The Actual Cop Part I

This guy was a real cop, not something that initially endeared me to him but I obviously got over it. And god am I glad I did. This guy was open to everything and happy to do anything, something I hadn’t come across so fully in a long time. He told me one of his fantasies and I knew from then that anything I did he would be into. And he read me so well, took control off me, told me what to do and on the first night we were together he did something no one else had.

He had his whole hand in me – not fisting me, he had 3 fingers in my pussy, his thumb on my clit and his baby finger up my ass. And I came 4 times like that.

He just impressed me with everything. In the most unexpected ways. He told me that I should pee regularly. Told me that I would need to and that I should? I already know why but I couldn’t believe that he knew, or was concerned enough to mention it. So I had to go ahead and make him tell me why, just to confirm. To avoid UTIs girls really need to pee after they come, they also need to be doubly aware of this if the guy is well endowed.  Yes he was hung and he was just so sure that he was going to make me come repeatedly.

I was hooked.

The day after I was first with him he sent a message, told me that with very few exceptions he would do anything I want. And not in a ‘I can walk all over you’ kinda way – just whatever I wanted to get up to, he was up for it.

Music to my ears, but how do I, as a bit of a submissive take full advantage of this? And the opportunity presented itself.

I hate weddings, don’t, let me stop you there, let’s just agree to disagree. I hate them and that’s that. Why I hate them is a story for another time. And I had one looming. Outside of Dublin, down the country, in a castle, loads of family. But The Actual Cop is not from Dublin, he’s stationed near where the wedding was.

I can’t leave the reception, I can’t get out of it but maybe I can make it more bearable? So I ask will he sneak into the castle and he agrees.

This is wrong, this is dangerous and I should not be doing it. But there’s no way I’m not going to do it. I mean, it’s hot sex, with a hot guy in a castle with me wearing clothes I should rightly be fucked in? It’s pure fantasy.

It’s a week before the wedding, and I am so excited. I can’t believe this guy is as bold as me. I can barely contain myself thinking about it. I can go weeks without it, I can go ages without even doing it myself but the thought of having mind-blowing, illicit sex in a luxury castle was more than enough to make me ignore how much trouble I could get in with my family and start to fantasise how best to execute this plan. I have the control, I’m telling him what I want, telling him what I want him to do and the more prescriptive I am the more he’s ok with it.

I’m starting to get into this, wondering how far I can push it? Like, is he at my beck and call the whole way through the wedding – so I can run back to the room every time I’m less than 100% entertained, at the slightest hint of boredom?


I check with him, he’s fine. He wants me to do what I want with him. Is this real? Is HE real? I can barely work all week thinking about this. This is a wedding that I’m actually going to enjoy.


He tells me that he’ll slip into the room when we’re having dinner. That I’m to check my phone as he’ll send me photos of his hard cock. ‘No you won’t’ I say, there’s no chance I’ll look at my phone I’ll be up to the room when I’m ready, trying to get into my role as the protagonist. I tell him that I’ll take off the knicks I’ve been wearing all day and leave them for him when he gets to the room.

Which I duly do.


Half way through the meal, of course I look at my phone, it’s a picture of him with my underwear in his mouth. I can’t keep the look of glee off my face. I hold it together, but just about. Soon as I can I dash out of there and up to the room as fast as my 5” heels and skin-tight dress will allow. Just like he knew I would. That should have been my clue. But all these things I see and I did not see.



He’s standing there looking great and I think I’m going to get to do just what I want. To get his cock in my mouth and tease him, then hitch up my dress and sit on his face.

But he had other ideas.

What’s this? He wants control?

‘Sit on the bed’ I do, ‘and pull up your dress’ I do but I go for his cock, try to open his pants. ‘Stop, or you get nothing’ he says softly. God I love his accent. But then he reaches into his pants and I think I’m getting it. Nope.

He has my underwear in there. Now they smell of him and me.

He tells me to spread my legs, I do. He stands between them and puts the underwear in my mouth. I take them out and start smelling them – delicious. Then he kneels in front of me and lifts one of my legs over his shoulder and bites my ankle – I love it and I take a sharp intake of breath, he kisses up my leg and I make more noise. He looks at me as if I’ve done something wrong. He stands up again leans over me as I sit on the bed and tells me I have to behave, do I hear him? that I have to do exactly what he says and do I know what will happen to me if I don’t do what he tells me? It’s so cop-like and I actually love it, I can imagine him saying this to someone in a non-sexual, like at-work-as-a-cop way and it being quite threatening. I shouldn’t be turned on by this but I am.


