You will take this the way I tell you and exactly the way I tell you

(this is Part II of another spectacular time with the cop, you don’t have to read Part I but if you’d like to, here it is. It’s pretty good too)

We’ve been at this a while. I’ve come and I’ve had him fuck me the way I want – which hopefully was prescriptive enough? I want to be the mistress that he fantasises about I hope my instructions are what he hoped for. His execution of them certainly was for me.

As I twist around to lie down flat, breathlessly laughing at how good this all is, he is standing over me, his cock still rock solid. I love how he looks at me, like I am the only thing he wants in his life and he would wrestle wild dogs with his bare hands just to keep looking at me right now.

I can’t get enough of that look.

‘And what do you want now?’

‘I’ll have that cock in my mouth please’

‘Yes sir’


I pull myself up to a seated position and he pulls off the condom, then in a nice touch he pulls his hand up his shaft taking as much of the chemical taste away. No one does that, he just kills me with these little touches.

And with his hand on it, one leg on the couch, the other between my legs, gazing down at me he feeds his cock into my mouth. And I am so happy.

But even if he was in charge this part would still be my show, I can do what I like here. He’s never going to say no. I suck his cock get it good and wet and let my spit slide down his length to his balls and also slide down my chin, down my neck. I chase after it, sucking each one in turn and then getting right under them and licking all the way back up. Again he asks me what I want, I say I want him to come, he asks me how do I want him to come. I think about this for a second, pull my dress off and point ‘Here, all over my tits and down to my belly button. ‘Jesus, just fucking look at you?’ he says and he takes in the full sight of me with the underwear, stockings and boots finally all visible together. ‘Fuck me you are beautiful’ He is stroking his cock and consuming me with his stare and weirdly I am able to bear it. He’s not done, the barrage of compliments are flowing from him. A slew of ‘You’re so fucking gorgeous’ and ‘How fucking sexy do you look’ hit me.

I feel like I look ok and I trust the desire in his eyes and the relentlessness of his hard on. I want him to come, I want to see it, I want to enjoy it, I want to feel it on me.

I want him to come because I’ve told him to and I want him to come because I’ve made him. But it’s not going to happen. A good time for a break.


We have another drink and I think about what I want next and how to get there.

I top us both up, another time, and he sits down with his cock still hard, never faltering. And as I’m admiring it I remember that there’s a tailor’s measuring tape in the kitchen, I think it’s time I find out just how big he is. And if ever there’s a guy to be able to take that kind of scrutiny, it’s him. Not just because he’s confident of his size, but because it turns him on to be at my disposal, to do as I ask.


I don’t tell him what I’m doing, I just tell him to stay where he is, I think about telling him to stay hard, but I know that’s superfluous. Just knowing that I’m up to something will be enough. I come back in and sit with the tape behind my back, staring at his cock.

It hasn’t moved.

‘Do you know what it is?’

‘Abbi, I haven’t a clue!’ I know he’s enjoying this.

‘I think it’s time I measured that weapon of yours, you up for that?’

‘I’m up for whatever your needs desire of me’

I am giddy with glee. I know that it’s going to be a good number either way.


He doesn’t believe me when I tell him, he thinks I’m measuring it wrong. But I’m not.

Again with the girth, he doesn’t believe his own size. But I wrap the tape back the other way, facing him and he finally believes me. We are both now giddy with this and I can’t help getting it back in my mouth. But I want to kiss him, to kiss him properly, to control it and have him the way I want. He’s a great kisser. So I stop sucking him and I climb onto his lap, once again straddling him and finally we get into proper, face on face deep kissing. My arms are around his neck, just falling down the back of the couch so I can lean on it and raise myself at any point.

I do this, lifting my cleavage up under his chin and then into his face. He loses himself for a second. ‘God look at your tits, I haven’t even gotten near them at all yet, let me at them, get this off’. And before I can say no he has my bra flicked open. But he’s forgetting himself.

‘Hey? What do you think you’re doing! I didn’t say you could have them? You’ll have to be punished for that’ I say as I step back off him and close my bra again.


‘Get on your knees facing the wall, leaning over the couch. And stay there.’

I run upstairs and grab a few toys:
The flogger

The lube

The butt plug

The dildo

He is in the position when I come back and I stand behind him and tell him to spread his legs wider. I don’t even have to think now, I know exactly what I want to do. And I’m going to drag it out.


I pull down his underwear but not all the way off and I pick up the bottle of lube. I run it along under his balls back to his hole. ‘Do you know what that is?’

‘The dildo?’

‘No, it’s not, try again’

‘The butt plug..?’

‘Nope, it’s the lube’

I do this with all the toys with the same level of success but really I just want him to know what we’ve got to play with.

