How I’ll Practice Asking

There’s a boy I like.
I like him too much, and he knows it. But that’s ok because I’m sure he likes me too. I’m pretty sure. Now he unhelpfully doesn’t live in Dublin – yet again I seem to entangle myself with someone not in my own city, I’m not sure how I keep doing this, one of my friends claims it’s a fetish, and I should just hurry up and acknowledge that. But he’s just a charming idiot and I don’t buy that opinion.


So the boy doesn’t live in Dublin and has a lot of shit to sort – a big pile of shit that really needs immediate sorting, make your own guesses, you’re probably right. But as soon as that’s done we are going to see each other and it is most definitely going to happen.
I want him so much. I’ve lusted after a few boys badly this year, worthy ones who were most definitely worth the lustful pining. But this one? I want on a different level, I want all of him. Or at least I think I do, given that we haven’t even kissed, this could just be all very misplaced desire – but I somehow don’t think so. We’ve sat across from each other not touching, walked beside each other not touching, and had extremely chaste kisses hello and good bye. All shot through with barely contained need.
But that’s not what I want to talk about – as I could be swooning all day boring everyone but myself. No, what I want to talk about is that I happened to mention to him my slight issue with Asking for things sexual to be done to me (as opposed to asking can I do things to him, I can definitely ask for a cock in my mouth). Of course this came up because we have of course been talking about all the, undoubtedly great sex we’re undoubtedly going to have when we meet up. And since learning this little nugget of info he has decided to exploit it – maliciously. He has told me that I will have to ask for every single thing. That he intends to not give me anything unless I expressly ask for it. Absolutely nothing will he either do to me or with me unless I say his name and ask for it with actual words, not hints or suggestions. This both fills me with dread and turns me on wildly.
Now I’ve asked him about this, enquired as to how much steely resolve did he think he was going to have against my fingers opening his jeans and rubbing one along the band of his underwear, slipping my hand in to feel his hard cock, then getting to my knees to finally get it in my mouth… he assures me that he will remain resolute, even in the face of my best moves. All unless I ask, out loud.
And I kind of believe him, while at the same time believe in my skills. I’ve no idea how this is going to play out. But on the very off chance that we don’t rip each other’s clothes off and get down to it with very few words besides ‘where are the condoms’, I thought I better come up with a game plan, and you know, maybe get practising, even just in my head.


Here’s what I have so far.
Ok I won’t say that I can easily ask for a cock in my mouth – but I think I could say it?
Let’s assume the rule that kissing is for free. Because it is. And let’s say I’ve gotten him to kiss me. My next move is to get him fully naked while I still have my underwear on.
Not an impossible task – if I start taking mine off the guy usually does too.
I’m going to stand back, kick my shoes off, not breaking eye contact, and start pulling my top off – a good eyeful of the girls in a decently sexy bra should see him reaching for his belt. As he gets his jeans and t-shirt off I’ll be slipping my hands up under my skirt to pull my tights down in one move. These things aren’t sexy and I’ve perfected this move for minimum looking-like-an-eejit exposure.
Hopefully I’m now in just a skirt and underwear and he’s down to his jocks (white Calvin Klein’s if you’re asking my preference but really, I don’t care)
Again making sure he’s looking at me I step forward and run my hand up his chest and into his hair, then pull him towards me for more kissing, totally controlling it. If he has any sense he’ll have either reached for my tits or better still, my arse, and pulled me in close against him, pressing his cock against me. This is what I want.


Before he has a chance to turn me around and bend me over, I smile at him and slide slowly down to my knees, I look up at him as I stretch both of my hands up to grab either side of his underwear and slowly release his cock. He might try to stop me. I don’t know. He might put his hands on it and stroke it and look down at me on my knees and softly remind me that if I want his throbbing, hard, full, length in my mouth, then I’ll have to ask him. If he’s determined he might very well insist that I ask very nicely. But as I’ve said, I don’t know how he’s going to play it or what resolve he’ll have in the face of an almost naked (relatively) hot girl, on her knees, obviously wanting to suck his cock. We’ll see…
For these purposes we’re going to assume the worst. He does have his hand on his cock and he wants me to ask. I’ve pulled his underwear off and he’s helpfully stepped out of it – never taking his eyes off me, assessing how far he can push me.
I know I’m going to say it, of course I’m going to say it – I just need to be pushed, I’m not a terribly good sub, in the strictest sense.


He repeats the conditions for me – ask nicely or I don’t get it in my mouth. I sit up on my knees, I move in as close as I can – his hand is almost brushing my cheek. I stretch out my tongue and lightly lick the base then look up at him and say ‘Please’, then another lick ‘Can I’, then lightly brush my lips off his hand ‘Have your’, another lick, ‘Rock solid’ one more kiss of his hand, and as I say ‘cock’ he lets go. I don’t move, I just stare at it, then at his face. ‘Where do you want my rock, solid, cock’ he says, enjoying the last seconds of tormenting me. One more lick and I finish the sentence ‘In my mouth please’ and I don’t wait for permission, I just take it, all of it as far in as I can.
He makes a grunt of relief and satisfaction and says ‘Good girl’. How I love and loathe this.


I’ll stay at this as long as I please – but this isn’t what I really want – no, this is a means to an end, namely working up to the big ask. The first one was easy.
After a few minutes working his shaft, getting it nice and wet, I move him onto the bed, get him to lie flat – I get on my knees between his legs and start sucking him again – not for long, it’s really just to keep him throbbing. I stand up on the bed and finally slip my skirt off. I’m standing over him in (no doubt) gorgeous underwear. He raises himself up on his elbows – to get a closer look? To get his hands on me? I’m having none of it, teasing is a two way street. I stretch out my leg and push him back down on to the bed. I step closer to him, so he can get a better look as I push two fingers into my mouth while circling the top of my knickers. With my left hand I pull my knicks open and with my right I slide my fingers in but only run them along the outside lips. I tell him what I’m doing because I know he can’t really see. He tries to sit up again and again I press him back down with my foot, tell him I’m almost done playing with him. It’s time to take my underwear off, I’m still standing over him but not close to him, he gets his first look at my pussy, waxed and ready. I straddle him, pressing my lightly wet lips all along his hard cock, I grind on it, rocking gently back and forth – keeping him hard and kind of torturing myself as well. But this isn’t what I want either, it’s still part of the plan.


I climb off of him and then lick my own juices off his cock – I love the taste of myself. Then I straddle him again – further up his chest this time, almost pinning him down. My legs are spread across his chest, he can see my lips and all of my cunt. He can probably guess what’s coming. I lean back so that I’m pushing my pussy forward – balancing on one hand, with the other I start to circle my clit. I then put my finger in his mouth, let him taste me.
Again I don’t know what his commitment to his cause is, how dedicated is he to getting me to ask? – usually at this point a guy would have pleaded with me to move my lips up on to his face. Let’s just again assume the worst; that he has my swollen lips and slick pussy almost at eye level and he’s still waiting for me to ask.
This is what I have to be prepared to expect.
As I take my fingers out of his mouth, I slip them in mine for a second before I bend down and kiss him deeply. Then I whisper in his ear ‘New boy, please, will you eat my pussy’.






And that’s how I’ll ask – should it turn out that New Boy is sticking to his guns and insists that I have to ask for everything.

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