Part I – Not My story

This is something new from me.
These are my words but this isn’t my story. Not even remotely.
A while back a lovely guy contacted me and gave me some brief details about a fetish he had that he only once got to play out. It fascinated me as I didn’t know much about it and hadn’t ever talked to anyone who’d done it. The more I asked the more he told me and eventually I asked him if I could make it into a story.
So, here it is, or Part I of it anyway, after extensive probing questions and a whole load of patience on his part.
I’ve put myself in his girlfriend’s shoes and told it from her perspective. It won’t be to everyone’s taste, it might even be hard to comprehend but hopefully as ever, it’s at least a good read.



It was a few years ago, not that many but it feels like ages now. I haven’t done anything like that in years. Nothing as exciting. I’m not sure why? It’s not like I haven’t wanted to – or tried. But I suppose nothing has been as easy since.
He was only my third, fourth if you count that useless third time, which I don’t I suppose? But there was something else with us as soon as we got together. He definitely had more experience than me. Which I loved straight away. It was so easy and delicious being with someone who knew what they were doing, who knew what they wanted. It made it easy to say things, to want things, to finally explore all the thoughts I had never been able to even contemplate before. He made me want to do things I didn’t even know I wanted or knew about – and not just want to do them but made me ache to do them. He gave me the feeling that I could say just about anything – and it wouldn’t shock him. Unlike anybody else I knew. This made me bold. The more I asked him the more he told me, the more it turned me on.
He was a guy who had done things and wasn’t going to hold back. Well, compared to me he had, but that’s not saying much, admittedly. I wanted to know every fantasy he had, I wanted him to know that I wanted to go there too. Ok I wanted to impress him but .. I wanted to be helped by someone who wanted to push it as much as me.
The sex was great. Let’s just get that straight, he was fit and good looking and we had a great time together. I’d ask him what his fantasies were, ask him what he’d done hoping, hoping that he’d say something that pushed my boundaries but still turned me on. And one day, about 6 months in, he did. He said he’d like to watch another guy fuck me.
That was it, there it was, the gem I was waiting for. The thing I didn’t know I wanted until he told me about it in a way that made me desperate to do it. I wasn’t shocked I just again agreed it sounded hot. I don’t know why I didn’t tell him there and then that I was into it. Maybe I wasn’t fully sure myself? I don’t know but it came up again. Every time it came up and we discussed it in any little bit of detail? We ended up having the hottest sex. And this continued for a while until it had to be done or we had to stop talking about it.
Turns out, it had to be done.

Because it was his idea, he wanted me to have the control, to dictate how it happened. And yes, he suggested it but I wanted this, fuck did I want this. I wanted to feel what it was like with another man having me. And not a guy I was in love with, a guy who just got to have me that one time. Maybe even someone who wouldn’t have a shot with me normally. I wanted to know what that was like, did it feel different, when I … had the absolute power?
The more I thought about this the more I knew that it was what I wanted.

So we wrote an ad and put it on CraigsList. Looked for someone and explained what we wanted. Yup, it was that easy, you’re amazed you didn’t think of it yourself aren’t you! I think initially we wanted him to be able to watch, my boy that is, but in the end it didn’t work out that way. But I’m skipping ahead.
We had so many replies, but then again the ad was from a young couple asking for a guy to have his way with the girl?? Must be confident in bed was mentioned too. No wonder we had responses. When I think back now… we must have been like a dream come true.

