How To Give Me Amazing head – otherwise known as ‘how to own me’

A step by step guide
I need you to take your time, no matter how much time you think it takes, it takes more. The slower the build-up the bigger the climax, for me anyway.

Step 1
I want to get used to your head down there, get mentally comfortable – because I’m handing you the power to control me, I need to do that slowly so that I’m relaxed.
Breathe in the smell, look up like it’s the best smell in the world, if you happen to have an evil smile on your face (implying that you’re going to own me and I am gonna beg for this?) all the better.
With one leg straight push one thigh open, bite it just once and then lick where you bit. Hold that leg in place. Do the same to the other leg. So now you have both my legs spread and I’m exposed, vulnerable and probably gasping already.

Step 2
Kiss all around the mound, slowly. Ideally I will be freshly waxed, tender and smooth. Kiss all over the lips. Do not use your tongue yet. Although I’ll be aching for you to, probably asking nicely at this point, but don’t give it to me. I’ll probably try to get up at this point, again don’t let me, put a hand on my stomach and push me flat back down on the bed. This is probably a good time to remind me that I’m not in control, you are, and if I don’t behave you won’t continue. If you’re feeling particularly strong, you could threaten that you have to start all over again.
(although if you do, you might have to tie me down to get me to take it!)

Step 3
Flick your tongue just once at the very top of the opening and then kiss your way down – and finally, very lightly, with the tip of your tongue, slowly lick your way up, barely parting the lips. Do this again until the lips are open. Go up one side and down the other. I will be bucking underneath you with this, possibly no longer asking but begging for you to put your tongue further in. Ignore me.
A good time to remind me to be quiet, to stop making noise. Of course we both know I won’t be able to but it’s good to exert that authority.
Make your tongue flat and lick straight up the middle, separating the lips completely and rest it on the clit and press hard. Do this a few times and then stop, come up to my face and kiss me, ask me if my pussy tastes good. Even better if you take my wrists, hold them over my head and act like you’re not going to kiss me, hold your face close to mine, but just out of reach. I will go insane to try and get your mouth on mine and taste my pussy juice. Then kiss me deeply and go back down.

Step 4
You own me right now. You can do what you like and I will cry if you stop. Slip one hand under my ass and lift my cunt to your face and start working that clit with light slow flicks then harder ones. Then suck it really soft then hard. Slide your tongue all the way down and then tongue fuck me. I will be begging for you not to stop, grasping the sheets and pressing myself down onto your mouth. I love it when this happens, when a guy’s tongue is flat and stiff and I am fucking his face, rubbing my clit off it to make myself come. I can’t help but do this sometimes, I just lose control.

Any of These Step 5’s
Or equally when I have no control and the guy keeps sustained licks on the clit until I climax, or presses the tip of his tongue onto my clit and moves in a circle or side to side. Any continued stimulation until I come.

It’s up to you how you want to finish it, depending on how it’s being received by me. But that right there is the keys to me. Starting like that will generally result in me coming for you and then begging to be fucked after.

There are of course variations on the this, but that’s for part II

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