Random Things I Do Find Hot

After all my ranting about things that I don’t find hot I thought I’d throw out a list of stupid, random things that I do find very hot but that are so far down the order of things that you are ever allowed to list or hope for.

Tiny things, that just kind of do it for me in ways I sometimes wish they didn’t.


Driving. When a guy is a good driver, but especially when he puts his arm over the back of the seat when he’s reversing. No clue. Can’t explain it, it’s just hot.

When a guy knows quite a bit about sport but isn’t so into it that he wears team jerseys as casual wear. (If a guy showed up to meet me in a jersey, I think that would be a deal breaker)

Guys who drink pints but know a good gin and wouldn’t give a shit about ordering a cocktail.

Guys who know a bit about wine. Or a lot.

Food. Having a big appetite, loving food. Appreciating decent eating. Not a picky eater. And for the love of God please have an appetite bigger than me

A well tended man garden – I love the reciprocity.

Ditto good underwear. Do you know how much a bra and knickers set cost? I love finding out that you’ve spent nearly that amount. But really it’s just that I love that you’ve thought about them at all and clearly put effort in.

An ironed shirt. Damn it. I just love a guy in a shirt that is crisp – and the idea that he did it himself. (This shirt is white by the way. Always)

A huge and overt lack of jealousy – actually this one isn’t random at all it’s just such a huge turn on for me.

Manners. Jesus christ if manners aren’t hot. Especially table manners. If you put your knife in your mouth it’s very possible that I might not be able to let you put your penis in me.

A very real and unwaverable belief that tea is great and that there’s no substitute for real butter.

A very real and unwaverable desire to make the said tea 50% of the time.

A guy who’s able to sit arround with a hangover and binge watch some box sets. Or read the Sunday papers – almost in silence, eating toast and drinking tea (if you’re not able to do this then the second best thing is to get the feck out of my place so that I can get on with it by myself!)

Men who want daughters. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting a son but it’s just so rare to meet a guy who understands that father daughter bond and wants it for themselves. It’s attractive in its refreshingness. (but not wanting kids at all is the hottest)

Guys who have no desire to want me to change my name. I understand why you would want me to, I appreciate the emotion behind it and how much weight it carries. And you want your woman to be part of you, to be your family. I get that, I truly do. The pressure to conform to tradition. I do get it. But someone so at ease with themselves and their place in the world that they aren’t threatened by me keeping my own name. So. Fucking. Hot. But like with all these others, these are just small cherries on the cake. Nothing that I would put on a list or hope for or think out loud – they’re just so delicious when they occur all by themselves.

A thorough lack of squeamishness. An appreciation that we are human and human bodies do things. Periods, cum, poo, sweat…. not being squeamish about these things just makes you hotter in my eyes. Along with the implicit agreement that I am human too, and these things will occur and this doesn’t make me less attracticve, it’s just human.

Someone who switches to using my real name without having to be told.

A guy who holds the door for me and then slaps my arse as I walk through. Always makes me feel perfectly treated then.


Not one of these things is essential. Not one of them is anything that I would lose sleep over or has the power to break any deals. None of them is even strong enough as a stand alone. Well maybe one or two are, but really these are just some small things that I see, that I personally like.

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