How The Spit Roast Happened

How the Spit Roast happened – I don’t think I really like the term spit roast, it somehow has connotations that I’m the unwilling meat being used by the skewers? When this is categorically not the case, I am more than wiling I am directing and utterly in control. But I don’t have a better term.
I fantasise about this all the time. I especially fantasise about it when I’m sucking someone off. I love giving head and more often than not I wish the person I’m sucking could be simultaneously fucking me as I’m doing it (in my head, it’s somehow their clone, I always want what I can’t have!)

Things like this usually seem to have just happened, maybe because I’m open to them, maybe because I’m always thinking about opportunities. The point is they were never planned or premeditated or organized. It always seems to find me.
It was my birthday and there was a big party in my house. As usual. The house was full of people, Dj in the sitting room, couches moved to the kitchen. And of course there was no sign of Apollo. We’re going to call him that for a variety of reasons; not least because he was a god and he worshipped the sun. We’d been out to dinner, then clubbing and it was now, all back to mine – chances are he’d eventually show up. No matter if he didn’t, that was our tacit arrangement. I would always fine entertainment elsewhere. And in it walked, Apollo II.
I used to always joke with original Apollo that I wish I had two of him to do more to me. I dreamed of being fucked by him while I was sucking him off – amongst other things. And here was this guy, some random friend of someone’s at the party, who I had never met before. He was beautiful, tall, dark, fit and the best craic. We were swinging out of each other from the moment we met. All the time I was telling him how he reminded me of Apollo. And it seems he knew him (it’s a small Dublin) But we never actually kissed.
Eventually Apollo found his way to the party and so curbed my interest in Apollo II. For a time.
At one point I found myself upstairs chatting to A2 on my bed, it was just me and him. And in came A1 who I invited on to the bed. So the three of us got comfortable. And I immediately said ‘So this is like my fantasy come true, in bed with two Apollos, lucky me’, light-heartedly and without agenda. Neither of them balked or said anything negative. There was some joking and I started to feel the tension build. So I said again ‘No seriously, this is like my ultimate fantasy, to have two of you Apollo, and this guy is almost you’. Again some jokes and then silence. We’re all lying dead straight side by side; I can feel the electricity rise and no one has said a thing. My breathing is probably giving me away but neither of them has touched me.
I start to think this could actually happen, is this what I want? I’m hardly going to pass this up. So I very jokingly say (because I am afraid of rejection here) ‘So guys, I’m on for it if you are’. Nothing. Neither of them says anything but I can feel it, I can hear them both breathing heavily. I want this so I decide it’s gotta be me who really initiates it. At the same moment I reach a hand out to either cock and they are both rock solid. And I am, thrilled. I rub both of them simultaneously and they both respond. Somehow I feel the need to narrate the situation and say ‘ok, so you two seem ok with this so I’m just going to keep going’. I opened A1’s belt and A2 started kissing my neck, I turned to kiss him and A1 continued removing his pants. As I went to take off A2’s pants he opened my top as A1 started opening my pants.
I had two boys who looked like each other pay me all the attention. I was soaking and panting and loving it.
While I sucked one, the other was behind me with his fingers deep in me. While I kissed one the other ate me. I know at one point I wanted one on each tit, sucking as hard as they could. As I lay flat on the bed one of them put his cock in my mouth as the other ate me and pushed his fingers inside me. I would stop and kiss one and then the other, tasting my pussy off their mouths, I love that. And eventually we got to what I wanted. Me on my knees with a cock deep in my mouth and a cock deep in my cunt. It was a fantasy come true. Both of these boys wanted to fuck me and both of them were happy to be directed as I wanted. I felt in control and submissive at the same time. I had made this happen.
At one point A1 said we should switch and so I was sucking him and A2 was fucking me. This was fantastic. Every boy is different and to be fucked one style then a completely different one just got me more excited.A1 had been fucking me deep and hard, pausing between thrusts, A2 then slid it slowly in and out of me never giving in to me and giving it harder. I loved it both ways.

I would have liked it if the boys had kissed, or if they had given each other head. That would have turned me on, but I don’t think either of them were up for that. I would have liked to have sucked one of them while he sucked the other. Or I would have liked to have two of us lick one cock. Or any combination. But I suppose that leads me to the after thoughts; why did they do it? What was their motive if neither of them fancied each other? I think Apollo 1 did it because it was my birthday and I think Apollo II did it because he just really wanted to fuck me.
But if I’m completely honest? I think A2 was into A1, or at least open to it but wasn’t getting the right responses from him. And as much as I loved the fantasy come true, I think I’d have relaxed more if I thought they were both into it equally.
So, although I’ve done it, I think I’d like to try it again, with both boys into each other as much as me. I’ll keep on dreaming.

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