And I really have to follow through with punishment. I start with the flogger and take to his arse with that, giving it to him both sides. Telling him that he has to learn his place and know that he can’t take liberties with my clothing when he hasn’t been given permission.

I am loving this. It’s been so long since I whipped anyone. And this little flogger feels great, I know well that it does.

‘Tell me that you understand, tell me that you know how to behave’

He does.

‘Tell me that you know you deserve this’

He does.

‘Now. Tell me that you like it. Tell me that you love the feel of it across your arse’

‘Oh god I love it, I love what you’re doing to me’

‘And you’re ready for more, aren’t you?’

Damn right he is.

Once again I get the dildo and I rub it from the front all along his balls back to his arsehole.

Then I lean down and lick all around his hole, get my tongue right in there.  I press the tip of the dildo against his hole, just teasing, just letting him feel the pressure.

Then I stop, I know what it feels like, to be leaning over, exposed, not knowing what’s coming and having no control. It’s fantastic.

I squeeze out some lube, he can hear it pumping out and I get it all over the dildo. I want to be quite rough with him, I want to be forceful. I start push it in, twist it as it burrows.

He makes groans of approval. ‘Take it, take all of this. I’m going to press this all into you now and you’re going to like it.’

‘Oh God yeah, that’s it – Jesus if you measured my cock now I swear ….’

He trails off as I press the dildo fully into his ass and stand behind him pressing my cunt up tight as I can against his ass.

I am nowhere near done.

I pick up the butt plug and walk around the couch so that I can see him. I bend down close to his face as it hangs over and kiss him then tell him to take the butt plug in his mouth, he duly does. Down on my haunches, I spread my knees and again pull my knickers to the side and take the butt plug from his mouth.

‘I’m going to put this in my pussy now and then I’m going to come back around to the other side and I want you to eat me while it’s in there. And I want you to keep that dildo in your arse as you do it.’


The butt plug is bigger than starter average, classically shaped and quite wide at the base. It’s also way squidgier than anything else I’ve ever had. But the best thing about the butt plug is how good it feels in my pussy. It feels better than you would think and this is only the second time I’ve had it in there.


I walk back around to the front of the couch and lie down, it’s about a 5 meter walk, all in and I am so heightened with desire in just that space of time with it in me. I lie back down and tell him to eat me again while holding the butt plug in. As he does this the dildo comes out of his ass, I don’t care I want him to just do as I say and get his lips on me. I don’t have to ask twice and didn’t think that I would have.

I’m adoring this, my cunt is filled and clenching hard on the butt plug and his lips and tongue are sucking and licking at my swollen and needy clit. I am drunk with pleasure. And probably a little with alcohol too. And I want more.

‘Get the dildo, and push it into my ass – and make sure the butt plug doesn’t come out. Then get back to licking me’

Oh God this is so good, so deeply satisfying I am delirious with desire and sublime satisfaction. Or at least I think that, as both my holes are filled to bursting and this man hungrily laps at my clit too. I can almost taste his pleasure, his met needs being fulfilled. I know he is loving this even though my eyes are closed.

But I was wrong about mine, I had not reached the point of most fulfilment, how could I when my mouth was empty?

‘Oh God! I know I know… I know what else. Give me your cock in my mouth’

So he moves around so that we’re almost 69’ing. His bursting cock is in my face as he leans over to work the dildo and the butt plug in me. And finally I am full.

So full and so satiated, it’s a fantasy almost perfectly executed. He’s controlling both toys in me, eating me and getting his cock down my mouth.


I can barely keep it in my mouth, I need to scream with disbelief at how much I love everything that’s happening at this moment. I can barely take it. But of course I do. And I keep on taking it.

Finally I come and I am almost blind. Mostly likely having cried.

He looks at me again, like I’ve just done something amazing for him, like he possibly might have just fantasised something to life.

I think the same.





We order food, stuff our faces. Drink an inordinate amount, even for Irish people and fuck each other even more senseless, because apparently that was possible.

Neither of us remembers getting to bed but we wake up there, it’s 8am and we’re still drunk, or I am. He eats me and fucks me again and I come again but it takes ages. He still doesn’t come. I’d be anxious about that but I’m too drunk to care. We go back to sleep until we’re at a better level of working normal.

I make us breakfast, we watch the rugby and we have sex all bloody day, it’s heaven! And finally, finally, almost 24hrs later I eventually make him come. Well, I say that but really I was doing none of the work, bent over the couch he fucked me any way he wanted.


I always come more than him, that’s the way of it. I might even suggest that it’s the way it should be, given that girls can come more without stopping play. But if he’d left my house without having come once…..? I would have felt terrible.

As it happens he left very happy and I left sore and bruised to go meet some friends and horrify anyone overhearing

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