Does Size matter?

The question you’re not supposed to ask about, talk about but we all know we all do.
So, does it?
I suppose it depends on your perspective. Yes a great big cock feels great, or you at least imagine it to. It’s certainly what you think about when you’re by yourself, it’s what you always hope for in your mind by yourself. But the reality can be very different. There are logistical problems involved in big dicks and the other thing that I’ve found is that sometimes, guys with big dicks don’t seem to think that they need to do anything else. At all. This makes things difficult literally (it’s difficult to get it in) and it’s difficult to enjoy.
Let me explain. Vaginas are built to accommodate, they are structured to adapt to size and shape. But you need to give them a bit of warning and warming up. If you pay enough attention down there, or anywhere else the girl likes, then you should have her wet enough to take it. You really should be doing this anyway – straight in no kissing is another kettle of fish altogether and is another set of circumstances. But if you’ve only given cursory attention to getting me turned on and then you think your giant cock is just going to slide in? You can think again. Now sometimes it can be nice to feel the pain of a really big hard cock force its way into you. And sometimes I want this, I want it to hurt and to feel the pain, that’s just me I want it that way on occasion. But the down side is, if the preparatory work isn’t done, I can’t last very long. I can only take it for a short amount of time, or if we keep going (which I have been known to beg for) I might not be able for anything later or worse, I might be out of action for a day or two.
Now you can get around this by using lube. Of course you can there’s a nice easy solution, but honestly? As nice as lube is (Durex play is my favourite – the blue one feels like silk) there is nothing as nice as being made ready, and I don’t just mean made wet with his mouth. I mean having my own proper wet flowing because I’ve been turned on properly. I’m properly swollen and ready and wet from the inside out. Then I can take any size cock and take it hard and for a really long time. And more than likely ask for it again later. Will I feel it the next day? Yes, I’ll know I had sex, but that’s my preference I want to know that I had sex not guess that I did. I want to feel it when I get on the bike the next morning. But knowing that I had a really good, hard seeing to is different to having done some easily preventable damage and a different feeling. (one is nice, one is not)
So when does it matter?
Well the biggest guy I ever had wasn’t the greatest in bed, in fact he was so lazy. It was actually insulting. He had zero interest in my tits, and the only time he touched my pussy was to rub lube on it before he went in. I didn’t put up with this for long. But it was an interesting experience. I’m not sure what he thought he was doing for me or if he just had no interest but it was untenable. I started to feel self-conscious about my body and wondered what was wrong with it. He also had zero interest in my underwear, the sexier it was the more he ignored it. But again, these are unimportant details. My point was to tell you the story of the biggest I ever had and it wasn’t a happy story. (Ok, relax, I’ll tell you, it was the exact shape, girth and width as my wrist, and almost came down to my elbow)
One of the best I ever had is not in the memory stable of the biggest I ever had (we’ll go with average). But he is in the bank as one of the best I ever had. He was fit and he was pretty and he wanted to do everything. And best of all he had two, hard to define, but two essential things for getting me off: he was a phenomenal kisser and never seemed to get bored of it. And he was great at talking filthy to me. He would have me begging for it before he had so much as my top off. He’d whisper in my ear what he wanted to do me. Nothing crazy, just telling me he knew what I wanted, knew how much I wanted it but he was gonna make me beg for it. That I’d have to beg for him to touch my pussy, that he was just gonna hold me so I couldn’t move and then lick my ear, put my hand on his throbbing cock and then take it away and hold it behind my back and not let me touch it again until I begged (he was stronger than me, he could have held me down and got me to do anything). And invariably by the time he even brushed off a nipple they would be rock hard, my knicks would be dripping and I would beg. But he’d still just whisper in my ear exactly how he was gonna fuck me and I would beg even more. I have to admire this guy’s resolve he was fantastic. And he delivered on all of it. He knew what he was doing with his hands, he knew what he was doing with his mouth and… I thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by him. I was completely satisfied.
I’m a very lucky girl, I seem to be able to pick guys with big dicks, according to my friends I’ve had more than my fair share. I have gone out with guys with massive dicks who were better than our Kiwi friend described above, who’ve been great. But even when they’re fairly well versed in what works, or even well instructed by me as to what I like, sometimes massive is still not great for some girls. There are certain positions that are either off the menu or can’t be sustained for long; being taken from behind being the most common one. Personally I don’t find that, I’m all for the harder the better. But even I can’t last all night at that pace. I’ll split in two. But I have to mention it as it is a real issue for a lot of girls.
I hope for a big cock, it feels great when wielded properly. But if you don’t have a big cock does that mean you’re not going to be sensational in bed, certainly not. It’s up you what you want to do with it. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
Does it matter? Well it shouldn’t.

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