How The Spit Roast Happened

How the Spit Roast happened – I don’t think I really like the term spit roast, it somehow has connotations that I’m the unwilling meat being used by the skewers? When this is categorically not the case, I am more than wiling I am directing and utterly in control. But I don’t have a better term.
I fantasise about this all the time. I especially fantasise about it when I’m sucking someone off. I love giving head and more often than not I wish the person I’m sucking could be simultaneously fucking me as I’m doing it (in my head, it’s somehow their clone, I always want what I can’t have!)

Things like this usually seem to have just happened, maybe because I’m open to them, maybe because I’m always thinking about opportunities. The point is they were never planned or premeditated or organized. It always seems to find me.
It was my birthday and there was a big party in my house. As usual. The house was full of people, Dj in the sitting room, couches moved to the kitchen. And of course there was no sign of Apollo. We’re going to call him that for a variety of reasons; not least because he was a god and he worshipped the sun. We’d been out to dinner, then clubbing and it was now, all back to mine – chances are he’d eventually show up. No matter if he didn’t, that was our tacit arrangement. I would always fine entertainment elsewhere. And in it walked, Apollo II.
I used to always joke with original Apollo that I wish I had two of him to do more to me. I dreamed of being fucked by him while I was sucking him off – amongst other things. And here was this guy, some random friend of someone’s at the party, who I had never met before. He was beautiful, tall, dark, fit and the best craic. We were swinging out of each other from the moment we met. All the time I was telling him how he reminded me of Apollo. And it seems he knew him (it’s a small Dublin) But we never actually kissed.
Eventually Apollo found his way to the party and so curbed my interest in Apollo II. For a time.
At one point I found myself upstairs chatting to A2 on my bed, it was just me and him. And in came A1 who I invited on to the bed. So the three of us got comfortable. And I immediately said ‘So this is like my fantasy come true, in bed with two Apollos, lucky me’, light-heartedly and without agenda. Neither of them balked or said anything negative. There was some joking and I started to feel the tension build. So I said again ‘No seriously, this is like my ultimate fantasy, to have two of you Apollo, and this guy is almost you’. Again some jokes and then silence. We’re all lying dead straight side by side; I can feel the electricity rise and no one has said a thing. My breathing is probably giving me away but neither of them has touched me.
I start to think this could actually happen, is this what I want? I’m hardly going to pass this up. So I very jokingly say (because I am afraid of rejection here) ‘So guys, I’m on for it if you are’. Nothing. Neither of them says anything but I can feel it, I can hear them both breathing heavily. I want this so I decide it’s gotta be me who really initiates it. At the same moment I reach a hand out to either cock and they are both rock solid. And I am, thrilled. I rub both of them simultaneously and they both respond. Somehow I feel the need to narrate the situation and say ‘ok, so you two seem ok with this so I’m just going to keep going’. I opened A1’s belt and A2 started kissing my neck, I turned to kiss him and A1 continued removing his pants. As I went to take off A2’s pants he opened my top as A1 started opening my pants.
I had two boys who looked like each other pay me all the attention. I was soaking and panting and loving it.
While I sucked one, the other was behind me with his fingers deep in me. While I kissed one the other ate me. I know at one point I wanted one on each tit, sucking as hard as they could. As I lay flat on the bed one of them put his cock in my mouth as the other ate me and pushed his fingers inside me. I would stop and kiss one and then the other, tasting my pussy off their mouths, I love that. And eventually we got to what I wanted. Me on my knees with a cock deep in my mouth and a cock deep in my cunt. It was a fantasy come true. Both of these boys wanted to fuck me and both of them were happy to be directed as I wanted. I felt in control and submissive at the same time. I had made this happen.
At one point A1 said we should switch and so I was sucking him and A2 was fucking me. This was fantastic. Every boy is different and to be fucked one style then a completely different one just got me more excited.A1 had been fucking me deep and hard, pausing between thrusts, A2 then slid it slowly in and out of me never giving in to me and giving it harder. I loved it both ways.

I would have liked it if the boys had kissed, or if they had given each other head. That would have turned me on, but I don’t think either of them were up for that. I would have liked to have sucked one of them while he sucked the other. Or I would have liked to have two of us lick one cock. Or any combination. But I suppose that leads me to the after thoughts; why did they do it? What was their motive if neither of them fancied each other? I think Apollo 1 did it because it was my birthday and I think Apollo II did it because he just really wanted to fuck me.
But if I’m completely honest? I think A2 was into A1, or at least open to it but wasn’t getting the right responses from him. And as much as I loved the fantasy come true, I think I’d have relaxed more if I thought they were both into it equally.
So, although I’ve done it, I think I’d like to try it again, with both boys into each other as much as me. I’ll keep on dreaming.

