I Am Not For Sale

Just because I write about how much I enjoy sex does not mean I’m open to every proposition that anyone might propose. (And there have been some lovely ones, there really have)

I’m not obliged to sleep with you just because you asked.
I’m not obliged to show you more than I do.
I’m not obliged to watch you come.
If you’re thinking of propositioning me, please read this first.

Here’s a few things this blog is not:
Or any dating website in fact. I am not here looking for a date.
I am not looking for anything. I just want to write the stories of the sex I’ve had and my thoughts on sex in general. That also does not mean that I’m not approachable. I’ll happily chat to anyone, and I have since this blog started, had great chats and ‘met’ some fantastic people both male and female. I’m not trying to deter anyone from saying hi or asking a question. What I am trying to do is to clarify my position. I’m not a bitch if I turn you down or decline to meet you or reveal myself. I’m sure you are indeed lovely, I’m definitely sure you’re genuine and I’m absolutely certain that you’re positively, totally legit.
But that’s beside the point. I myself am not on offer, my accounts of sex are. My opinion is, my time (sometimes) is.


If you want to send me a dick pic, please feel free. I generally enjoy getting them – it’s rare that I don’t want to see a dick. But this also doesn’t mean that I am a captive audience for you and at your beck and call to watch you come whenever you so choose. I will take a look, if I’m not at work, or busy or otherwise engaged. But I’ll be doing it on my time. Send the pic simply because you want to not because you think you’re automatically owed an immediate response.
I’m probably not wanking to it either. Sorry to burst that bubble. I’m just looking because I’m a big perv and I like to look.
(I generally need to know someone before a pic of their come shot will get me off.)


So, please be polite with your expectations and dick pics, I always am in return. Please don’t be derogatory or demeaning about the pictures that I post or I will have to stop posting them. Some of the messages lately have come quite close. You know who you are because I don’t respond to messages I don’t like or that have crossed the line. I don’t do tributes and I don’t do requests, I just post pics on days I think parts of my body look ok.
I think this is fair enough.

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