibe was a tiny clit vibe in the shape of a chicken. It didn’t work.

Months went by. A yearning, a burning desire built up in me. I went to the doctor and explained my problem. She said the medication was making me anorgasmic. I had to switch. So I did.

Unfortunately, this switch… didn’t exactly do me any good. I’ll spare you the details, but it was slightly hilarious. However, this did have a very pleasant side-effect.

One night, after a particulary horny day, I was in bed. My mum was sleeping next to me, selflessly taking care of me during my illness caused by the pills. I knew that I was ridiculously horny. I needed confirmation, so I felt to see if I was wet. I was. Dripping wet.

So, what was I to do? Relieve myself with my mum sleeping next to me? NO. So I snuck downstairs to my parents’s empty bedroom. Fastest orgasm of my life.

Since then, I’ve been testing and exploring. I’ve been looking for the g-spot, buying new vibrators (the now infamous Bowling Pin and Pinkie the vibe), trying new kinky positions to fuck myself in… Two nights ago, I squirted properly for the first time. And fuck me, was I happy. What an achievement. Especially after all of this.

Now, looking ahead, I can see myself stepping over my own boundaries. Trying more new things. Experimenting. Doing things beyond my imagination. Finding myself a man. And still, having feverish fantasies about the one I can never get.



I’m watching Ghost Whisperer, and it inspired me to talk about a few of my ghosts. I’m going to list them in bullet points, since I don’t quite feel like going into any of them right now, but if you want to ask me a question about one of them, I’ll gladly answer them.

  • I was in love with my gay best friend. I didn’t know he was gay. And it was so painful for me when I found out, I ditched him. We bonded again later, and I never could forgive myself for ditching him. Especially because…
  • I ditched him to look cool in front of another guy. I was the biggest fool and bitch in the universe. All because I loved someone who would never love me back.
  • The new girl in my class started a relationship with that very guy and I was jealous. And it bloody well hurt. I remember collapsing on the floor of our bathroom, in tears..
  • After our class trip to Barcelona. Where I found out. Miles from home, I needed my mum more than ever. Because I was heartbroken.
  • And it was never worth it. I ditched the best friend I ever had, all because I wanted to be cool.

I didn’t like being the bitch. I still hate myself for it. I live with this every day. I can never quite shake it. B, if you ever read this, I’m so fucking sorry. Because I absolutely love you. You are my voice of reason. And I would be very hurt if you didn’t want to see me anymore, because, like I said before, I love you too much.

Good news is, I grew up. I was so confused back then. I’m not that same girl anymore. And I hope you don’t think of me as a bitch because of this. I love gay people. And I went against my own principles there and then. Hate myself for it.

Glad to get that off my chest. Expect a lighter post in a few minutes, because, yay, MasterChef!

My Deepest Fantasy

My god, that’s a tough one. Everybody has to have one, I guess. Mine switch every day. The rough fuck at the club scene from my book is a contender. Another one is sex in the shower. Sex in public, up against a big tree in the park near my house, would be good. But the one that really stands out is this one.

I’m in the subway (or tube, or metro, or whatever you want to call it). My train is steadily making progress towards my stop. It stops again. Just like every time, people get on the train. But this time is different. HE gets on the (very crowded) train. Stands next to me. I can see his eyes, smell his scent, touch his black leather jacket. Sensory overload. He catches my eye, smiles. Grins even. I haven’t even talked to him but I want him bad. He turns me on like mad. I grin back. We engage in a bit of flirting. It’s harmless, it’s fun. And it’s damn hot.

Suddenly he touches me. Lightly brushes my arm. I shiver. It’s electric, almost terrifying. He still doesn’t speak a word. The train shakes, and I stumble, right into his arms. We laugh. There is a definite spark as we look into each other’s eyes.

It’s my stop now. I give him little smile as I get off the train. I walk through the station, to the exit. Where he catches me.

And he kisses me. It’s a hard, urgent and very passionate kiss, which makes me tingle all over. He stops long enough for a single sentence to escape my lips.

“Come with me.”

He follows me home, his hand in mine. Neither of us says anything. We just stop and look at each other. Each time I look at him I get more nervous. Butterflies in the pit of my stomach. A tingling sensation between my thighs. Fuck, what’s going to happen?

When we arrive at my house, I nervously jam the keys into the lock. I fumble and he lets out a little laugh. “Are you nervous?” he asks.

“Yes. Very.” I say, shakily.

“Please don’t be.” he replies. “It’s going to be alright. You won’t regret it. At least, I hope so.” he replies, surprisingly shy.

