Can The Cop Be Topped – more adventures with anal

I’ve seen him 5 times. Just 5 and I think I’ve done something new every one of those times. I love that. not just because it’s new and it broadens my horizons but because I love knowing that I always have more to learn, discover and enjoy. I haven’t seen it all or done it all and I never will not until the day I die.

But I’m talking about a Monday night. Well, a Monday afternoon and a night. He drives to Dublin to spend a few hours with me and then gets up at 4:45am to drive back to start a full shift of work, securing the peace. Obviously.
His response when I said I couldn’t get to him? ‘Fuck it, I’m driving up, you’re worth it, I want it, I have to see you’.
No one needs me to tell them how flattering this is. He’s not being smart or sarcastic because I said I couldn’t make it to him. He just means it. This right here is another reason I am willing to do almost anything for him. In bed.
But this is about a new thing, the two new things that happened with the cop since I wrote this piece on anal (you might have missed it because I didn’t out right call it ‘All Abbi’s Anal Experience, which, on mature reflection, I probably should have)
So the cop is easing me into anal, generally with his mouth or tongue on, in or around my ass, a baby finger in it when he’s got 3 fingers in my pussy and his mouth sucking on my clit and my new favourite; two fingers in my ass when he’s fucking me, rubbing the head of his cock through my skin. I’m not sure why this sends me insane, it just does.

So it’s Sunday, I know he’s coming to see me the next day and I am busy writing Abbi stories all day. It’s also been almost three weeks since I’ve seen him or had any action. The writing is not alleviating any pent up desires I have. I give myself a time cut-off point to stop writing (I’d be disciplined like that), and when It’s reached I’m going to relieve myself. But not like I normally do, I’m very, very turned on and very wet – the writing was very hot on this particular Sunday. I know I’m primed so I think it might be time to see if I can get the small black dildo into my ass, while I’m working my clit with the vibrator (usually turned off – I don’t like the sensation with it turned on). I get them both out and the lube. I rub the small dildo off my lips first and get it wet, then I sink it in – it feels so fucking good, I’m surprised and I almost don’t want to stop. I take it out and realise that as wet as I’ve made it, it still won’t go in my ass. So I rub the lube on it, and reach around to my ass. It feels nice but it’s still not going in. My cunt is begging for something to touch it so I grab the vibrator, which is way bigger and rub that against my clit, again thinking it’ll only be for a second, but it’s not only a second, my pussy almost sucks it up I can’t help it, I push it in and work it in and out, going deeper. I have lube on both my hands so I reach around and work a finger into my ass; it slips in so easily, I love it. I’ve actually never done this to myself before, I cannot fathom why.
I still have the vibrator in my pussy and now I have two fingers in my ass. It feels sensational, I get the vibrator in deeper, I can rub it through my skin with the fingers in my ass. The vibrator model is a rabbit (it has an actual rabbit shape on it which is to massage the clit as the main part is deep in you), which I’ve forgotten about because I’m not looking at what I’m doing, as I push it deeper into me, the little rabbit at the front reaches my clit. Christ, just with me working it with my hand it feels great. But I want more, I want the dildo in my ass, I want to feel it. So I slide my fingers out and re-lube the dildo. I start to work it at my ass, more determined this time. It hurts, I go slower, it still hurts, but I know it’s lubed and so am I so I just take my time and keep going.
I have the vibrator pulled half way out of my cunt, so I can ease the dildo into my ass. They both feel so good. I’m so wet, so lubed and so close to ecstasy. I’m so involved with everything that I almost don’t notice that I have the dildo fully in. I’m slipping on both sides, I can’t keep them both in. (This is why you need someone to help.) The dildo fills my ass and I can’t get my head around how good it feels, I want to hold it there and I also want to move it in and out. And ditto with the vibrator.
But I can’t do both so I opt for leaning against the door (I’m in the bathroom) holding the dildo in there as I work the vibrator into me with the little rabbit head going at my clit.
I have the most spectacular orgasm I’ve ever had using two toys and I am fucking delighted with myself.

I can’t wait for the Cop tomorrow.
I know I want more.