It took us ages to pick him. Every time we went through the responses we got so worked up we had unbelievable sex. I have said that it was good before? It was outrageous now, the thought of another guy fucking his girl sent my boy to another place, it got him harder than anything else, instantly. So we enjoyed taking our time picking the right guy. He wanted me to have the ultimate decision-making power and this led to me wanting so much. I wanted someone the opposite of him and fuck it, if I was choosing, I wanted someone really fucking huge. I’m 5’6”, just above average height but I wanted someone who would tower over me, make me feel tiny and like they could do anything to me. Like he could use me as his fucktoy, and do what he wanted to me and not care. Again my boy said that this is what he wanted and he couldn’t believe that I was willing to indulge him in this fantasy? What the hell! I get to choose a guy that I want and get to fulfil my fantasy of being with him just for his physique and desire to ravish me. This isn’t for everyone but this really was something that I still believe we both wanted equally.
My own boy was very confident, he had every reason to be, he had girls all over him all the time. He was hot, he kind of knew it and he knew what he was doing in the sack. But he wasn’t arrogant, he was just; confident. When I told him that I wanted someone the opposite of him, he wasn’t jealous or insecure, I knew he wouldn’t be. I knew I would be able to tell him I wanted a massive cock. I’d only had 3 before him and even though he was the biggest I had seen, I just wanted so see what it would be like with a really big one. That’s got to be understandable. What I suppose mightn’t be is my boy’s reaction. It turned him on. But that’s what this situation needs. Someone who isn’t insecure and who really, really wants their girl to get fucked – anyway she wants. Even if that’s better or harder or hotter. It was all part of the fantasy of this fetish.
Why wouldn’t I want this? I felt so lucky.
See it’s the pleasure pain dynamic that did it for him; he’s tortured by another guy fucking me, using me, doing what he likes with me. Another guy that is bigger, stronger and wholly different. And in this torture there’s a pleasure, there’s a turn on. I suppose for some it’s that anticipatory moment before they are spanked, for others it’s the torture of being blindfolded and not knowing what’s coming next. It’s not the act itself but how it makes them feel. For my boy, his ecstasy was this.



The guy was 6’3” or 4. Kind of burly. He said he was 34 but I think he was older? We emailed for a while, I wanted to get a sense that he might know what he was doing. I sent pictures of myself, he sent me his cock. That’s actually what did it for me. It really was massive. He described what he wanted to do to me, what he was interested in, he teased with comments like ‘I hope she’ll be able for me’ and ‘Don’t worry, I’ll show her a good time’ – it was time to meet.

I’ve no idea what this guy’s deal was, why he was doing this or if this was anything he’d done before. He said he was experienced, since he broke up with the ex he wasn’t having much luck. Maybe he was married? I’ve no way of knowing. But what I did know was that he wasn’t keen on being watched. Which I suppose was ok, me and the boy agreed we were happy with that, this time. If this guy wasn’t into being watched we decided that it could be hot in another way if he didn’t get to watch me get fucked, if he just got to know it was going on. This torture itself would send him wild.

So we had a date: Saturday evening, a venue: city centre hotel, and some basic ground rules. We were to meet in the bar and have a drink. If all was ok, I’d text my boy to say so.
I was nervous on the days leading up to it. But on the day? It was only excitement. Pure desire. This had been building for weeks on end. I wanted, and could think of, nothing else. I couldn’t wait for his massive body to be near me, to feel his giant cock fill me.
I got ready like it was a big night out, I wanted to be every thing this guy hoped for. I wanted to be better than he hoped for. My skin, my hair, my makeup, underwear – everything was chosen for maximum response. And of course my pussy was totally shaved. I love shaving it, I love feeling it as I make it smooth, just doing this in the shower makes me want to touch myself and get some release. I do, but I don’t let myself come this day.

It’s 5.30pm that I’m supposed to meet him so I don’t want to look too dressed up. I want to look hot, but not Saturday night hot, it wouldn’t suit. So I opt for tight jeans, good t-shirt and a blazer – chic, not out of place, but definitely noticeable. And of course heels. Not too high though, I don’t want to be too tall, I want to really feel the benefit of all 6’4” of him. A stark contrast to my 5’9” boyfriend.
When I come downstairs, dressed and ready, I can tell he’s agitated but not with any regret, with excitement and sheer unknown knowledge of what to do with himself. He looks at me with that devouring look of appraisal that I love. I have my hair the way he likes, I have on the perfume he loves. This is all for him and he gets to touch none of it. He’s a master at teasing himself and lest I forget this fact and that this is a fantasy come true for him, he goes and reminds me with two pieces of pants wetting genius. He looks at me, from a little distance then tells me to pull my jeans down, I do and I’m wearing his favourite red, lace, French knickers. He doesn’t touch me, just says ‘Good’. Then at the door, just before I leave he stands right up close to me, puts his hand down and grabs my ass, pulls me in a bit closer, his face is right next to mine and he’s looking at me like he’s never wanted me more – I think he’s going to kiss me but he doesn’t. And I know it’s because he doesn’t want to mess up my makeup, that that’s for the other guy to have.
God he was good. I’m in awe at the control he was able to exercise. I’m turned on by it.



