All My Thoughts On Waxing

Whether prevailing cultural norms created my predilection for removing all the hair from my holiest of holies or whether it’s some inner desire of my own; the fact is that I do. On a regular basis I hand over a nice bit of money to have someone pour searing hot wax on the most sensitive area of my body and then rip it off.
Do I feel pressured; do I do it because I have to or because I am coerced? Well if I am it’s so insidious and stealthy that I don’t know about it because I’m pretty sure I do it for me. I like a nice neat lady garden. Even as a kid as soon as it started to be of a length that my underwear/swimwear couldn’t contain it, it had to be removed – that was just a necessity of common decency. Whereas now I remove it for a lot more reasons.
For one, I have a lovely cunt and I don’t want it hidden.
Two, I think it looks better with it all gone. And if it looks better then someone is more far more likely to be willing to spend more time down there. And, if I’m honest, I feel a lot more confident and sexy when I’m waxed. I feel confident that it’s somewhere someone wants to put their mouth and tongue because when I have a guy that’s all neat down there then I spend more time and can be more creative. Pulling a mouthful of hair out of your mouth is fine, I’ll do it and happily get on with the job but fuck me if it’s not at all sexy. So, I don’t want someone to have to do it when they are giving me all that gorgeous tongue action across the mound, up and down my lips and while sucking the hood. That just isn’t as enjoyable when there’s hair in the way. And by that I mean it’s not psychologically comfortable for me. And I’m all about my own comfort in the long run.
And in that vein I don’t want to be thinking that the guy is thinking about hair, I want to imagine that when he peels down my (hopefully) soaking wet knickers and sees my cunt that it’s exactly what he was hoping for, beautifully manicured and inviting, just waiting to be licked all over.
Now if I was between waxes and a guy showed even a hint of reluctance, or said anything about the hair? Dream on pal, those knickers are going back on and you can damn well wait then until I am waxed. Which by the way will be the 12th of never cos you’re never seeing my hole again. See, while I am happy to get waxed and present a beautiful smooth set of lips, it’s also my choice and a style statement as much as anything else. You don’t get to demand that it’s done and balk if it’s not.
Thankfully I haven’t encountered this too much. I usually get met with ‘Shut up woman, I don’t give a fuck, let me at it’ and then I swoon.

But waxing is fraught with so much anxiety and practically none of it to do with pain (I think I actually like the pain now, maybe because of what it represents i.e. that someone is going to fuck it and treat it beautifully and then pound it, either way I like the pain and I like the swollen tenderness afterwards. It’s almost like being swollen from being turned on. After I’ve been waxed I am uber aware of my lips no matter what I’m doing and I, just, love, that.) The anxiety though is caused by timing. You can’t always get an appointment when you need it, there are logistics involved: will you have your period, will you have enough re-growth, will you be able to be waxed in time before the sex. In case you didn’t know, and it’s possible that you might not, sure how would you when we rarely talk about it, but you can’t have sex for 24hrs after getting waxed. That’s right 24 long agonizing hours. Well, you can but it’s not worth the consequences. You also can’t sun bathe, or have UV light near it. Ditto, chlorine or fake tan. So if you’re preparing for a sexfest – as I so regularly am when it comes close to waxing time – then you have A LOT to factor in. Sometimes the stars do not align. And that’s when I will hands down chose the having of the sex over the getting of the waxing, and just hope he’s cool with it.

And sometimes, like buying a large box of condoms, it all gets jinxed. The person you think you’re going to have sex with is not available or they (and god forgive him this has happened) don’t want sex that night. Or worse, you stop seeing each other. All of these things have happened to me at waxing time.
I’m quite fair, my hair is light and it takes ages, aeons in fact for it to grow back to a waxing length. So when I am getting my downstairs hair done and I will finally have a beautifully smooth, can’t-keep-my-own-hands-off it cunt – well then I god damn want someone to see it, comment on it and give me the benefit of fabulous oral sex.

I’m afraid that this has led me to some very questionable sexual encounters. I swear there are some guys who have only gotten it from me because I’ve been freshly waxed and I wanted the sex that I enjoy only with that. I really hate to waste a fresh hairdo.

If I could take it all off permanently, I would. At least off the lips. That would be ideal.

My preference? It’s for an inverted triangle that ends with the point just at the top of the hood, almost like the tip of an arrow.
But I’ve been waxing for so long it never grows back thick enough for that to be effective anymore, it just looks like they missed a spot.

And if I wasn’t having sex, if I wasn’t planning on having it (not that I can fathom that) but if it was winter and I wasn’t planning on having anyone see it or touch it at all, what then?
Then I would still wax it. Not for any bullshit, spurious hygiene reasons but simply because I like it to be neat for me. I like to be able to touch it and for it to be lovely to my own touch. I want to look at myself in underwear and feel that it looks good not for anyone else but for me.
I see it in the same vein as any other part of grooming that I do to look well presented. Does that make me subjugated by society? I don’t think so.

Has anyone ever asked me to grow it? One guy, but I couldn’t make out if he was serious, I think maybe he was just demonstrating that he liked it whatever way I styled it.

Do I expect boys to be manscaped? No, of course not. But it is nice if they’ve tidied up down there. For the same reasons that I do it should be the same reasons he should want to. And to be fair most guys do make an effort to trim it. I do live in hope that I can get a guy to wax it though, I would love there to be no hair down there, none at all. As smooth and silky as only ripping it out by the root can get it! I would love to find that or talk a guy into it. Of course I would never demand or expect or coerce anyone into it. I would just like to experience it with someone who was willing to do it. Have a guy go as far as I regularly do in the pursuit of hairlessness.

Any offers?
Anyone out there actually had a back sack and crack?

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