The Cop

I’m going to call him the cop, he wasn’t, but I thought he was and that’s what he went in my phone as. I can’t even remember his name?
But I can remember this, because it was all that was in the bank for a good while afterwards. I’m going to start in my room, what happened up til then is really of no consequence.

He was only a few feet away from me; he stepped towards me and took my hand, slipped an arm around me and then leaned in close as if to kiss me. But he didn’t. He spun me round and with his hands over mine placed both my hands on the wall and told me not to move. He slid his hands down to my waist and pulled me in against him and whispered, give me a look at this ass, and kicked my legs further apart. I tried to look over my shoulder, he calmly but firmly with a hand on my neck, reminded me that I was told not to move. I love someone having control of me. I love it even more when it’s implicit and done so well. He’d obviously done this before and I was insane with excitement. He lifted my skirt and pulled my arse against him, I could feel through his jeans he had a massive hard on, even though he sounded as if he wasn’t at all bothered. He pressed me harder to him and asked was I excited. I wanted him to exert more control over me, to get me to submit further so I answered no. He slid my underwear down and slipped two fingers into my drenched pussy and calmly stated ‘you’re lying’. I nearly squealed. He turned me to face him and pushed me flat against the wall. With one hand he managed to get both my wrists together and held my hands over my head. Then, he finally kissed me, deep and decisively, told me again not to move and dropped to his knees and pulled my tights down. And started kissing, then licking my pussy. He stayed there for a few minutes until I tried to take back control i.e. to get at his cock. I didn’t really want control, I just wanted to pretend I did so that he would be forceful with me again; it just turned me on so wildly how he could do it with such authority. And it worked. He stood up, kissed me again – god I love it when someone kisses me and I can taste my own pussy from their mouth, it sends me crazy. But it didn’t last long, he had only stood up to take back control, kissing me was a momentary ruse, while my eyes were closed he lifted me and placed me onto the bed taking me completely unawares. Bravo cop, bravo.
‘Lie down and do what you’re told, do you hear me?’ yes, I said. ‘Ok, so lie, the fuck down. Now’. He said this so calmly as if it was utterly understood that if would be complied with. I did and he went back to eating me so expertly. He had me exactly where he wanted me, I was at his mercy. When I tried to sit up he reached a hand up and pushed me back down, and held me down. He was very strong. I couldn’t believe this was working so well and I hadn’t even gotten near him. Once again I tried to wriggle out from under him – I don’t know why, I was so close to coming? but I felt I hadn’t given him anything. With hindsight I can see that he was totally getting off on exerting control over me. He laughed and said, but you’re about to come, why would I stop. He finished me spectacularly and I could barely breathe. While I was trying to focus I stood up to grab hold of him but he whipped his clothes off put on a condom and got on the bed. From where he commanded me to remove the rest of my clothing and let him see me. For some reason I felt exposed and nervous, shy? But I did it and then in such a quietly commanding voice he said ‘Get over here’. I shook my head, terrified of what else he could make my body do, but really just getting into the role. He repeated the request and told me to get on him. I didn’t really need to be asked twice. I got on him and again felt like I was going to come straight away.
Usually when I’m on top I can direct things, I have some control. Not this time. He told me to lean back, so that my hands were flat on the bed, between his legs. He told me not to move, and he fucked me. From that angle it felt amazing. But I’m not well behaved, I moved, leaned over him and moved the way I wanted to, to try and direct things. He knew better. From that position he could knock my arms out from under me so I fell over. Before I knew what was happening he was standing up and dragging me by the ankles to the edge of the bed so he could fuck me. I was in heaven.
With his hands on my hips he pulled me onto my knees then pressed my face into the sheets and twisted my arm behind my back, then guided his cock deep into me in one stroke. It hurt and I loved it. The more I wriggled the tighter he twisted my arm and the harder he fucked me. I was adoring every second of this. But when he sensed I was liking it too much he changed. The man was a control genius. He let go of my arm and told me to balance myself on the bed because he was now going to fuck me properly. Slowly at first and then deeper and faster. He would pull it almost all the way out and then slam it right into me. It hurt and felt great all at the same time and I would have begged him to continue if he stopped. And without warning he stopped, told me to turn around and sit on the bed. As I did he pulled off the condom and told me to suck his cock. And I happily did. Finally I had a bit of control, finally I could hear that he was into it, I could see that he was relishing my tongue on his throbbing hard cock. He put one leg up on the bed and forced his cock deeper into my mouth and thrust and came into the back of my throat. Not something that I would normally like, but he executed it well and timed it perfectly so I didn’t choke.

I never got to do it again. But it was perfect.

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