How I Give an Amazing Blow Job

Everyone is different and everyone likes it differently but there are some universal truths and some basics that can be covered off if you feel like you could do with some direction, or if you’re looking to break out some big guns and showcase something spectacular.
I can’t tell you that this is going to be exactly what your partner will love or is definitely what he fantasises about but this is how I like to do it and I’d be surprised if you got many complaints. In fact, I’d be really intrigued to hear them, as ever please let me know what you think below, but if anyone executes this and does get complaints? Well I’m always open to new knowledge. Please tell me what you didn’t like.
Property is all about location, location, location and good head I think is very similar, it’s all about position; so you can access what you need to and he can see what he wants to – your face and your tits. Have him sit on a couch or a big arm chair and spread his legs. Kneel in between them (on a cushion if the floor is hard, you’re going to be there for quite a while) and make eye contact. Then slide both your hands up his thighs and bring your face close to his crotch and take a deep breath. He might not be hard but hopefully he is, it’s not important, he will be soon. Slowly open his pants and slide them down, not all the way off. Then run your finger gently round the edge of his underwear as you exhale onto his cock. Again the heat of your breath and the teasing should have him harder. Then take his pants off, get that awkward bit out of the way. And start kissing lightly up his left thigh close to the edge of the underwear. Do it again for the other side. Then slowly take his underwear off. It should be rock solid at this point and you should be delighted with yourself. Again, make eye contact and then start licking from his left thigh into his balls and then underneath. Lick from the bottom of the ball sack right to the top of his cock, the whole way to the tip. But don’t put it in your mouth. Lick all the way back down and do the same to his right side. Repeat this for a little while; he’ll go insane with wanting you to put it in your mouth. After a few goes up and down, finally put your hands lightly around it and slide it into your mouth. Slide your mouth down as slowly as you can and hold it there. If you can. Then slide your mouth to the top of the shaft and work up some spit in your mouth, then open your mouth and let the spit dangle from your lips to his cock. With a light grip of your hand run this down the shaft so the cock is really lubed with it, this may take a few more spits. If you can make eye contact again while doing this then do. Gently wank him with your hand for a few seconds, getting the spit right down to the end then put it back in your mouth. Go slowly up and down with your mouth. With one of your free hands cup his balls gently. If he’s enjoying that (you’ll know from noises and general encouragement) take your mouth off his cock and lick his balls again. He’ll initially not want your mouth leaving his cock but this is about teasing and building pleasure. Keep wanking him with your hand as you lick his balls, it should be very wet from your mouth and feel great. While keeping his cock in your hand put your mouth back around it and suck him as well. Now is a good time to do some more teasing, without letting go of his cock, straddle him and start kissing him. Maybe offer him a nipple if not for long. Go back on your knees and start sucking his cock a little harder or faster now. If you think he might be open to a little finger in the ass, cup his balls and then run your finger lightly from the end of the ball sack back to the hole. But that’s not for everyone. At this point you’ll know to go faster or slower and keep going until he comes or until you can’t take it yourself and you just have to sit on it.


And that’s how I’d do it, if I wanted to show someone how much I liked their cock. To be fair, I don’t often get to finish it as he will try to side-track me or take over. But if I’m adamant then he’s going nowhere until that come is in my mouth.

Giving doesn’t mean you get – reciprocity, it’s not just difficult to spell

I don’t think anyone should have to do anything in bed that doesn’t turn them on, there’s nothing less sexy for me than thinking my partner doesn’t want to be doing something, instant turn off. I would never ask anyone to do something I thought they hated. I don’t want to coax anyone into it and I certainly don’t want to force you. If you don’t want to eat my pussy then I certainly don’t want you to. I love my cunt and I don’t call it my holiest of holies for no reason, so I don’t want anyone going down there unless they definitely want to. In fact I would think it’s the 80/20 rule here, they better be 80% doing it for themselves, that is, because getting me off turns them on. That’s certainly why I give head, not entirely because he likes it but because it turns me on. I love having a cock in my mouth, I don’t have to be asked, you don’t have to do it to me first, I’m straight down there. Because I know it turns me on. I don’t have to pretend that it’s something else, I’m not grinning and bearing it (tip: if this is the case, then maybe you shouldn’t be doing it, or being made to feel like you should?)
And I want anyone going down on me to feel the same, or don’t do it. And if you don’t feel the same, that’s ok. I won’t beg for it. It’s pointless, neither of us will enjoy it. There’s loads of other things that can be enjoyed, why focus on something that isn’t going to be pleasurable for both of us. It’s wasted energy.
I can’t talk anyone into giving head, and I don’t want to but I will explain exactly why I love doing it – I know when I read someone else’s description of something I thought I didn’t like, well, it changed my perspective and it made me reconsider.
I know traditional thinking holds that the person giving the head is the supplicant and is in submission. I don’t see it that way; I see it as me being wholly and totally in control and he is absolutely at my mercy. I have his pleasure in my power, I can stop at any minute and I control the levels of excitement, taking it up or down as I see fit. I go into detail on another post about how I like to do it, where I ensure I go at my pace and there’s no doubt who’s in control. It’s such a turn on to watch him react to what I do and such a turn on to wield that power. Have a think about it.