He again takes an hour off the time he was supposed to be here. Jesus. I’m working from home so I’m available for him. What? It’s the least I can do if he’s going to drive for 2.5 hrs to see me.
He tells me to wear something he can rip off me. Then he rings me, asks what I’m wearing and tells me to take if off and put my underwear in my mouth. Then he tells me how he wants me to touch my pussy.
Can you see how good he is? This is on his way to see me, he’s an hour and a half away and he’s getting me ready from the comfort of his car.
Then he hangs up and texts to say continue getting ready and when I open the door, he isn’t going to say a word to me he’s just going to get me on my knees and shove his cock in my mouth.
He knows exactly what I want.

True to his word, he just looks at me, calm as a stalking tiger and walks into my house as I stand back from the door. He closes it behind him and locks it, not taking his eyes off me. He doesn’t say a word.
He stands into me and breathes me in, up my neck and into my hair. He steps back slightly and rips my shirt open. He takes a deep, half moan, breath at my exposed red bra. Then he gently slides a hand up my neck, behind my hair and gently brings me to my knees. Before I can get to his belt, he’s opening it. Oh god I think he might not give it to me? But he does, he lets me have it straight away.

But this isn’t a story of the sex we have there, just inside the door, or just upstairs or later again on the couch. Or the blow jobs where he finally tastes his own come or where I swallow his cock whole, back my throat. (Don’t worry; he’s aware he’s a lucky bastard) This is the story of the last thing we do before we decide to pass out.

It’s late by the time I reveal to him what I got up to the day before, he raises and intrigued and excited eyebrow. Nothing fazes him. He asks me to show him, show him exactly how I made myself come the day before. But that’s not what I want. He reads me and asks, so what is it you do want to do … to have me do to you? I’m not sure why I’m tentative about this but I eventually tell him; I want him to fuck me with his cock while the dildo is in my ass. He wastes no time at all and tells me to get on my knees, facing away from him so he can see, and show him how I started yesterday. I kneel in front of him first, rubbing my pussy with the dildo. He’s got his cock out and it’s rock solid as he watches me. It was rock solid anyway. I slide the dildo out of my wet cunt and rub lube on it. He once again tells me to turn around and lean forward over onto all fours; I do then reach around lube up my ass slipping one finger in. ‘Oh god this is great, you’re great’ he says to me. Slightly out of character, but exactly what I need at that moment. I work another finger in there and he lets out a moan as he watches me ‘Oh fuck yeah, that’s it. Jesus I love this’. Then it’s time for the dildo, again more lube, and I start to work it in slowly. It still hurts, even after I’ve had two fingers in there but I want this, I want it so fucking much. He’s still watching and telling me how much he loves this.
I eventually get it in and I love it, I love the way it feels but I need something at my pussy it’s aching for something in it. He’s kneeling behind me at this stage, with one hand on his cock still, he takes hold of the base of the dildo and moves it in and out of me while I go at my clit. I’m almost blind with how great it feels but I want his cock. He gets me into a better position and he eases his cock into me. I’m now actually blind with ecstasy as he works both my holes with all the control. I am whimpering and sobbing with how much I love this. He’s pounding me with his cock and moving the other one in my ass. I start at my clit and I think I’m going to scream the paint off the walls. I turn my head round to ask if he’s ok, ‘What! This is fucking fantastic, I’m great, I’m loving this. You’re great’.
I relax and I know I’m going to come soon. I bite down and come so hard, I’m making a noise only dogs can hear. He tells me it feels so fucking good, he thinks he could come. I beg him not to, not just yet. And he works me some more, whispers in my ear how fucking amazing I am again just when I want to hear it. I tell him that I came so hard, turns out I was making a noise inaudible to human ears as he missed it. Me telling him I came is too much, that’s the end, he says he can’t hold it anymore and I say that’s ok and beg him to fill my cunt with his come. And he does. I cannot describe the satisfaction. But I know we’re both feeling it. We were in it together.

‘Stay there’ he says. As he eases himself out, he then, slowly, delicately eases the dildo out of me. I love how he does everything.

It’s gone 1am and he has to be up before 5.
I think I was worth it. I hope I was.

*the other new thing was me swallowing his whole cock, actually swallowing it down my throat.

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