Sex On An iPad? – course I have

I’m sitting curled up at the corner of his couch. Right by the door to the sitting room.

He comes in and finds me there, eye level with his crotch. He bends down to kiss me and as he rubs my head and his fingers run down to under my chin I think it dawns on him.

I move around so that I am now sitting on my heels, kneeling facing him and his fingers reach for the buttons on his jeans.


Yes! And I didn’t even have to hint or ask or anything. God I hope he keeps this up.


As he releases his swelling cock I look up at him with a hungry, delighted smile and his other hand reaches back around to the small of my neck and gently tugs me closer. I didn’t need it, I was going that way anyway but I like the little dance our bodies are doing.


Half out of his jeans I get as much of it as I can into my thrilled mouth. This is new for him, I’m not sure he was expecting such gusto every time he tried to get a blow job but it’s certainly what he’s getting. I think he thought he was in control actually, just going to tease me with it in my mouth for a few seconds before he popped back around the door again. Back to do whatever the fuck he was doing that wasn’t including me.

But that was never going to happen was it! There’s no chance you’re going to win that game playing with me.

The more I lick and suck his shaft – trying to get at his balls too the more I feel him give in. This isn’t over, this doesn’t end here – until finally he pulls his cock away from me saying ‘Fuck…?’ And I’ve won, we’re going to have sex.



He tells me to stay where I am, leaning over the edge of the arm of his couch, facing away from him. He comes behind me on the couch and I hear his belt come off from around his jeans Christ I love this sound. I look back at him and he tells me to get back in position.

And I do.

‘I like this tight, little skirt you have on Abbi’.

His tone tells me everything. He’s not about to let me away with thinking I’ve won anything, he’s taking back control.


My skirt is leather and he quickly slaps my arse making a lovely noise as he slides it up over my hips. I’m wearing black tights and I know that bent over like this they are stretched taut and he can see the red knickers underneath.

‘I like this underwear too’. And another little tap on the arse before he bites me gently.

‘God you should see how good your arse looks’ – he says, somewhat breaking character. Nothing happens for a second, I don’t know what he’s doing but it turns out he’s whipped out his phone and is taking a photo.

I know I’m breathing fast and I’m getting wet just with anticipation. I don’t have to wait long before he roughly pulls down my tights and then pulls my knicks to one side and slides two fingers straight into me. I let out a noise and his response is ‘I knew you were ready, I knew you were wet’. I can’t argue.

And almost without warning he slowly pushes his cock into me then pulls it out and slams it into me again. But on the third stroke he pulls out and an anguished cry of protest is all I manage before he’s round at my face. He gently kisses me and tells me to stay where I am and to keep my eyes on the floor and not to lift them.

What the fuck?


He comes back with my phone and his iPad. He hands me my phone and tells me to unlock it and to FaceTime him, don’t argue, just do it and hand the phone back.

When the phone is dialling I hand it to him, he takes it and then puts the iPad on the floor in front of me, so that leaning over the arm of the chair I get to see the full screen.

Then he goes back around behind me and aims the phone at my arse and slowly he pushes his cock back inside my cunt and all of this is happening to me and for me, right in front of my eyes.


He starts to fuck me faster, telling me how great my cunt feels clenching on his cock. He tells me to keep looking at it, to look at how good the shape of my arse and hips look being fucked by his cock. Asking me do I like it. Pointing out how slick his cock now is, covered in my juices – and he slows down to make sure I can see it, pulling almost all the way out then slowly pushing back in catching every, little, glistening stroke. And I can see every bit of it.


I’m actually surprised that I don’t hate it – I can’t take my eyes away but I can’t believe that it’s me either. I love hearing him, I love how mesmerised he seems.


He stops fucking me and tells me to move on his cock. To move back and forth, to fuck him instead of him fucking me. And I do, I want it harder and I want more purchase.

I want it faster.

I just want more.

I love his words. I love hearing him say my name and start to lose himself.


He hasn’t lost himself though, he has other plans. He pulls out and tells me he’s going to fuck my arse. He spits on my hole and then works his cock slowly into my arse.


But I want more. I want it deeper and more intense. And for that, he’s going to have to put down the phone and fuck me properly.  I need him to grab me by the hips and pull me on to him, fucking me hard with a force I know I can’t manage by myself. And he does. The phone is discarded and he ploughs into me fast, deep and hard. Filling me, hurting me, making me beg.


My fingers reach around for my clit and I am heaving with every thrust, spitting out his name and begging him not to stop. As if there was any chance. And just as he’s about to come he pulls out and shoots hot come all over my arsehole just as I would have wanted.





And I am delighted with myself.



I’m not sure who won that battle but I know I got what I wanted. Don’t try to tease me with a bit of cock, you will end up fucking me.

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