Does Size matter?

The question you’re not supposed to ask about, talk about but we all know we all do.
So, does it?
I suppose it depends on your perspective. Yes a great big cock feels great, or you at least imagine it to. It’s certainly what you think about when you’re by yourself, it’s what you always hope for in your mind by yourself. But the reality can be very different. There are logistical problems involved in big dicks and the other thing that I’ve found is that sometimes, guys with big dicks don’t seem to think that they need to do anything else. At all. This makes things difficult literally (it’s difficult to get it in) and it’s difficult to enjoy.
Let me explain. Vaginas are built to accommodate, they are structured to adapt to size and shape. But you need to give them a bit of warning and warming up. If you pay enough attention down there, or anywhere else the girl likes, then you should have her wet enough to take it. You really should be doing this anyway – straight in no kissing is another kettle of fish altogether and is another set of circumstances. But if you’ve only given cursory attention to getting me turned on and then you think your giant cock is just going to slide in? You can think again. Now sometimes it can be nice to feel the pain of a really big hard cock force its way into you. And sometimes I want this, I want it to hurt and to feel the pain, that’s just me I want it that way on occasion. But the down side is, if the preparatory work isn’t done, I can’t last very long. I can only take it for a short amount of time, or if we keep going (which I have been known to beg for) I might not be able for anything later or worse, I might be out of action for a day or two.
Now you can get around this by using lube. Of course you can there’s a nice easy solution, but honestly? As nice as lube is (Durex play is my favourite – the blue one feels like silk) there is nothing as nice as being made ready, and I don’t just mean made wet with his mouth. I mean having my own proper wet flowing because I’ve been turned on properly. I’m properly swollen and ready and wet from the inside out. Then I can take any size cock and take it hard and for a really long time. And more than likely ask for it again later. Will I feel it the next day? Yes, I’ll know I had sex, but that’s my preference I want to know that I had sex not guess that I did. I want to feel it when I get on the bike the next morning. But knowing that I had a really good, hard seeing to is different to having done some easily preventable damage and a different feeling. (one is nice, one is not)
So when does it matter?
Well the biggest guy I ever had wasn’t the greatest in bed, in fact he was so lazy. It was actually insulting. He had zero interest in my tits, and the only time he touched my pussy was to rub lube on it before he went in. I didn’t put up with this for long. But it was an interesting experience. I’m not sure what he thought he was doing for me or if he just had no interest but it was untenable. I started to feel self-conscious about my body and wondered what was wrong with it. He also had zero interest in my underwear, the sexier it was the more he ignored it. But again, these are unimportant details. My point was to tell you the story of the biggest I ever had and it wasn’t a happy story. (Ok, relax, I’ll tell you, it was the exact shape, girth and width as my wrist, and almost came down to my elbow)
One of the best I ever had is not in the memory stable of the biggest I ever had (we’ll go with average). But he is in the bank as one of the best I ever had. He was fit and he was pretty and he wanted to do everything. And best of all he had two, hard to define, but two essential things for getting me off: he was a phenomenal kisser and never seemed to get bored of it. And he was great at talking filthy to me. He would have me begging for it before he had so much as my top off. He’d whisper in my ear what he wanted to do me. Nothing crazy, just telling me he knew what I wanted, knew how much I wanted it but he was gonna make me beg for it. That I’d have to beg for him to touch my pussy, that he was just gonna hold me so I couldn’t move and then lick my ear, put my hand on his throbbing cock and then take it away and hold it behind my back and not let me touch it again until I begged (he was stronger than me, he could have held me down and got me to do anything). And invariably by the time he even brushed off a nipple they would be rock hard, my knicks would be dripping and I would beg. But he’d still just whisper in my ear exactly how he was gonna fuck me and I would beg even more. I have to admire this guy’s resolve he was fantastic. And he delivered on all of it. He knew what he was doing with his hands, he knew what he was doing with his mouth and… I thoroughly enjoyed being fucked by him. I was completely satisfied.
I’m a very lucky girl, I seem to be able to pick guys with big dicks, according to my friends I’ve had more than my fair share. I have gone out with guys with massive dicks who were better than our Kiwi friend described above, who’ve been great. But even when they’re fairly well versed in what works, or even well instructed by me as to what I like, sometimes massive is still not great for some girls. There are certain positions that are either off the menu or can’t be sustained for long; being taken from behind being the most common one. Personally I don’t find that, I’m all for the harder the better. But even I can’t last all night at that pace. I’ll split in two. But I have to mention it as it is a real issue for a lot of girls.
I hope for a big cock, it feels great when wielded properly. But if you don’t have a big cock does that mean you’re not going to be sensational in bed, certainly not. It’s up you what you want to do with it. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.
Does it matter? Well it shouldn’t.