The Holey Trinity – not a typo, I mean all my holes PART II

I am shaky with the fucking I’ve just had but I’m also starving and giddy. I still don’t want to talk. I want to swing out of this man and skip around Dublin basking in the joy of a fresh fuck with the back-pocket knowledge that there’s going to be another good seeing to later.

And I want food.



We’re in Irishtown, for that’s where the BFF lives. So we’re spoiled for choice. It’s the day before the rugby so we eschew Slattery’s or the Chophouse and head for The Oarsman. We get a seat, we get drinks and we get fed. I can’t keep my hands off him or my face from smiling.

I don’t want to break the spell.

I don’t want to talk.



The BFF comes to join us with her boyfriend. It’s the first time he’s met my friends. It’s nerve wracking for me. I’m besotted, I need them to confirm that I’m not besotted with a douche – which I can’t be trusted to know. How can I? because I am fuck-blind. It’s pretty serious it’s like the 2nd most serious kind of blind. After actual blindness.


We drink, we all get on, I am delirious with happiness. And more than content to skip back to the house and continue things there.

We stay up later than I intend until the BFF shoves us up the stairs to bed. Insisting that we needed to go to bed. Not her, just me and Yorkshire.

She might have been labouring under the illusion that we were going to talk?

We were not going to talk.


I’m drunk, and I’m demanding. I can’t tell you how it started but I know we were fucking. He had me from behind – arse up, ploughing his cock into me, holding my hips. Just how I want it. I know he’s saying things to me, filthy things that I love but I don’t know what they are. Then I feel him work a thumb into my arse. And he rubs his cock through my skin, stroking it as he fucks me. I know I beg for more. He gives me two fingers in there as he continues to fuck me steadily. I want more. I ask him to fuck my arse. I want to feel him in there, stretching me, filling me, working me.

He makes some protestations around it not being ready, but drunk Abbi cares not for practicalities, she just wants what she wants.

I tell him it will be fine, I tell him to spit on his cock and work it into me. I beg him to spit on my arse and work it in. He didn’t really need to be invited twice. He gets to working.

Slowly sliding his hard cock into me, as I plead for more. It hurts and I like it, I want it to hurt in that good way. But at one point it hurts too much – I’m not sure what happened but I don’t want to stop. We go back to it and we find a rhythm and he slowly pumps my arse and I push up to meet him, rubbing my own clit and wishing to god I had something to push in there. But I’m loving this drunken, filthy fuck, I’m loving hearing him say my name and fuck my arse and I almost come when I feel him finally fill me with his come.



Hole two; came in my arse.



The next morning. We get up to head back to my house. My Airbnbers would be gone and it was time we had some very loud sex on my couch, stopping off for a serious feed first.


He’s already showered before we left but I wait til I get home. My bathroom is downstairs and as I come through the sitting room to head upstairs he stops me. He’s standing there, fully clothed and pulling his thickening cock out of his jeans. I drop my towel then drop onto my knees on it. Just as I go to get it in my mouth, he pulls it away, and gently tells me to get my hands behind my back. I do, and then he feeds it to me, right down my throat. Then takes it out and gets his balls right into my mouth. We keep this up for a while, I’m loving being on my knees. But my face is about to crack, I need moisturiser. I get up and reach for it in my overnight bag. When I turn back, he’s getting undressed and he’s pulled his belt off from around his jeans. But I hear this more than see it. That unmistakable sound of leather being pulled through cloth, with the whip at the end.


He’s wrapping it around one hand as I turn to get a full look at him. ‘Get on all fours on the couch’. He stands over me and his cock is perfectly at my face height. With two fingers under my chin he lifts my face to look at him, while his belt-wrapped hand holds my arse.

‘Abbi, do you want me to make you count to ten again?’ I don’t answer, I just moan. ‘Do you want me to make you suck my cock as I use my belt on your arse?’ Again I can’t answer, I want it, so achingly but I don’t want to say it.

‘Abbilene, answer me. Do you want me to make you count to ten’.


‘Good girl. I’m going to use my belt and you’re going to thank me and call me sir. Understood?’

I don’t even nod before he starts, a slap on the arse with the belt and my head shoved down onto his cock. Right down, so I gag, then choke and he holds my head there, I can’t move. He feels me go to pull away, ‘Hold it, hold it … good girl’ and he releases me. I am so wet and I just want to be fucked right then. But I have to say the words, I have to say; 1, thank you, sir. Another lash of the belt, it feels delicious, I would have liked more slaps of it, maybe two or three at a time but he was metering out the pleasure, drawing it up to a height.


A smack on the arse, my head shoved onto his cock. Two smacks before I release him from my mouth, and two counts.

He waits til the 7th to check if I’m wet. Holding my head down on his cock, but not choking he slides his fingers into me. ‘You’re lovely and wet for me, Abbilene’. I love him using my proper name, it makes my cunt tighten even more. I am soaking for him. I push back down onto his fingers and he leaves them there, while I suck on his cock, a glorious feeling.

This is amazingly executed. The belt feels amazing and his cock never falters, rock solid the whole time.


We reach ten and before I can catch my breath or even say the words he pushes me forward face into a cushion and fucks me from behind. My aching pussy clenches on to him as it finally has what it wants.

My neighbours here me, the whole street hears me, possibly the next county hears me. I don’t care this is one of the fucks of my life and it goes on for ages.


He pulls out of me and sits down, orders me to sit on him, I duly do. It’s perfect, it’s catching all the right things in all the right pressure points. He goes to put a thumb on my clit, I don’t want it, sometimes just me being on top catches the clit where it needs and nothing else is necessary, I think this is one of those times. He doesn’t listen and tells me to behave. And fuck is he right. I grind down on to him as his thumb rubs my clit. And I feel it coming, a huge tsunami of a climax – but it takes ages, I can feel it building so slowly, and if I just stay here, keep doing this it’s going to hit. And it does. It keeps on coming for ages until I can’t keep myself upright anymore, I fall off him.

He flips me over and takes me from behind again, fucking me deeper and harder. He is knee-deep in me and on course to smash me in two when he comes, hard deep in my cunt.



Hole three; came in my cunt.




And that was the Holey Trinity in less than 24hrs.

(then Ireland beat England in the rugby. What a day)


But we didn’t talk and I didn’t ask and I don’t know what he’s offering. I don’t know anything.

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