I spot him straight away. He looks a bit older than I was expecting but that’s fine because I want him anyway. His eyes light up when he spots me, possibly not expecting me to be as attractive? I enjoyed that. It set the tone.
He asks if I’d like a drink, I would, and he gets one for himself also. I get the impression he might have had one or two already but he’s certainly not drunk. I send the text to my boy and let him know everything is ok. He tells me afterwards that that text had him almost bursting out of his pants with excitement, he knew it had begun.

We rush through our drinks and before 20 minutes has passed he asks do I want to head up to the room. I have fleeting thoughts that the bar staff think that I’m a prostitute; and I like it, relish it in fact. Little do they know, it’s way worse than that. We down our drinks and head up.

The lift door closes and we both stand back against the mirror, not facing each other. He slides his hand down over my ass, says something almost inaudible, but I’m pretty sure it was ‘My god that feels good’. Had to have been something to that effect as this emboldened him and he somehow managed to get one of his massive hands down my tight jeans and this one hand spans almost both my cheeks. And he nearly has them into my pussy too. All in the space of seconds.

We get to the room and he opens the door for me to walk in, he follows close behind and immediately stands right into my back. My breathing was already heavy but now, now my heart rate is rising and I’m possibly more turned on than I could have thought. He lifts my hair and starts kissing my neck. I adore this subtle first move. Then he presses himself against me from behind and I get my first feel of it. God it feels huge. He moves his hands down to my pussy and starts rubbing and pressing it right through my jeans. I know I’m wet already. The thought of how dirty this is, my mind’s picture of his cock, my own incredulity of what is happening; I mean, I’m here with another man and my boyfriend knows about it, is at home thinking about it and picturing this man with his hands all over his girl? This is so wrong and so hot – I know if he has any skills, I’m going to come for this stranger so easy and so hard, within minutes.
The combination of him behind me kissing my neck and grabbing my pussy is so different, it’s not something my boyfriend usually does, it feels like something someone who doesn’t know me would do, and I love it. He moans into my neck, god I fucking loved how much he wanted me. He moved up to my tits and groped them then back to my pussy, still over my clothes like he didn’t know what to do first. This couldn’t be better, this is exactly what I wanted to feel, his urgent and obvious need for me. I reach back to grab his cock, I am aching to touch it, to feel it. But he has his arms around me so I can’t manoeuvre that well, so I let him get on with feeling me all over, getting a good handle on what it is he was going to have. But I couldn’t take this for long we should be getting into this properly so I took the initiative, turned around to him and started kissing him. I needed to face him so I could feel that cock, was it as big as I hoped? The kiss got deep and insistent and wet, he really got into it. Again, just a bit different to my boyfriend. With me now facing him and the kissing getting us both more wanton he went to work on the buttons on my jeans. While I tried to get as much of my hands on his cock as I could – from outside his pants.
As soon as he got inside my jeans, they were only just down around my ass, he moaned deeply into my mouth. I was wet, I was so fucking wet I knew it but this was something else causing him to moan, I could tell he was surprised by something and it wasn’t just how wet I was? Was this his first time with a shaved pussy? We’re still standing there, kissing wildly and grabbing at each other’s crotches’, although he at least has my jeans rolled down and has his hands circling my clit with another one behind almost spreading my ass cheeks. I can’t take it anymore, I need to see his cock, I need my hands on it properly.
I step back slightly so I can get at his pants and drop them, his erection is straining against his underwear, I’m drinking in the sight, I wish I’d taken more time but I just couldn’t, I had to see it, to feel it. I lifted them down over it to finally see it in the flesh, it was magnificent, throbbing and hard as a diamond.
At the same time he’d managed to pull my knickers down and was almost incredulous at the sight of my smooth, hairless pussy. He was genuinely mesmerised by it I felt.
That’s when he asked me if all the girls were doing this now. He told me how sexy it was, how sexy it made me look. I really don’t think he’d encountered it before. I was ecstatic with this, he was practically worshipping my cunt and yet wasn’t cowed by the situation, he was ravenous for me. We started kissing again and I have my hands on his cock, working it and loving the feeling of it in my hand. I can get both of them onto it and there’s still a bit of room at the top.

