Part I: More Filth with The Filth – or the best birthday ever

I live in a small, city cottage with a cool Dutch girl who shares the same nick name as me. For these purposes we’ll call her Abbi 2. Abbi 2 is a relatively new addition to the house; she’s worked out well so far. But in no area more so than the one of just being sound about the sex. This very stylish little house is not cut out for both the residents to be independently getting it on at the same time. The bedroom walls are made of actual toilet paper. Not that that has stopped me before. I have of course attempted the silent disco with my housemate pretending to sleep in the next room. Or been at it in the bathroom while they were in the sitting room (the bathroom is downstairs so this is still an exercise in how to bite down on a towel) and my absolute worst and most proud; over the kitchen table as the housemate was upstairs. I can’t recommend any of them except the last one but that’s what being taken to dinner and shots of cafe Patrón will lead you to.
Shortly after Abbi 2 moved in she started sending me texts to let me know when she would be staying over in her boy’s place. That was unprecedented. She doesn’t have to do this but it’s so cool that she does. It tends to have the effect of forcing me to utilise the free house creatively. And then to top it off she one day added the caveat that if I ever needed the house to myself that she would make herself scarce. Could she be the best housemate?
And this worked out well until the cop.

The cop doesn’t live in Dublin and being a cop, obviously works shift. This wasn’t making for regular, casual easy visits. After the Spectacular Coup that was the Castle incident I went to visit him in the city he’s stationed in. Ironically, my home town. He booked a hotel, the standard of riding remained high, everyone went home sore and happy. I managed to not get spotted by anyone I knew, added bonus. He wasn’t so lucky.

After that things looked a bit bleak on the opportunity front. So bleak that I asked him to not contact me at all until he was free – I had to. His propensity for conveying my exact brand of underwear wetting, filth through texts is second to none. And unfortunately it was keeping me from getting anything at all done. He agreed, thankfully with flattering reluctance. Until I woke up to the text that he couldn’t take it any longer and we had to sort something out. That, was a great morning.
The arrangement we came to was that I was going to take a day off work and he was going to call in sick. Seemed like a fair trade off, if I was going to use my last day of annual leave. I was going to plan every bit of this, think of everything and make sure it was available for us. And I did until Abbi 2, the day before sex day, tells me that she can’t actually stay in her boy’s place on this occasion. I’m fit to cry. It’s 9:30am, I’m at my desk and I let out a Fuck, Fuck, FUCK, fuck……fuck. Jesus, what am I going to do? Everyone at work looked at me. I don’t think anything can send me into such a blind, stupid, rage-panic like the thought of my perfectly planned sexfest being snatched from me. I took a few deep breaths, tried to calm down and summon any iota of reason and rationale. And when the stupidity lifted I realised I could just book a hotel! – sure it seemed par for the course at this point.
I tell him I need to book somewhere and before I do he better confirm that he’s actually coming. It’s the day before; this shit will not be refundable, he had better be coming. And the fucker takes 4 hours to get back to me. I saw nothing, did nothing, achieved nothing in those 4 hours – they are utterly lost to sex stress. Of course he confirms and throws in at the end ‘make sure it’s somewhere we can make noise’ and that’s when I thought: I know exactly what I should book! Serviced apartment. Custom designed for our needs.

On the day I can barely contain myself. I am waxed and ready, I have the outfit chosen – bought actually, especially for this. I have two bottles and a punnet of strawberries in the fridge. My bag of tricks is packed and ready to go. He’s due to get into Dublin at 6:30, enough time for me to get home from work, grab my bag and taxi to the apartment. Every text he sends almost gives me a stroke thinking that it will be bad news. It isn’t. And then he asks what time will I finish work. I’m up to my tits and out the door busy, but I can leave on the button, I tell him, it’s understood that I have plans, the next day booked off; no one will insist I stay. No, he says, I don’t want you to leave early, I’ll be there early, and tells me to find somewhere he can fuck me.

