Mole in the Hole

So, I told you about my latest attempt to further my research on the subject matter of squirting and g-spot business. Well, I’m happy to report that tonight, I got ABSOLUTELY ZILCH result.

I’m going to back up for a minute and take you to our trip to the sex shop. Embarassingly enough, my dad drove us there. He smelled like shaved lamb, which was disgusting. I asked to go to the shop alone, because I didn’t like my dad meddling with this particularily delicate transaction, but get this. My dad wanted to go with me to protect me from potential perverts who want to feel me up.

It’s a sex shop dad! Not Stringfellow’s!

Eventually he agreed on my mum going with me, which, always the best option. He went to get something to eat, as we toddled off to the shop. The guy behind the counter was very nice and not at all a creepy perv. He very generously selected his best lube and toycleaner for me (Pjur, awesome, also used in films). I picked a red version of the Dinky Digger.

Also purchased was, as mentioned in the last post, Chemistry Volume 3. More on that later. Anyway, in the meanwhile, it started fucking raining outside, and we got soaked. Ate a panini.

I quickly retreated to my room and popped in the film. Laughed my little arse off. Enamoured with Roxy DeVille and Jada Fire. Derrick plays World of Warcraft! (or Dungeons and Dragons, I already forgot)

Midway into the second scene, Digger came out. I lubed it up and inserted it. IT HURT! I thought the pleasure was going to come from the perky nose, but there are more details on it, like the flower it’s holding and the dirt it’s popping out from, and that shit hurt! Thrusting was not pleasurable.

However, I did squirt without cumming. Which was nice, because I had a towel at hand. I had to bring in the trusty Pin, and let it sit on my clit for a while. After about seven years of thrusting, wriggling and everything but the donkey, I put the pin inside me and put the perky nose on my clit and after seven more years (all of them shitty) I came. Briefly. It was meh.

I now fucking hate every single vibrator that is not the Pin.

I’m going to chill out, catch up on Popstar to Operastar, and not think about masturbating.

Conference (for Wank Wednesday)

This week’s prompt for the very delicious Wank Wednesday is “conference”.  Let’s see what we can do with that… I know! Let’s not do an Elin/Jase story for once! God knows those two deserve a break…



The first day of the National Sci-Fi Geeks conference had finally arrived and I was ready and roaring to go. As a card-carrying Doctor Who fan, this felt like my natural habitat. I was home!

When I walked into exhibition hall 1, my jaw dropped. So many stalls, so little time. I headed to the Doctor Who stall.

Once there, I was surrounded by a myriad of men and women, dressed as various characters from the show. Ace, Leela, Romana, Donna, you name it, every companion was represented. I myself was dressed as Sarah Jane Smith, played to perfection by the late Elisabeth Sladen.

I quickly bought some stuff, including the new series 5 dvd, and a Matt Smith action figure. Then, I made my way to Conference room 1. Already there was a crowd forming. The people had gathered for the opening speech and a talk by former Doctors Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann.

I took a seat in the back of the room and listened to the creator of the event talk about uniting men and women through the medium of fandom.

I was so concentrated on the speech, that I didn’t notice a man sitting down next to me.

“Do you mind if I sit here?” he whispered. I turned round to him. My jaw dropped. There, dressed as my perennial favorite Doc, Tom Baker, was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen!

” No, go ahead. Running a little late?” I whispered back.

“I got lost. Right between Blake’s 7 and Battlestar Galactica.”

“Ooh, not a nice place to be.” I joked, for no reason. He smiled a gorgeous smile.

“Scott Lisbert. Nice to meet you Sarah Jane.” he said, shaking my hand.

“You can call me Elspeth. Elspeth McQueen. Ellie for short.”

“Hi Ellie. So, you here for McGann or McCoy?”

“McGann. Just for listening to him. He has a sexy voice. You?”

“I thought India whatsername was going to be here. I love her on the Eighth Doctor adventures. Instead, I’m stuck with Sylvester…”

This made me giggle. Funny one, that.

In the meanwhile, Sylvester and Paul had taken the stage and were answering questions on the audio adventures and their brief stints on the show. I listened to Paul for a while, his deep, unidentifiable accent, but then decided on something.

I like Scott better.

“Hey.” I said, giving him a tap on the shoulder. He turned round.

“Want to get out of here and get something to drink?”

He looked at me for a second. Thought about it. Then said yes.

We escaped the busy room and went to the cafeteria, where they were serving lunch. It was awfully quiet there, strange for such a busy event. Good. More chance to get to know him better. Yes, I had taken an interest in him. Can you blame me? His brown curls, cheeky smile and beautiful eyes… not to mention, he was dressed as Tom Baker and I was dressed as Lis Sladen. We matched!

“So, when did you get into Doctor Who?” he asked me.

“Grew up with it. I was three when I first saw it. Scared the bejesus out of me. Colin Baker was the Doctor back then.”

“I remember Mark of The Rani! I thought it was brilliant! But Tom Baker is still my favorite. Robot is the best.”

“I LOVED Robot. First Baker I saw. And I love Harry and Sarah Jane and The Brig and all that!”

We talked for hours. It was only late that I noticed it was getting dark outside.

“I should go to my hotel.” I said, sad that I couldn’t spend more time with Scott.

“I should too. Where are you staying?”

“Langford Hotel.”

“That’s not far off. Shall I walk you there?”

“I would love that.”


It started to rain, but I didn’t care. I was in good company. Scott walked me to my hotel. We should have parted company, right here and then.

But I didn’t want to.

“Scott? Will you come up with me? I have some champers in my room, we could talk and drink.”

“Ehm… ok. Why not?”


We must have looked the part. Sarah Jane and The Fourth Doctor walking towards the elevators in a fancy hotel. I hoped that the attraction was mutual.

Turns out, it was.

As soon as the elevator closed, he pinned me to the wall and kissed me ferociously. His lips felt amazing on mine.

That’s why I was dissapointed when he broke it off.

“Sorry. But I really, really am attracted to you. And I want you. Badly. I’ve never seen anyone look this good in a white trenchcoat.”

“I haven’t seen anyone look this good in a Tom Baker scarf…”

“Oh god, I wish this elevator would stop!” he cried out.

As if by magic, it stopped on exactly the right floor. We rushed out to my room and I fumbled with finding the key in the pocket of my trench.

Finally, I found the key. I opened the door, trembling with anticipation.

The door flew open and we stumbled inside, throwing the door shut again.

Soon, there was a sea of clothes thrown on the floor. My trench, his trench, his hat, everything.

“Jesus, you’re beautiful.” he whispered.