He finally sat down on the bed and brought me down with him. We’re both still in our clothes with just our pants down. I take off my jacket and as I do he pulls down my jeans, leaves the knickers around one knee. I adore this, just always seem so much dirtier to either have my knickers only half way off. As I go to take off his pants, he does it for me, and his underwear. He’s now there fully naked in front of me and he seems even bigger, almost too big and I’m not scared, I’m thrilled.
I take off my t-shirt and bra and fling them away and he comes at me, hands all over me appreciating every bit of my body. He’s got his hands between my legs and his mouth eating my tits, licking and sucking every bit of me as his giant fingers go right into me. God I can barely take it.

But before it can go any further, can’t forget why we’re here in the first place. The next part of the deal, the stranger has to take a picture of my knickers on the floor and send them to my boy. The accompanying message just said ‘look familiar?’ he wanted to know as we got down and dirty, wanted to know that it was really happening.
As he’s doing this I lick my way down his body inching closer to what I want. And then it’s in my mouth. It is the biggest thing I’ve ever had in there and I can feel it throbbing and pulsating. I work it as best I can, I’m so aroused by it. My boyfriend tells me later he’s delighted that, thanks to the text, he can pinpoint the time I first got it in my mouth.

He’s making the right noises and he has his hands in my hair as I work my mouth up and down trying to give him as much pleasure as I can and loving every second this enormous erection is in my tiny mouth. I could taste a bit of pre cum, I was doing a good job. Maybe too good, he wasn’t about to let himself come just yet. He rolled me onto my back and got between my legs. This is his first taste of my smooth cunt. I am dripping wet anyway but he goes at me like a lion having his first piece of meat in a month. The technique wasn’t as good as my boyfriend but that’s not why I was here. I was here to have someone devour me and this was a great start.

He pushed my knees up to my chest, spread me wide and licked and sucked me everywhere. He lightly bit my thighs and licked them all the way up to the lips. Then bit them and licked all the way back again. He buried his head in my cunt and shook it from side to side. The hotel could have gone on fire and I don’t think he’d have noticed while his face was between my legs. I wanted this, I was so turned on by my how much this huge guy wanted me, every piece of me, that alone could have made me come. Then he worked some fingers into me as he ate me. Oh God I was close. I told him how much I loved what he was doing. As I felt it build I held his head in place and came onto his mouth, moaning and grinding onto him. Shouting at the end how much I loved it.

As soon as I could I wriggled out from under him and got my mouth back around his cock, desperate to give him a taste of what I just had. I went to work sucking hard or trying as best I could. I alternated between my hands and my mouth. Because I love this, because it’s effective and because I just loved looking at that cock and seeing it in my hands. Always wanting it back in my mouth before too long though. I was between his legs and as I was sucking and stroking him hard and tight he started rocking his hips into me, fucking my mouth. I was getting aroused again, I was ready again I wanted more. He sweeps my hair back so he can see me and I started sucking his balls, not letting him come just yet but he was close, I put my mouth back over his cock but it turns me on so much – I wanted him to come in my mouth but I let out a moan just as he came and he shot jets of his come just at that second. It hit my face, my mouth, my neck. It trickled down my chest and dripped off my tits. A perfect money shot as far as I was concerned. I am thrilled with myself.
I suspect he is too.


……. Hope you liked part I, part II is next week

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