Why The Curse of Condoms

A necessary evil which really isn’t all that evil so why do they cause so much drama?
There seems to be an inordinate amount of guys that either don’t want to or can’t for some reason wear condoms. I’ve heard loads of excuses the typical ‘It doesn’t feel as good’, ‘they ruin the moment’ to my very favourite ‘they don’t fit me babe’.
Well here’s my response to that; Get fucking used to it or get used to not fucking.

They don’t feel good – well they don’t feel that great to me either
They ruin the moment – well they ruin it for me too buddy.

If you want me to fuck you without a condom then who else have you said the same to? Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t care who you’ve been with before me, this isn’t about number judgement – it’s simply a case for safety. And yeah I am judging you if you have unsafe sex, I’m judging you as not someone I’m willing to sleep with.

So you can’t come with a condom on? Well practise. I don’t love the taste of a cock that’s had a condom on it but will I still happily put it in my mouth? Damn straight I will. It has taken practise, getting used to. Everything needs getting used to. Get. Used. To. It.
Have a posh wank, practise, train yourself. Not much that’s worth doing was done perfectly the first time. And this is worth that time.

You say they don’t fit? Too tight? Well lucky you and congratulations but there are other sizes, brands for larger guys and I’m not just talking about length but girth as well. I can recommend these, when I say recommend, I mean guys I’ve been with enjoyed them. And so did I.

So cut the excuses, protection is everyone’s responsibility.

And here are my reasons why I hate them, make me feel uncomfortable cause me embarrassment

Ideally I wouldn’t have to use them at all and in a committed relationship you can happily eschew them if you’ve got other methods of contraception.
I’m allergic to apple flavoured ones. True.
If I want to do my favourite teasing trick (sitting on it, then sucking it, then sitting on it again – it makes it very difficult.
They do taste horrible
Who buys them, me or him? I hate to be without so I usually have them – but am I judged for that?
Buying in bulk – totally guarantees that I won’t get to use them all and I won’t get it for ages. It just jinxes it. It just does.
If a guy brings a box, we don’t go through them and he leaves them behind – it freaks me out. If he takes them it freaks me out. It’s a no win situation.

If he leaves them does he assume he’s coming back, that I want him to? Or does he think I need them? Is he married/not single and can’t take them with him? All these things run through my head.

If he takes them with him, does he think he won’t be back, have I made him think I don’t want him to come back? Does he think I don’t like him? If he’s sleeping with other people does he need to be so obvious about it. All of which are fine but all of which run through my mind.
Why? Why do these things go through my head? I can’t tell you. It’s just how my mind works. I don’t want any of the decisions taken off me.
Ideally we use them all, I feel like a sex goddess and there’s none left to make me wonder if I want to see him again or if he wants to see me again.

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