“You’re not so bad yourself.” I said, stepping away from him and admiring his physique. He was quite toned, with strong arms and the beginnings of a washboard stomach. Just the way I liked them.

He pulled me close and kissed me, this time tender and caring. His hands slid down my back, towards my bum. I made a squeaky noise when he squeezed it.

In a flurry of kisses, he lay me down on the bed. He crawled on top of me and kissed me more.

The cool sweat fluttering off our hot skin, mingling, fusing our bodies together. An ultimate sensation of bliss shooting from the top of my spine to my head. I was high on this guy.

He spread me open and entered me. His cock felt gloriously hard and long inside me.

He thrusted once, twice. Hard and fast, to see just what I wanted.

“More.” I growled. “Give me more, Scott.”

“Call me Doctor.” he grunted.

“Oh Doctor, more!”

He built up a pace, thrusting harder and harder every time. I held on to him tightly, as he screamed out my name, then called me Sarah Jane by mistake.

“It’s alright, call me Sarah Jane.” I whispered, breathlessly.

As he went over the edge, he tenderly whispered “Oh Sarah.” in my ear.

He kept thrusting till I came, the crowning moment of this fantastic day. My pussy spasmed and my legs shook and I was all over the place.

He held me till I stopped shaking.

“My dear Ellie. So beautiful and magnificent. Like poetry.” he whispered in my ear.

He fell asleep next to me.

The following morning, we went to day two of the conference together. We held hands all the way through. The Doctor and Sarah Jane had found each other. But this time, they were meant to stay together.



For Elisabeth and Tom. Thanks for the memories.

Feel (for Fuck Me Friday)

The prompt is here. Another sensation for Fuck Me Friday and this week, we’re going with “Feel”. Let’s see what kind of smutty goodness I can come up with…


I needed it. I wanted it. Badly. I had the shittiest week in my entire life and I needed to relax.

Nothing like a massage to take away my worries.

Seashell Dayspa was a local spa near my house. I had only been there once before, just to pick up a friend. It had struck me how big the building was, with white and blue walls and sofas the size of my flat.

Now that I was back there, it struck me again.

I walked up to the receptionist, sitting behind her desk, busily chatting with someone on the phone.

“Ehm.. Hi.”

“Hang on a moment.” she said to her caller. “Hello. Welcome to Seashell Dayspa. How can I help you?”

“I had a three o’clock appointment for a massage, under the name Houghton.”

She tinkled with the keyboard for a second, then looked up at me, smiling.

“Alright Ms Houghton, if you just take a seat right there, someone will be coming for you in a few minutes.”

I smiled back and walked over to the massive couches.

At least they’re friendly here.


After a few minutes, I was knee-deep in the latest issue of Grazia, reading about another celebrity engagement, when a soft, lyrical male voice called my name.

“Eve Houghton?”

“Yes?” I said, turning around, looking dead in the eye of a very, very beautiful man.

“I’m David, your massage therapist for the day. Would you like to come with me?”

Yes. And then some.

I followed David the massage therapist to a small, but comfy looking room, at the back of the building.

“If you could just take off your clothes, then we will get started. There are some towels there to cover yourself up with. I’ll leave you be for a minute.”

I nodded and watched him leave the room. Fine arse, that one. All tight and pert in those white pants. No Eve! Mustn’t get naughty thoughts here. We must relax.

I removed my clothes and put them on the clothes hanger. As I wrapped the towel around me, David came in again, smiling.

“Alright, if you lay down on the table, face down, then we can begin.”

I obliged. The table was very comfortable, and it didn’t take me long to get adjusted.

“Now, I will be using massage oil. Have you got a preference for a scent? I’ve got eucalyptus, lavender, you name it.”

“I’ll take eucalyptus. Maybe that will clear up my lungs.”

“Have you come down with a cold?” he said, whilst trickling the oil on my naked back.

“I’ve got a sinus infection, so if I sneeze during this, I do apologize.”

“That’s ok.”

He soon proved I was in good hands by skillfully kneading the muscles in my back and my legs. I sighed a sigh of relief. I was right to come here.

“Does that feel good?”

“Mmm. Good.” was all I could muster. I was enjoying this.

His hands were soft and his fingers long. They felt so good, digging into the tender flesh of my back.

“Do you feel my fingers? My hands?”

“Mmm. They feel amazing.”

“How’s the pressure?”

“Fantastic. Keep doing what you’re doing.”

His hands slid down to my lower back, which made me groan in pain.

“Oh, I’m sorry, did that hurt?” he asked me.

“I’m a little tight there. Old injury. Please be careful.”

“I will. So, Ms Houghton. How’s life for you?”

“Fine. No, actually it’s not, it’s shitty. I’m having a horrible week. Lost my job, lost my man, I’m fucking numb on the inside. Can’t feel a thing.”

“Oh dear. Sounds like you needed a massage then.”

“Forget massages, what I need is angry sex with a total stranger.” I joked.

“Well, if you’re being serious, I’d like to volounteer.”

“You’re kidding. Why?”

“Well, you’re beautiful, for starters. You have soft, smooth skin. Like a white lily. I mean it, you are ridiculously sexy.”

“Well, you’re not so bad yourself. With your soft hands and your devilish smile..”


I sat myself upright and faced him. The towels dropped and I heard his breath falter.

And then he kissed me, and it was soft and warm and tender. His lips were like candyfloss. I moaned against him, arching my back into him.

“One thing you’ve got to learn about me, Eve, is that I don’t do angry sex.”

“What do you do?”

“I’d like to think about it as happy sex.” he chuckled. He unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I was impressed. It was already hard. Long and hard and, oh, did I mention gloriously long?

I stood up from the table. He turned me around and spread me open. The next sensation I felt was his cock sliding deep inside me. He held on to my breasts, caressing them as he thrusted, again and again. Slow, but certain, he built up a rythm.

I moaned, softly, as I would do on any other occasion. I’m not very loud in bed. More quivery and enjoying it quietly.

“What’s the matter, Eve?” he asked me, stopping in his tracks. “Is it not good? Is that why you’re quiet?”

“Feels amazing. I’m not so loud. Just keep going.”

“But don’t you want to be loud? Don’t you want to let it all out? Don’t you want to scream out my name and come shivering like a maniac?”

He thrusted again, harder than before.

“Don’t you want that, Eve?”

It was just the way he said it, the intonation he gave my name, that made me want to scream.

“Don’t hold back. Just let it go.”

He thrusted again, and again, and again, but I couldn’t let go.

Until he whispered in my ear. “Let go, Eve. Please.”

With one final thrust, he sent me straight over the edge, crying out his name. It wasn’t too loud, but it was a start.

“There you go.” he whispered. “Good girl.”

