The Very First Girl

I know this girl, we’d been friends for a while, we were getting close. We were sitting on my bed getting ready to go out, drinking wine finishing our makeup and talking about some guy’s kissing technique. I’m not sure I was fully listening. So when she turned to me and said ‘well it was like this’ and then leaned in and kissed me, it took me completely unawares. I rarely move away from people when they lean in, if someone goes to kiss me I usually let it land before saying no. Always seems so much more dignified than whipping your head away. So of course it was easy for her to kiss me initially. But it was a great kiss, girls are soft and they know what they’re doing. I instinctively opened my mouth and took her tongue as she was going in deeper. I couldn’t help it she was a great kisser and this was so exciting. I don’t know if she knew what she was doing, maybe she did. But she went on with the story so I went with that.
But that was the watershed. She knew then that she could kiss me anytime she wanted and that I would. My boyfriend hated it her boyfriend was not so stupid. This became our thing, we’d kiss whenever we got drunk or bored or wanted some drama. We were young and just liked trouble. And then it needed to be more. I think we both wanted to see what would happen. I wanted to eat her so much, I knew I liked the taste of my own pussy, I wanted to know if hers tasted as good. Did it smell like mine, did it look like mine? Would I be able to make her wet?
She has a very different body to mine, we’re both tall, but she’s slim and athletic with dark hair. I’m curvy and have bigger boobs, blond hair. We looked good together. I loved her small, perfect breasts. They were similar to mine and I wanted them in my mouth, I wanted to suck them hard, I wanted to flick my tongue over her nipples and bite them. I want to live out on her what I wanted done to me. Her stomach was perfect and I licked it all the way down to her cunt, which was also perfect. It tasted amazing and I wanted not just to eat it but to have my fingers in it, to put things in it to watch her face. She had the same idea. Pulling, grabbing, tasting anything we could. Eating every part of each other. Tasting each other’s pussy off each other’s mouths and fingers. Neither of us knew where the line was, I’m not sure there was one. It just seemed exciting and bold and special. And just so different to being with a boy. Everything was soft and felt great. I didn’t know it at the time as I’d only kissed one girl but girls are great kissers. They’re generally just better at it. I could have kissed her forever.

One night her boyfriend came home to find me with my head between her legs. Not a man to miss an opportunity that’s how the first threesome happened.

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