I manage to open the lock and enter the hallway. He comes in behind me and closes the door. And then he kisses me again, even harder. I kiss him back and waste no chance in feeling him up, as I always wanted to do with a guy, but never quite got the chance to. I can feel his body against mine. I’m going mad. I want him naked and inside me…..

And I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination… What? Tease? Me?

MasterChef is on again. Jonathan (one of the contestants) is facing up against Justin North (famous chef person). They are making a dish with crackling pig or something like that. Making my mouth water once again. Jonathan did make a wee mistake, in salting his pig too much. I don’t think he will win. But oh my god, does that look delicious. And I don’t really like crackling.

As I said, Jonathan lost out to Justin North. Must have been the saltiness.

More cooking now. I say, I’m feeling very hungry. I must restrain myself from going downstairs and devouring one of those moelleuxs I bought today. Or else I think I’m swallowing my tongue.

This was taken in London three years ago. This is a statue on Leicester Square. It says: there is no darkness but ignorance. Which I think is pretty much on the nose.

Once, Twice, Thrice

After I discovered that Courtney Trouble was celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Queer Porn TV with a free day, I didn’t hesitate once.

So many luscious scenes… But I knew immediately which one I wanted to see. Judging from a clip on Queer Porn Tube, Maggie Mayhem and Ned’s scene was going to be a scorcher. So, I watched it the first time. And bloody bloody hellkins….

First of all, both Maggie and Ned are hot. Just… GAH! Bejeesh, that is one scorching pair. Second, underneath that blue suit and tie, Ned is hiding a bloody hot body!

Third, I don’t know if I understood it correctly, but having Ned ask Maggie to play with him like a sex object… I think it triggered something positively primal in me.

Unfortunately, the scene came to a close, with a close up of Ned’s wayward tie on the floor (which, GENIUS). So, I watched some other scenes. I wanted to see Jiz Lee and Papi Coxxx’s tryst, but unfortunately, my computer had other plans…

Another highlight was Dylan Ryan (perfect as Butch Friday) and Tina Horn getting their kink on. And Scout and Courtney herself were brilliant and very cute (“I normally don’t fuck on the first date…” – Scout).

But, as I went on, I knew that I wanted Maggie and Ned again. So, I cued that one up and watched it.

And I was wet.

And for the life of me, I have no idea what happened next, but I just fingerfucked myself, both g-spot and clit at the same time. Fuck, I screamed into my pillow again. I was incredibly horny.

And I came.

After a few seconds of recovery, I went in for the kill again, trying out my usual double orgasm combo. I don’t really remember what I did, other than rubbing just above my clit, where it felt like a little bone.

And I came.

Whilst Ned and Maggie were sexing it up big time (btw, using a Hitachi on a man’s cockhead is a fit of genius), I considered my options. Either watch the scene till it was over, or just… yeah, just finger myself again.

And after a truly epic effort, for my fingers and my cunt were both on the verge of exhaustion, I came again!

I broke my own record for most orgasms in one night! I even squirted at one point! I’m completely exhausted as I’m typing this and am afraid that if I fall asleep now, I’ll only wake up on Tuesday!

Once, twice, three times, no lady 


Inspired by Molly (from Molly’s Daily Kiss) and her new Pussy Pride Project, I decided to participate. So… let’s get this show on the road.

This is a hard thing for me to write. I never gave my pussy that much thought in the past. I basically ignored it till I was 18 and finally ready to masturbate.

Recently, I had an eye-opening experience. I had decided to masturbate in front of a mirror, just to see what it looked like. I thought it would look freaky and strange, but it was quite pretty.

The outer lips are quite plump and pinky. The inner lips are darker. My clit is perky and pretty. The shape is like a leaf. I didn’t pay much attention to it, since I was busy masturbating (which means I had my eyes closed) but that’s what I can remember.

I have this masturbating routine. I only once did it in a place that wasn’t under my sheets, in the dark. And still it was in a bed. I don’t watch myself. I don’t do anything kinky, or exciting. I don’t know if my pussy is getting used to this, or getting bored with it.

The “Perfect” vagina is overrated. The beauty in a vagina is that not one is like the other. I like mine because of its little quirks, the way it reacts to my touch, the smell, the taste…

No-one has ever complimented on my pussy, but that’s because no-one but me has seen it! I hope someone, one day will tell me that it is a thing of beauty.

Recently, I had my mound shaved for the first time, but that was purely out of health reasons. I was in the hospital for my gastric bypass and they shaved my mound bald. Five weeks later and the hairs have grown back… I should make an appointment for a wax soon, but I’m quite apprehensive about it. It may actually hurt a bit…

My pussy is a part of me, just like my arms, my legs and everything else. But more than just a part of me, it is a constant companion, a pleasure-giver and something I couldn’t go without.

I just call her “pussy” by the way. 🙂