I’m also drunk and I think I can take back control, I giggle and go for his cock again. He gets more forceful, tells me I’m not to move and I better do exactly as I’m told or I’ll get nothing, that I need to be quiet, submit and be good, asks am I ready to be good? I promise to be good. He tells me he has to start again, I nearly cry. He kisses up my leg again, but I can’t wait I start pleading. He stands up, puts the underwear back in my mouth, turns me around and tells me to pull my dress up all the way over my hips, then put my hands flat on the bed. I can hear him open his belt and I am dripping wet, I am possibly whimpering I want it so badly.

He opens his pants, and pulls my ass against him… now that I think about it, it’s like he’s read what I wrote about the fake cop! I can feel his rock solid cock throbbing as he presses against me. I turn around to kiss him, to get anything, surprised he lets me up so easily. As I face him he says ‘You look sensational by the way’, ‘thank you’ I say, thinking I am definitely getting it now. I put my arm around him, he spins me around, slaps my arse and dismissively says ‘Now. Fix your dress and get back to your wedding’. And he turns away to fix his tie and close his pants.


I’m horrified. Thrilled, delighted and more than a little impressed but horrified. How did this happen?

I grab my bag and storm back downstairs.

Thankfully the dessert had arrived – nothing like ice-cream to help assuage the denial of sex. And booze, another bottle of Prosecco to myself.



I’m somehow fixated on the fact I’ve just eaten a meal and might not taste great. I want to kiss him so badly. I’m an eejit, an out and out sucker for a great kisser. Not a good kisser, a great kisser can maybe get me to do anything. And he is a great kisser. I locate a toothbrush and some toothpaste – this is a very lovely castle. And I think if nothing else I’ll be able to get a kiss out of him. And if I can get that, maybe I can get something else.


I get back up to the room. I burst in and demand that I get something, now. He’s unfazed. He’s in the bathroom shaving. As I rant that I hate him, he comes out and says ‘Shut up, you loved it’. I did, I admit, but I’m having none of it now. I want SOMETHING. And I want to be kissed right now. He laughs at me. Sending me crazy. He pushes me face first onto the bed then drops to his knees behind me. He has his tongue in my wet pussy before I know what’s happening and I am in ecstasy. I get up and demand to taste it. God it’s good to finally kiss him and to taste my pussy that’s been wet and aching all day.

He turns me around and I’m probably close to crying I want it so bad and at the thought that he might be planning to be as disciplined as last time. I start babbling that I’ve been really good, that I did as I was told, that I was lovely to eveyone at the wedding didn’t roll my eyes once and I really, really deserved something. I barely recognise myself. How did he do this? He agrees that I’ve been really good and that I do deserve something, in fact I deserve a prize for behaving so well. I’m sitting on the bed, he’s once again standing between my legs he leans down and whispers in my ear ‘Put your hands flat on the bed behind you’ then asks ‘Do you want your prize or do you want my cock in  your mouth’…. now usually I would opt for the cock in my mouth, playing the long game. But no way, not this time I want, no, need to feel his tongue in me, his fingers, anything. I want my prize I say, I want that now. ‘Good he says, do you know what it is… I’m going to eat you’. I am barely able to stay on the bed I am so consumed with desire and need. But before he goes down, all cop like, he says in my ear ‘Good thing you made the right choice, if you had said you didn’t want your prize and said you wanted my cock in your mouth, I’d have sent you back downstairs with nothing’. I can’t remember but I think he said ‘…until you want it enough’.

Either way this was spectacular out of him, he made me want it like I have never wanted it before. Really. I’ve begged, I’ve pleaded, I’ve whimpered for it but always kinda knowing that I was going to get it anyway. I’ve been insane with desire but always with the other person’s needs in the back of my head, always ready to give my partner something at any point. Not this time. Right at that moment I wanted my needs to be met. I cared about nothing else. Not to mention genuinely terrified that he might not give it to me! And he knew it, it was his plan and it was magnificent.

It didn’t last long, I could hear my sister in the hall coming for my room… we had seconds before she came in.

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