We never finished that massage. We just stood there, me naked, him with his cock out, hugging for a while.

He had made me feel again. And I was damn thankful for that.


In keeping with the ongoing Summer Love series, I decided to do one about our favorite diamond geezer, Jase. Join him, as he recounts his first time with the gorgeous Layla. Beware, it’s a corker of a story, but I hope you enjoy it… Please, feel free to comment.

Layla (You Got Me on My Knees)

“So, what did you girls talk about all night?” I asked Elin, late that night. We were lying in bed, chest to chest, nose to nose, legs entwined. It felt so deliciously intimate.

“Ehm… let’s see, we had a Doctor Who marathon, which was fun. Then, we gossiped about work a bit. And then, we talked about summer loves.”

“Summer loves? Holiday sweethearts and that?”

“Yep. There were some… interesting stories told.”

This made me wonder who Elin talked about. Knowing her, it was probably some muscular Spanish bloke. You know the type.

“So. Tell me about your summer love. I’d love to know who she was.”

I fell silent. I only had one summer love ever. And I remember her well.

“Jase? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, fine. It’s just.. a long time ago, you know.”

“It’s ok if you don’t want to. I was just curious.”

“No. I want to.”

So I began.

It was the summer before I turned 19. I was one of few classmates who wasn’t going on holiday abroad. Therefore, I was a loser, because this, my mates had assured me, was my summer of love. I was 18, young, free, and good looking. This naturally meant that I was to come with them on their babes and booze holiday in Cherssonisos, Greece.

Ehm. No.

I wisely stayed at home, deciding on taking a summer job at a restaurant nearby.

I had noticed her on my first night there. A beautiful, leggy, strawberry blonde creature of perfection, with a smile to die for and eyes you could drown in.

I made a beeline for her table and made it my business that she and her family were treated like royalty. This move payed off, because, lo and behold, they were there again the next night.

And the next.

And the next.

By the fifth night of me working there, I had seen more of that girl and her family then of my own mother. Not that I was complaining. Oh no. I had been dreaming about her. Wondering if she would come back the next night.

And there she was!

I hovered around her table forever. But never seemed to get her attention.

Desperate for a break from the procedings, I slipped outside and lit up a sneaky cig.

“Got a light?”

The most beautiful, sexy, husky voice called out to me, in the dark of the back alley. I turned, and nearly swallowed my cigarette.

It was her. In all her perfect glory.


I passed my lighter to her, and she lit up her cigarette.

“So, is there any reason why you’re so hell-bent on waiting on our table every night?”

“Well, I have discovered that your parents are excellent tippers.” I said, chuckling.

“Really? I thought it was because you liked me…”

“Well, that too.”

She smiled. “I’ve been watching you ever since the first night.”

“Really? Then I would make it my business that we get to know each other. I’m Jason. Jase for short.”

“Layla. Pleasure to meet you. So…want to make out?”

To say that I was taken aback would have been the understatement of the year.

“Oh, don’t look so shocked.” she said. “We both knew that this was coming. There is this heat between us that I can’t define. I can see it when you look at me. Don’t tell me that you haven’t gone home fantasising, rubbing your hard dick thinking about me?”

“Jesus, you don’t half mince words, do you?” I said, swallowing hard.

Of course it was true. Of course I had thought about her in that way. Her long legs wrapped around me, her moist pussy, her perfect tits… God, I was getting hard right there!

And, of course, she noticed.

“Looks like little Jase wants to come out and play.” she said, grasping my crotch tightly.

“What kind of an evil harpy are you?” I stuttered. But then, I relaxed, as she kissed me. Her lips were so soft, like velvet.

“A good evil harpy.” she whispered against my lips.

I wanted her. I had only known her properly for five minutes, but fuck me, I wanted her. There was, however, one small detail that couldn’t be ignored.

As she continued to kiss me, I tried to push her off me. I succeded, eventually.

“I…I.. I’m a virgin.” I bumbled, like a second grade Hugh Grant.

She looked at me for a minute. And then smiled. “I’ve never met a male virgin before. This could get interesting.”

I was trembling in my boots. What was this devil girl going to do to me?

“We have to make this extra special. I mean, it is your first time, we have to make it count for something. We have to do it in a very romantic place.”

“Eh… how about just my bedroom?” I said, not being helpful at all.

“If you want to. When are you off home? I could slip away from my parents and they won’t realise a thing.”

“Give me an hour and I’ll be off home.”


That was, I swear to God, the slowest hour of my life. I trembled so hard, that I nearly dropped about a million plates and glasses.

Finally, the hour was up, and I could go home. She was waiting at the door for me.

“My parents think I’m at a friend’s house. Let’s go.”

On our way home, I cherished the little moments. Her hand in mine, the cool summer breeze on my flustered skin, the sound of footsteps.

There it was. Home.

My parents weren’t there. Their new old Mazda wasn’t anywhere in sight.

I led her in, upstairs to my room. 

I sat down on the bed and waited for her to stop inspecting my room. 

“Oh, you love martial arts. You must be a tough bloke.” 

“I used to be.” I said. “Till about an hour ago, when a leggy lady tried to manhandle me in a back alley.”

She laughed. “Yeah, sorry for that. I just couldn’t help myself. You’re fit! Come on, get undressed. I want to see what we’re working with.”

I obliged, and shyly stripped off in front of this strangely bewitching girl. 

Before long, I was naked.

She gave me the once-over. “You have a beautiful body, Jason. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.” she said, smiling.

I swallowed. Felt very self-concious. Then, it all seemed to click. She touched me, gently, her deft fingers sliding over my chest, and towards the place where eternity knows no bounds, better known to me as my hard cock.

I’ve never been touched there by a woman. So when her fingers reached my cock, I relished the sensation. Moaned in delight. 

“You like that, don’t you? You like me touching you there, in your most intimate of places?” 

I nodded, not being able to speak.

“Do you want more? Do you want me?” 

“Yes.” I breathed.

She told me to sit on the edge of the bed. What happened next, succeded all my expectations.

She started to strip. Slowly, sensually, stripping every layer of clothing, until she stood in front of me, naked. Then, she took something out of her handbag.

She grinned. “Condoms. I’m always prepared.”

I couldn’t care less. I was too busy staring at the beautiful naked lady standing in front of me.

I lay down on the bed, waiting for her to finish putting the rubber thing on. Cherishing her fingers on my cock.

Then, she crawled on top of me.

“Tell me when you’re ready.” she said.

I took a deep breath, cleared my mind of all possible thoughts and niggles… and decided I was finally ready. I nodded at her.

“You sure?”


