Two Little Peggings Go to Market Part I

Someone sent me a mail recently and said they’d just wasted a day reading my blog – never bored of hearing that. And I asked if there was anything they liked in particular. There were a few suggestions but the one that to won was pegging.

I have been struggling of late with the hot posts so it’s about time we got back to that, and this suggestion reminded me of a piece I had in my drafts folder about an encounter last year.



I have only pegged two guys. I have been asked to do it a lot more than that but it wasn’t until someone convinced me utterly that they found it so hot that I actually went out and bought the strap on and finally did it.


From the second I had it in my hands it turned me on. It was a beautiful, black, leather one, lined in suede. With a modest dildo in it. This is detachable and you can get both bigger rings and bigger dildos to fit it. When I wore it, it got me so wet. I’m not sure I felt more powerful but I did feel dirtier. Something about it was a bit wrong and I liked it. I liked being naked and stroking my black rubber cock. The straps came around my thighs and over my arse in a harness that beautifully framed my cheeks and I loved that also.

If I’d known any of this beforehand I think I might have been quicker to purchase one. But I’m still glad I didn’t. I got there when it was the right time with the right person. And it is him that made the first experience so fucking good. And so very different to the second experience.



I’m a bit submissive. I like someone else to do the directing, I like the idea of someone who is able to take the reins. So it’s not totally natural for me to want to make someone submit. But I am very open and I want to try things but moreover I want to have a good time and I categorically want my partner to. Previous to meeting this guy the other requests were met with amiable but only mildly enthusiastic acquiescence. But this time it was very different. He wanted it so badly and I wanted to turn him on so badly. An immovable object met an unstoppable force. The time had come.

And it was the perfect time. Working up to it I had put other things in his arse, a finger, a thumb, several fingers….. my tongue. But nothing this rigid. And every time I did anything to his arse he made the most amazing sounds. I was greedy for them. I was a whore for them. All I wanted was to make him make that sound for me. That deep guttural, lost and in awe of what I’m doing to him sound. Different from when I’m on my knees with his cock down my throat and he’s breathing in through this teeth saying ‘God yeah, take it’. No, this is very different this is an utterly other noise. This is surrender and delight, this is release and not giving a fuck about it. It’s the noise of surrendering to a desire being met well. And fuck me if I don’t love delivering that.

(ok, if pushed to describe it I think it would be more akin to getting a sports massage, that kind of delicious release-pain)



Using a strap on is not easy. I don’t have a dick and I don’t know how to wield a fake one. I can’t tell if I’m getting it in right or if it feels ok. It was not as easy as porn had led me to believe.

And eventually I took it out of the harness and I used my hand to push it in and to work his hole. Twisting it in and out and spitting on it to lube it up. While working his cock with his other hand until he came. I adored it. While I would have preferred to have been able to fuck him properly with the strap on, I did get what I came for; hearing him make those noises and seeing his face as he took it. I loved doing that to him and knowing that he loved it. Even fleeting thoughts of him like this get me so aroused…..


We moved on from the strap on and the dildo and moved on to the big fat butt plug that I bought. Even the super-hot gay guy selling it to me thought it was too big for a straight guy. I knew better. Of course he was actually right, it was huge for an arse but we got there. He took it all in him. Again a night that I was fucking thrilled to have experienced. Every time wanting to make him make those sounds just as he, on most other occasions, pulled and coaxed them out of me.

Of all the times we were together he only actually fucked my arse once. He was the first guy to ever come in there. But I’m so glad that he was willing to take something as big as his own dick in his own arse, because there has to be reciprocity for me on this; either you’re taking something there or you’re not getting yours up mine. Them’s the rules.

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