I’m fit to explode. He’s serious, he’s going to show up at my office and fuck me. How do I get him in, the place is heaving today and I have loads to do? The excitement is beyond compare. I know how I get him in; I fake a meeting and find a room. But all the rooms are booked and this new building has glass doors everywhere. It will have to be a toilet. The ones by reception should work there’s a big disabled one in the ladies. It’s a good two hour drive from where he is to Dublin, and he is not going to make it easy on me. He texts instructions every so often. He asks what colour lipstick I’m wearing – bright red as it happens but I don’t wear lipstick, it’s lip-stain so it doesn’t come off. ‘Shame’, he responds with ‘I wanted to see you on your knees with your lips around my cock leaving red marks all over it’. I can not contain myself. I don’t know how he just seems to know how to push me even farther, every time.
He later texts telling me that I’m to take off my underwear and hand it to him as soon as I see him. This gets me so wet. I tell him I would, but I’m not wearing any, these pants are too tight. This isn’t strictly true, I usually don’t wear underwear with these pants but I did today, these very soft, microfiber ones that are lovely to the touch, perfect for my tender and sore freshly waxed lips but not so lovely to look at, they’re flesh coloured and I just don’t think they’re sexy enough. This isn’t the first time I’ve pretended this. And I cannot believe when I put them on that morning I hesitated – thought about throwing them out, they were past their prime and thought ‘Nah, I’ll wear them once more, and I’ll be changing before he sees me’. So I go to the loo and take them off. He tells me he’s going to eat the crotch of my pants so he can taste the smell of my pussy there. Oh he’s good, he’s really fucking good.
So I give him directions to my building – he now knows who I work for, and tell him what to tell security, where the loo is and tell him to text me from there. He texts, says he’s just parked and is on his way in. I grab my folder and security badge and head down. In the lift I get a message ‘The coast is not clear, there’s cleaners in the loo – I’m in the lobby’. And then the door opens and there he is. Fuck he looks amazing, very calm, not at all intimidated. I walk over and Jesus do I just want to eat him, he smells incredible, and stands all up in my space, breaths me in and tells me I look great. I try to be work-Abbi – we’re in reception, there are people observing us, I fail. We’re muttering under our breaths and being probably the most physical manifestation of guilt that there is Or at least I am.I loudly say ‘there’s no rooms upstairs’ as if this explains our meeting and loitering in reception, then add let’s step outside a sec. While there two colleagues pass us and the Cop is in no mood to make things easy on me. He says the stuff that makes me weak – this is not helping me to think, think where can we go so I can have his cock in me as fast as possible?????? Let’s take a walk – again I’m so formal because I am so utterly consumed with desire for him. How can he make his physical presence so all over me, without actually touching me, how is he able to do that?

My building has a back entrance and a short walk around the block leads you to it. This back entrance leads to the downstairs toilets and the disabled cubicle. That should give us enough time for the cleaner to be gone. As we walk he tells me that he’s rock solid, I nearly stumble in my heels as I try to touch it, he’s not lying. His cock is massive and straining against his pants. I want him so fucking badly, he’s so calm walking beside me, massive erection for the whole of the street to see.
The more confident he is the more it makes me crumble.
And I don’t know about the CCTV cameras! I’ve no idea where they are, how many or if indeed they work. For all my bravado I’m so fucking nervous. This is work, this is my job, what would happen if we were caught? There’s no one by the back door we’re in and the door is locked behind us.

Before he has a chance to do anything I whip off my heels and get on my knees I need his cock in my hands, in my mouth, in my cunt. I need to feel it. He has his belt open and pants down as fast as I can get to my knees. ‘Oh fuck yeah, good girl’ he says as I get it in my mouth and I try not to moan out loud.
I don’t know what to do next – bend over the sink? Sit on him on the toilet? I want it all, I want him everywhere. And yet I’m so conscious of people walking past to the other toilets. It’s so hard to stifle the noise I want to make, I haven’t seen him in 2 weeks and he has been building this tension spectacularly all day. I’m not in any state to be teased I want him and it has to be now. I get up off my knees and we kiss like we’re devouring each other, then tell him to fuck me. I pull down my pants, put my two hands on the sink and beg him to plough into me. He does and it feels exquisite. It hurts but I love it. I am wet and I do want it but there was no foreplay, I wanted his cock and it was thick and long – so yeah, it was the right side of pain. It took a few goes to get it all in and I think I’m going to come just that second. I beg him to go harder and he tells me that he’ll do what he likes, perfectly timed as ever. He puts a hand under my chin and raises my head up as he leans into me. With his other hand he reaches around and rubs my clit. I can barely stand it. I can barely contain the noise; I want to scream his name out, beg him to fuck me harder than he ever has. But the sink is right next to the door and a group of people stream past into the main Ladies toilet. They’re chatting so I don’t think they hear my panting but I want to move this to the other wall, I feel like the wanton heat is radiating from this tiled, sealed cube.