She smiled again. Such enchantment. She took hold of my stiff member and lowered herself on top of it.

“Alright. I’m going to move now.”

She gently moved up and down, slow at first. I couldn’t believe it. I was actually having sex with someone. And it felt amazing. Being inside her hot, moist pussy, after so much fantasising… Of course, it was not to be the longest wait I ever had to endure to be with someone…

The first wave of pleasure hit me. I managed a little, silly moan, which made her laugh.

But then, it was not a laughing matter anymore. She had quickened her pace, and soon, I was writhing underneath her, trying not to cry out in extacy. Just the sight of her beautiful body made me weak in the knees. I caressed every inch, cherishing every moment, trying to convince myself that this wasn’t some illusion.

It didn’t last any longer. I came, arching, writhing, sick with desire for this stranger.

She came too. With a long, drawn out moan of my name, my full name, not my nickname.

The next morning, my mum found us cuddled up in bed. It was a sweet sight to behold, she would later tell me.

For the next 2 months, we regularily saw each other, at the restaurant and in my bedroom. We fucked every day we were together. When we said goodbye at the end of the holiday, it broke my heart.


“Wow, that was pretty intense.” said Elin, caressing me softly. We were still chest to chest, nose to nose. Still deliciously intimate.

“It took me a long time to forget her. She taught me everything I know. But let’s not dwell on the past. Let us consider the now.”

With that, I kissed her. And all memories drifted away happily.

But still…

Oh Captain (for Wank Wednesday)

Another naughty story for Wank Wednesday! Sorry if it’s a bit crap, but my Little Stories muse isn’t present at the moment. Who’s turn is it to amaze you with their sexual adventures and devilish debauchery? I give you: Hester Tierney, Elin’s collegue, and her hunky rugby playing boyfriend Joe. If you’d like to join in, I redirect you to here.

Oh Captain

I would do anything for Joe. Jump through hoops, walk on hot coles, go through the fire for him.

Even stand on a muddy field, in the pouring rain on a Wednesday afternoon, to watch him play rugby. So, I did. That Wednesday, I stood on the sidelines, supporting Joe, the team captain, and his mates, while they played their match.

“GO ON REDS!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. Joe spotted me, right before he went into the scrum, and gave me a little wink. Winking was our thing. I gave him the thumbs up.

“GO ON STAFFORD, GET ‘EM!” a man next to me screamed. “Stafford” was Joe’s last name, so it was nice to know that he had a fan.

Stafford got ’em in the end.

The Reds won their match, and all thanks to my boyfriend!

Joe ran past me, to the showers, but not before giving me a little kiss on the cheek. His mates laughed at him, but he stood up for our love and said “The captain has his privileges!”

Did I mention I’m dating the Captain?


After the shower and the post-game drink, we happily toddled home.

The rest of the day went by quietly, without any noteworthy events.


I thought Joe was sleeping, so I took some time to do the washing up. I was about to put his dirty rugby kit in the machine, when I felt a presence behind me.

Suddenly, someone covered my eyes.

“Guess who?”

The voice was instantly recognisable. That Northern rumble that had become so familiar to me. It was Joe.

“Is it a vampire, coming to get me?” I joked.

“If you want me to be.” he whispered in my ear. He bit my earlobe, which made me squeak in delight.

“Don’t turn around.” he said. He leaned in to me. His strong body on mine was always a turn-on.

“I thought you were sleeping.” I asked him, as he kissed my neck.

“Oh, I’m sleeping alright. It’s just that something in me woke up.”

I noticed. I could feel his hard-on pressing against my back. Then I could hear him unzip.

“So, what do you want to do about it?”

“Fuck you against this washing machine. That’s what I want to do about it.”

“Jesus, you’re direct tonight.” I pointed out.

“Only because I fucking love you and I know that you’re not that shy.”

“Alright, let me just turn on the machine…”

“Fuck. The machine. Hester.”

“But I need to get…”

He wasted no more time and practically ripped open my skirt and my knickers.

“Joseph Stafford, that was a perfectly good skirt and an excellent pair of knickers!” I cried out in mock-disgust. He just chuckled.

He ordered me to spread my legs and guided his cock into my pussy. Then, he pushed me down on the surface of the washing machine and thrust into me.

The angle was straining my back, but it was soooo good. It was the dirtiest thing I had done all week, save from the washing up. He knew exactly what I secretly desired and what I had been fantasising about all day long.

As he slid his cock in and out of me, he whispered: “Say my name. Moan it.”

“Oh Joe, that feels so good.” I moaned. “Give it to me, Joe!”

“Wait. Call me captain.”

“Oh captain!” I cried out, happily stroking my boyfriend’s ego.

The sound of his balls slapping against my ass and him sloppily kissing every inch of skin he could reach drove me wild. It didn’t take him long to go over the edge. He was a tad too excited, I think.

Still, the familiar sensation of his seed spilling into me and also a bit on the floor was a good one.

But he was not giving up. He was going to keep going until I came. He drove me to a frenzy and made me shout out “Oh captain!” again and again.

When I finally came, I came with a faint “Oh Joe..”

He pulled out and turned me around. His eyes were sparkling with mischief.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?”

“Isallgood.” I slurred. “Allfine.”


He picked me up and carried me towards the couch. Then, he covered me with a blanket and let me watch telly whilst he did the washing up. And he also supplied me with a pair of his comfy boxers, which I happily put on.

We’re a good couple. Me and the Captain.


Not only a song by Lady Gaga, but also the name of Elin’s holiday sweetheart from years ago. Yes, inspired by Gaga’s musings about a Spanish hunk, I decided to give Elin a little backstory. Join the girls as they muse on summer loves of the past and present, in this three-part series.

Alejandro (Elin)

“Ok, girls. How about celebrities we fancy?”

“Hester, we’re not twelve anymore.”

“Oh, come on, it’s not because we’re old bangers that we can’t fancy George Clooney.”

It was Saturday night, and I had taken to task on organising a girls night in. Hester, Jade and I had just finished a marathon of old Doctor Who episodes, featuring our perennial favorite, Tom Baker. We were looking for a subject to gossip about.

“Come on, Hester, you can do better than that. Georgie’s a little bit of a cliché, innit?” I said.

“Who do you fancy?” asked Jade.

“Off the top of my head… Benedict Cumberbatch.”

“Sherlock Holmes? You’re joshing me.” said Hester, looking quite surprised at my answer.

“I interviewed him for the magazine recently, and he was very charming.” I defended myself.

“Are we really going to talk like a bunch of teens all night long? I have a better idea.” said Jade, trying to prevent a heated argument about the merits of Sherlock Holmes.

“Yes Jade, please tell us your idea.” we both said.

“How about summer loves? You know the kind, Fernando on the beach of St-Tropez and that.”

“Hey, that’s not bad. I mean, we must have all had one.” I said, pondering which of my holiday romances I was going to disclose to my friends. Then, he popped back into my head. The one that got away…

“I have one.”

“Ok, Elin, start us off.” said Jade.

“Well… it was my early twenties. The summer holiday before the last year of uni. Before Johnny came back.”

“Barcelona?” guessed Jade. I had told her about the trip I took, but never about him.

Yes, it was a trip to Barcelona that did the trick.

The first day, I was feeling a little lost. I wondered down the Ramblas to a mall called Maremagnum. After browsing the mall for a while, I found something to remind me of home. An Irish pub on the fourth floor. I settled myself, and ordered a pint of bitter. That’s when I locked eyes with him.

He was a student from Madrid on holiday in Barca. And he was devastatingly handsome. Tanned skin, dark eyes and jet black hair. An aristocratic nose and winning smile. His arms, from what I could see, were huge, which was always a winner with me. He had seen me too and decided to join me.

“Buenos dias. I am Alejandro.” he said to me. Alejandro. The name sounded like poetry to my romantic soul. Immediately, I saw potential. A handsome Spanish man and an innocent Irish student with a glint in her eye and a tingling in her groin.

“Buenos dias. My name is Elin.”

“Ay-lin. It sounds beautiful. Where do you come from?”

“Wales. But I was born in County Cork, in Ireland.”

“Wales. I have never been in Wales. Is it beautiful there?”

“It has its merits. I live in Cardiff, and there is a beautiful bay there, so I like hanging out there.”

“Maybe one day, you can take me to this bay of yours.”

I smiled. The ice was broken. It turned out we were staying at the same hotel, so we made plans to go for a swim that day.

At the pool, that same day, I sat on the edge, as I studied his athletic body in motion, glistening from the water. I knew I wanted him from the get-go.

He joined me, poolside, and we sat on two beach towels. We talked for hours about his love of his hometown, his art studies and my journalistic qualities. All the while, we kept innocently touching each other. I quite liked Alejandro. And I had a feeling he quite liked me as well.

This flirting kept going on for a few days. Until he took me out on a genuine date. A bus tour of the city, followed by a picnic on the beach. Amongst the tapas and the good red wine, I could see it clearly. Alejandro was a gem of a chap, and I wanted to spend as much time with him as possible, before we parted ways.

Drunk on love and vino tinto, we wondered back to the hotel, where he showed me his room.

“Por favor, cariño, stay with me. Stay the night and I will show you love.”

It was but a word. But he had entranced me with his looks, his kindness and his innate Spanish-ness. I kissed him, right then and there. His lips were like honey, with a hint of wine. We stumbled towards his bed and he lay me down. He tenderly undressed me, and then, as a little bonus, did a little striptease for me. His body was gorgeous. As he slowly removed his boxers, he revealed a truly gorgeous cock, erect and proud. I couldn’t help but grin. How could I have guessed that I would meet a fantastic man on my first trip abroad alone?

As proud as only a Spanish man could be, he walked towards me and lay down on the bed.

“Vamos a hacer el amor, mi amor?”

“What are you asking me?”

“I am asking you if we shall make love together, my love.” he smiled.

I answered by kissing him again. Then, he took the lead, climbing on top of me and spreading me open. He entered me, without a hitch, and made love to me like a proper gentleman. Although, I did presume that he wanted something rougher.

I climaxed breathlessly. And nearly climaxed again when I heard him go over the edge. He breathed Spanish words into my ear, which all sounded like poetry.

“Ay mi amor… ay.” he whispered, as a rush of cum escaped him and he shuddered to orgasm.

I stayed the night.

And the next night.

And the night after that.

We fucked every night, sometimes tender, other times a little rougher. But the best night was the last.

“We will meet again, my darling. In this life, or the next.” he reassured me.

“Alej, I don’t want to go home… I’ve enjoyed this too much.”

“Me too. Usted tiene un lugar en mi corazón. You have a place in my heart. And in my loins.” he added as a joke.

“Don’t joke. No me jodas, Alej. Fuck me hard.”

He obliged. He pushed me against the wall and ripped my skirt apart. I moaned, as he spanked my bare arse, which turned me on even more. Like the nice girl I was, I spread my legs. He entered, and proceded to ram me senseless, making me scream “Ai papi, más, más, más!”

The feeling of his cock inside me was amazing. It felt like it belonged there.

We said our goodbyes the next morning. I left towards Cardiff feeling lonely and sad. But that soon ended when my childhood sweetheart, Johnny McNamara, came back into my life.

“But I never forgot Alejandro.”

The girls sat in silence, stunned as mullets by my graphic descriptions. I held back a tear as I remembered how intense my love for Alej was.

“So. Who’s next?”

Fawn (for Fuck Me Friday)

The prompt page is here. This week’s color is “fawn”. No idea what to do with this…


I had spent most of the morning, flat broke and in a bad mood, fawning over a fawn-colored coat at Top Shop. God, I wanted that coat. And I wanted new shoes, and half of the new stock at Waterstones and just about everything in the world.

When I finally left Top Shop, it was raining cats and dogs. And I didn’t have an umbrella with me…

I sought shelter in a nearby Starbucks, and bought the only thing I could effort, a cup of piping hot coffee. I sat down on a seat near the window and hoped that the rain would stop soon.

That’s when I noticed someone staring at me. I turned around and looked deep in the eyes of a handsome stranger, who was sitting not far away from me.

“Hi.” he said, suddenly.

“Ehm… hi.” I replied, blushing. He was quite attractive, with his mysteriously colored eyes and cheeky smile. His eyes reminded me of the color of my desired coat.

“Ehm… I hope I’m not too forward, but do you mind if I sit with you? It’s so lonely here.” he said. His voice sounded quite lyrical. He was obviously not from the London area.


He stood up from his seat and moved his things to the seat across from me.

“Thank you. I’m Benedict Townsend.”

“Sara Craig. Nice to meet you. So, what brings you to Starbucks on this rainy day?”

“Shelter. A good cup of coffee. Nice people. How about you?” he smiled.

“The same. Where are you from? I can’t place your accent.”

“Ireland. County Clare.”

“Ah. It’s a lovely accent.”

He smiled again, saying nothing. His body language said more. He was blushing.

“Are you alright?” I said, slightly concerned. He was being so quiet.

“I’m fine. It’s just… I think you’re kind of cute.”

Now it was my turn to blush. No one has ever called me cute before.

“Thank you. I think you’re kind of cute too. Listen, I have an idea. Do you fancy going to the cinema?”