As I move away from him he pulls the rest of his clothes off – it’s summer and this non windowed box is stifling. The sweat is dripping off of both of us and my eye makeup is smudged. I look like I’ve been having sex. I laugh at my reflection in the tiny mirror, barely able to catch my breath. He tells me to get my top off and as I lean my ass against the sink to do so he drops to his knees in front of me burying his face in my thighs and cunt. I want this, I want all of this but I can’t keep quiet, I need to be away from this bloody door. So I pull him up and demand to taste my own pussy, he lets me but has his fingers straight in where his mouth had just been. That’s enough, I need his cock. He pushes me over to the wall and bends me over, two palms flat against the wall. He pulls my hips in close to him and shoves his cock deep into me again. I try to maintain the position as he holds onto my hips, working them at the pace he wants. As loud a whimper as I can manage I beg for more, beg him not to stop. I don’t notice but he has a hand up, anchoring himself on the metal arm that is in disabled toilets to aid actual disabled people who need to get on and off the loo, not help rampant reprobates like us have illicit work sex. As I beg for more and he works me harder the metal arm gives way and makes an almighty noise. We both stop like rabbits in a headlight – did anyone hear that? Are they going to knock to see if the occupant is ok? We stand like that for a second then giggle into each other, pulling at each other again. That’s when I notice the time, it’s actually after 5. I have to get upstairs and wrap up.

We pull our clothes on quickly and quietly – belt buckles and high heels are treacherous, he heads out the door back into reception and I head into the ladies loo to fix myself a little. I can barely keep from laughing. It’s nerves and excitement and sheer thrilling joy running through me.
I come out to the lobby and he looks like nothing has happened. Fuck he’s cool.
I walk him to the door and tell him I’ll see him at my place, I just have to run upstairs to finish up I’ll probably be there before him. Although god only knows how I’m going to cycle with my cunt such a mess.

He’s already at my place, parked outside when I get there. I tell him I just have to grab my bag and I’m ready to go. After all I wasn’t expecting to see him so early.
He follows me upstairs, tells me he’ll behave. He doesn’t. As I try to throw some of the last things into the bag he reaches for me. I bat him away saying, I’m a sweaty mess and let’s just get to the place so that we can get down to it properly. He stops for a second, sits on the bed. But not for long he’s up again as soon as I bend down to reach something, he’s up and has his hands on my hips telling me he can’t wait and he wants to eat me now. I stop, let his hands gently run over me, nothing was ever brutish about him, even when he was insistent. I’m facing away from him, he’s kissing my neck and it takes me all of half a second to say: Fuck it and start opening my own pants again. I get them halfway to my knees when he spins me round and pushes me onto the bed, he kneels in front of me and pulls them the rest of the way off. He makes an appreciative noise at the wax job and then he’s gone, lost to my cunt.

He makes me come like this; mouth on my clit, fingers in my pussy and a little finger in my ass then climbs up and into me as I am still writhing on the bed. I love this, this right here; when someone knows how to keep it going and give me exactly what I want after I’ve come – a good hard cock in me. I’m sure my neighbours hate me I’m making so much noise. I love how this guy fucks me, how it all seems so easy for him, and I’m a quivering mess. He flips me over as and when he wants. But at one point he has my knees pushed up to my chest and he flips me on my side, as he does this our thighs intertwine, our legs are sort of scissoring each other but he’s deep in me. I think it’s his thigh that is pressing down on my clit as he works himself in and out of me, steadily. Oh god it’s so fucking good. His pace and rhythm are hard but slow and I can feel the most massive orgasm build. And then it erupts and I swear I’m not sure I’ve ever come that well – I was blind and it went on for ages.
I had to stop I couldn’t breathe or talk or even tell him what happened. I’m sure he got the gist of it but I wanted to tell him just how intense it was but I couldn’t. He rolled beside me, laughed and kissed my head. We lay there for a bit the bliss radiating out of me.

But we had somewhere to be and a LOAD more fun to be had.

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