“The cinema?”

“Yeah. It’s what I do whenever it rains. And it’s the only other thing I can afford, apart from coffee.”

He hesitated a moment. And then he said: “Yeah, sure.”


We took a cab to Leicester Square and walked hand in hand towards the Odeon.

“What do you fancy seeing?” I asked Benedict.

“On a first date, I usually let the lass pick the movie.” he smiled. He kept smiling, which made my day, because it was a beautiful smile.

“Unless it stars George Clooney, then I gladly give my veto.” he added.

“Then you’re in luck, because I hate that man. Too damn smug for my liking.”

He chuckled. “A fine girl, you are. You’re beginning to grow on me.”

He was beginning to grow on me too. I had decided that I wanted him from the start, but now I wanted him even more.

We eventually bought a ticket for some lame romantic comedy. After buying a bag of crisps for the both of us, we settled into our seats, on the back row.

The trailers were more interesting than the movie. Especially the trailer for the new Jason Statham movie… grrr, he’s hot.

We fondled throughout the movie. By intermission, his hand was down my t-shirt and I was kissing his neck.

“Oh, your breasts are so soft.” he whispered. I kept on kissing his neck. There was hardly anyone in the cinema, so no audience.

The lights went back down. Some blonde stick insect of an actress appeared on screen, babbling about how she was definitely going to the party on Saturday night. Or something else, I don’t know.

I was too busy contemplating dragging Benedict to the bathroom and shagging him senseless.

Apparently, he was thinking the same.

“Come with me.”

We quietly collected our stuff and tiptoed to the bathroom.

Where he pushed me against the wall and kissed me hungrily. His mouth was hot, his fingers on my skin even hotter.

The danger of being caught made this even more erotic than it was. Sex with a near stranger, in the middle of my shitty day in this shitty weather.

He took matters into his own hands and undid the button and zipper on my jeans. He pulled down my pants and my knickers, told me to spread my legs and placed his warm hand on my cold and wet pussy, which felt like bliss.

“Do you want my cock inside you?” he whispered huskily. “Do you want it deep inside you? Do you want to come like you’ve never come before?”

“YES!” I cried out. “Oh god, yes!”

He unzipped himself and released his cock from his boxers. He slid it in and stood still.

“Tell me how you want it.”

“Fuck me hard.” I hissed.

He obliged. Pounded hard. My pussy pulsed, hairs on my skin stood erect, a mix of pleasure and adrenalin coursed through my veins.

Couldn’t speak. Only moans escaped me.

Words bubbled to the surface. I silently whispered his name as I came, shuddering and sweating.

He came with a mere grunt.

We quickly got ourselves decent again, and walked out of the cinema, chuckling to ourselves.

Later that night, during dinner at my house, he confessed to me that he had wanted me ever since he locked eyes on me. It was the start of something beautiful…


The second instalment in our summer loves series sees Jade treck up to Sweden and meet Alexander (not Skarsgard), her first lover… The girls listen closely, as Jade gives a detailed description of her first time, his Daim-flavored lips and the merits of an Ikea bed…


After a long silence, I spoke up. It was my turn to tell the story of my summer love. A love that was so intense, and so meaningful for me.

“His name was Alexander. He was from Sweden.”

“Was his last name Skarsgard?” said Hester.

“If his last name was Skarsgard, I would have told you about this a long time ago, Hes.”

“Too bad. Go on.”

I had fallen in love with Sweden on holiday with my parents. So it was only natural that I would return to Stockholm on my own a few years later.

The first night at the hostel, I went for a drink in the bar. One of the bartenders had caught my eye immediately. I decided to flirt a little…

I winked.

He noticed.

He winked.

I noticed.

This game of winking and noticing went on for quite a while, till he came up to me with a tall drink.

“Hi. Either you have something in your eye or you’ve been trying to get my attention.” he said. His accent could only be described as stiff-upper-lip Swedish.

“Answer number two would be appropriate. Is that drink for me?”

“House cocktail. Consider it a welcome to Sweden.”

“How did you know I was not from around here?”

“It was a well – inspired guess.” he smiled. “I’m Alexander Melin. Straight from Stockholm.”

“Jade Stanley, all the way from Kent in England.”

He shook my hand. “Nice to meet you. Do you mind if I sit with you?”

“No, not at all. Vara min gäst.”

“Hey, you speak Swedish! Very good for a girl from Kent.”

Et voila, the ice was broken. We talked all through the night, much to the annoyance of his co-workers, who wanted to close the bar.

I went to sleep thinking of him.

The next day, to my surprise, I found him hanging in the lobby, with two coffees in his hands.

I took a moment to watch him. The only way you could describe Alexander Melin was “quintessentially Swedish”. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, a pearly white smile… dreamy was the adequate word.

“Good morning. I hope I did the right thing…” he said, giving me one of the cups of coffee.

“This is for me?”

“Yes. To be honest… I took quite a shine to you last night.”

I smiled. That feeling was entirely mutual.

“So. What do you say if I show you around Stockholm today?”

“Would you do that for me?”

“Of course. We wouldn’t need to walk, I have a car.”

He took me outside and showed me his very hip Mini Cooper, painted jet – black.

I did a little whistle, truly impressed by his car. “Nice set of wheels.”

“Thank you. Now, miss Stanley. Let me whisk you away.”

And he whisked me away, indeed he did. He took me to all kinds of places, like the Royal Palace, Greta Garbo’s grave, the City Hall,… All the while, he did his best to impress me.

By the end of the day, I had fallen in love with him.

We continued this game of flirting for days on end. Every day, he’d take me somewhere, and every night he served me drinks at the bar.

We had become quite attached to each other, and one day, he took me to his flat, in downtown Stockholm. He showed me around and suggested that we watch a movie.

It was your bog-standard blockbuster, and I didn’t enjoy it. No, what I did enjoy, was Alex’s sporadic touching of my hand, and my leg. It gave me goosebumps.

I wanted him to kiss me. Badly.

Halfway through the movie, he turned around and looked at me.

“You know… I’d love to show you my room.” he said, grinning.

Suddenly, my heart started beating frantically. Was he suggesting… sex?

“Ehm… That would be nice. But shouldn’t we watch the rest of the movie?”

“We can always watch it later. I have a beautiful new Ikea bed, very sturdy and comfortable.”

Things were getting heated, I could tell.

“Really? I hear those Ikea beds are… quality…”

He pulled me closer.

“Yes. Yes they are.”

And then we kissed. His lips tasted like the Daim chocolates he had put out for us to enjoy. It was the hottest kiss I had ever experienced. His hands slid up my back, baring my skin. I wanted nothing more than to see his barenaked body. But I had a little problem. I prayed that he wouldn’t mind.

“I think I want to see your bed, Alex.”

Without a word, he took me by the hand and led me to his bedroom. The first thing I noticed was the massive bed in the middle of the room, with beautiful black satin sheets. He sat down on the bed and patted the spot next to him.

“Oh. Oh my..” I whispered. Shit. I was really going to have sex with him, wasn’t I?

I couldn’t keep it a secret. I couldn’t pretend that I wasn’t. What to do?

I sat down on the bed, next to Alex. Who bounced up and down.

“See, it’s very sturdy.”

“Yeah.. Yeah, it’s sturdy. Alex, I’m a virgin.” I suddenly blabbed.

He looked at me, surprised at the least. But then he smiled.

“That’s alright. I’ll be a perfect gentleman. Don’t you worry. And don’t be nervous!” he reassured me. But why was I still trembling?

He got to work on undressing me, his every move tender, his every kiss sensual. Soon, I was starkers.

“My, my, ms Jade, you have a beautiful body.” he whispered. “Rest assured, it has quite the effect on me. Now. Should I take care of my clothes, or would you do the honors?”

I was paralyzed. Soon, this man would be naked and his penis would be erect and all that and I would have to have sex with him and… oh my word, I might faint.

He grinned. “I think I’ll take the lead this time. Promise you won’t run away?”

I said nothing, watching him get naked. He had an impressive physique. Strong, bulky arms, a nice chest, narrow hips and… oh my god. He had taken off his pants and was standing there, in only his boxers. With an evident erection.

He slipped out of his boxers and stood there, naked. Then, he crawled back on to the bed. I freaked out.

“Alex, I can’t.” I sobbed. “I just can’t.”

“Min älskling Jade, of course you can. If you let me, I’ll show you.”

He started kissing me again, which felt good. At the same time, he gently touched my breasts and my stomach. He slipped two fingers between my thighs and searched for my clit. When he found it, he rubbed carefully. Little shocks of pleasure went through me. I finally relaxed.

“Now tell me, Jade. How does that feel?”

“Feels great.” I sighed. “So great.”

“Tell me what you want now.”

I didn’t even hesitate in telling him. “Your cock. Inside me.”

He calmly nodded and smiled. Then, he rolled on top of me and positioned himself at my entrance.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

“Do it now.” I growled.

With one swift thrust, he was inside me. It didn’t hurt, not at all. Felt strange, but alright. He asked me if I was alright. I told him to carry on.

He built up a rythm of slow and steady thrusts, and each one of them felt amazing. The feeling of him inside me was an alien one, but a pleasant one. I could get used to this. I could get used to him.

He kept kissing me, I kept tasting his Daim chocolate lips.

His quiet moans and little grunts were amusing. I’ve never made a man moan before.

“Wrap your legs around my back.” he said, urgently.

I obliged. And all of a sudden, it was as if he was even deeper inside me.

“Fuck, Jade, du är så trång och våt, so tight and wet. Just for me, you naughty girl?”

I couldn’t answer. The sensation was so intense I could cry. In a good way, though.

With one more thrust, he came, spilling his hot seed inside me. He kept thrusting though. He was hell-bent on getting me off.

And he succeded. Moments later, Alexander Melin, straight from Stockholm, gave me my first orgasm.

Later that day, he fed me strawberries. We were naked on his couch. It was, without a doubt, the first time I had fallen in love with someone.

But good things must end, and a few days and loads of fucking later, we said goodbye, but not farewell.

“We still keep in touch.” I said to the girls. “He has a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend, so we turned out alright, I guess.”

Now, it was Hester’s turn…

Squeak (for Wank Wednesday)

Props to Ruby Kiddell for this week’s amazing prompt, “squeak”. The prompt page can be found here.



She let out a little squeak. I had snuck up behind her in the bedroom, whilst she was getting dressed. Her belly was beautifully swollen, due to her fourth month of pregnancy. She was glowing. And loving every minute of it.

“Jase! Never scare a pregnant woman!” she let out.

“I couldn’t resist. You looked so delicious.” I answered. I tried to seduce her in to going back to bed.

“Oh, Jase, I’ll never make it to work on time!”

“Then call in sick. Morning sickness. That’s a plausible excuse, isn’t it?” I said, kissing her neck. She trembled under the spell of my lips and finally caved in.

“Shit, why do you have to feel so good?” she breathed. She took her phone from the nightstand and quickly called work.

After she had finished informing Daria the receptionist about her sudden bout of morning sickness, she crawled next to me in our big bed. I wasted no time in making her mine.

I kissed her, from her neck down to her soft, swollen breasts, licking her pert little nipples. It made her squeak again.

“What? I didn’t hurt you, did I?” I asked, concerned for my girl’s wellbeing.

“No, not at all! Just a bit tender, that’s all. Keep going, feels great.”

I obliged and kissed my way down to her stomach. Was there a prettier sight than her pregnant belly? I don’t think so.

“Hey baby. Hope you’re still snug in there.” I said to her bump. This made her chuckle. I loved talking to the baby. I did it so he or she could get used to my voice. Elin did so by playing her guitar and singing for him or her.

Suddenly, she pulled me back up.

“Could we skip the kissing and the licking for once? It’s just that I desperately need your cock inside me…” she said innocently.

“Jesus, has pregancy made you even hornier?” I asked, surprised by her wanton desire.

“Shut up and get that cock out!” she shouted out. “Fuck me hard!”

“Are you sure I won’t hurt you or the baby?”

“FUCK ME NOW!” she cried.

Slightly disturbed by my wife’s sexual hunger, I got to work on opening my zipper. Luckily, I was still topless, as she would have probably ripped my shirt to shreds…

I spread open her legs and guided my cock inside her. Upon the first contact, she cried out: “Fuck, that feels so good.”

“I haven’t even done anything yet.” I noted.

“I know. It’s just that feeling. That feeling of togetherness. We fit, Jase. Haven’t you noticed?”

I smiled at this very true comment. We fit together perfectly.

“Come on. I’m ready for you, sir.” she whispered sensually. “Fuck me like the freak you are.”

Fuelled by her words, I thrusted.

Once, twice. She arched her back and moaned.

Three, four, five. Whispered dirty words in my ear.

Six. Seven. Buried her head in my neck, buried her teeth in my shoulder.

Eight, nine, ten. I winced in pain and pleasure.

It was so intense. I felt every muscle in my body contracting, her pussy pulsing around my cock.

And then, without warning…

The phone rang.

“Don’t answer.” I breathed. “Please don’t answer.”

But she did. I halted for a second, composing myself.

“Hello? Oh, hi doctor Matthews.”

My muscles contracted again. But this time in fear. Was there something wrong with the baby?

“What? You’re joshing me.”

Elin broke out in a massive smile.

“Thank you! Of course! I’m over the moon! Oh, thank you doctor! I’ll be sure to tell him when he’s sitting down. Ok, bye!”

“What is it? Something wrong?”

Suddenly, a tear trickled from her face.

“Oh baby, what is it?” I asked, lowering myself down upon her.

“Babe… we’re having twins!”

My heart started beating in double time. I swallowed.

“Twins? Holy shit. HOLY SHIT!” I heard myself crying out. Then, I couldn’t help myself. I let out a tear.

“Oh babe.” I said, caressing her face and wiping the tear away. “What a miracle!”

“I know. I know. Will we cope?”

“Of course we will. We’ll make it work, you and me and the kids.”

We hugged.

I’m going to be a father. Of two children. Two adorable little children. I couldn’t help myself. I let out a little squeak.

“Uhm… not to be rude and spoil this moment completely, but should we not finish our little tryst here? You’re kind of still inside me.”

“Oh right, we should.” I chuckled. I leaned in and kissed her.

Oh we finished our little tryst alright.

Albeit with a crowd inside her stomach…

Lindi Hop (for Fuck Me Friday)

Watch how cleverly I use this week’s prompt: Seat.

9.25 am

Running down the platform, schlepping my trolley behind me. I’m horribly late.

I’m on my way to Scotland, and in a bout of foolishness, I had decided to take a train. Five hours to Glasgow. And my i-Pod wasn’t charged. This wasn’t turning out to be a good day.

I made my way down to an empty seat and put my trolley on the rack above me. Plunging down on the soft cushioned seat, I instantly relaxed. I could take a nap. A long, five-hour nap and then Glasgow wouldn’t be far off. Simple as that.

Half an hour later, I woke up from my super short nap. Shit. This wasn’t how I planned it.

The next hour, I spent watching the landscape go by through the window. Who knew the countryside could be so boring? See, this is why I don’t watch Countryfile. That and Matt Baker.

We stopped at another station. People made their way down the carriage. I was studying a poster for Lucozade, hanging on a wall in the station, when I heard a deep, quite sexy voice call me.


I turned around and faced a frankly gorgeous man. Messy auburn hair, piercing blue eyes, cute smile,  loaded with a laptop and a book bag. This ride just got a lot more interesting…


“Do you mind if I take a seat here?”

I smiled at him. “Sure.”

He smiled back and sat down.

“Crikey, it’s a long ride, isn’t it?” he said, sighing.

“Five hours from London. And I’m suffering already.” I replied.

“Tell me about it. I do this a lot. Family is in Scotland.”

“Oh, are you Scottish?”

“Aye. I hail from Glasgow. Nice to be going home for the weekend. So.. if I may ask, what brings you to my fair city?”

“A much-needed holiday. I’m well tired. Working overtime every day.”

“Must be tough. I’m Caleb, by the way.” he said, sticking out his hand.

“Lindi. Nice to meet you.”

I shook his hand and I was sure I felt a tiny spark there. His hand felt good. Bit rough, but tender.

“Lindi. Nice name for a nice lass. Where do you hail from?”

“Lewisham. So, I’m a nice lass? What are you basing this on?”

“Well, you let me sit here. The bonniest place in the train.”

“And tell me, why is this the ‘bonniest” place?”

“Because you’re here too. You can’t ask for a finer view.”

I felt myself blush. Nice to get some attention from a good-looking man. And then, I did something stupid. I started undressing him mentally. In my head, under his clothes, there was a body of a Grecian god. Toned abs, six-pack, strong arms, and to top it all off, a little tuft of hair running from his bellybutton to God knows where in the nether regions of his body.

It was only then, that I realised that he was doing the same! I recognised that look from anywhere. He shot me a lusty smile. Clearly, he liked what he didn’t see.

I thought it would end right there. With a little harmless flirtation. But for the next hour, we continued exchanging looks. Every time I looked at him, my stomach would flip in a very happy way. No doubt that Caleb was attractive. That voice could command any woman to get down on her knees for him. A little wink would seal the deal.

Just as the thought crossed my mind, he winked.

“Ok, kind sir, what are you aiming at?” I asked.

“We’re both looking for a way to spend the time. How about we.. spend some time with each other?”

I lowered my voice. “Are you suggesting…”

“The loo. In five minutes.”


He went off towards the loo. All sorts of thoughts ran through my mind. First of all, I only met this guy mere hours back. Second, this is an old train. It’s wobbly. Third, what if someone catches us? And fourth… I want him, I want him, I want him.

Four minutes after he went off, I followed after him.

Three knocks on the door of the loo. The door opened. Caleb lured me in.

The loo was well small.

“How the hell are we going to do this?” I worried.

He shut me up by urgently kissing me. I kissed him back, caught up in the heat of the moment. He’s a good kisser, that.

The train swirled and swiveled and I nearly lost my balance, but Caleb caught me. He smiled.

“Not very comfortable. But we’ll make it work somehow.”

He sat down on the closed loo and undid the button on his jeans. With one swift move, he released his cock from his pants. I took a little moment and admired it.

“Like what I’m packing?” he said, cheekily.

His cock was already hard. And very pretty and plump and pink.

“Nice equipment.” I said, gingerly touching the head. He smiled and pulled me closer.

With that cut-glass Glaswegian accent, he whispered in my ear: “Take off your knickers, Lindi Hop.” 

“Lindi Hop? Is that the best you can do?” I whispered back. He grinned evilly.

I hiked up my light summer skirt and obliged him. Then, I straddled him, taking him in. The feeling was incredible. I instantly began riding him, shaking along with the train, which, strangely, intensified both our feelings.

“Lindi..” he moaned. “Lindi, you feel so good, so wet and warm, fuck that’s good. Keep going.”

He buried his head between my breasts and took a long, deep breath. What followed, was a long string of quiet curses and moans. I rode him hard, and he was apparently enjoying every minute of it.

He came with a muffled cry and the sensation of his warm seed spilling inside me made me come myself.

We stayed there, like that, for a few minutes. Just smiling at each other.

By the time we got back to our seats, we had arrived in another station.

“Blimey, we’re not even close to Scotland.” he sighed.

“I guess not.”

Then I grinned. “But fuck it, it was a fun way to pass the time!”


This little story has a happy ending too. When we eventually arrived in Glasgow, after spending time watching a movie on his laptop, we decided to stick together for the day. I didn’t know it, he didn’t know it, but it was definitely the start of something big….