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I think this had been promised to me for a long time. I feel it might have been worth the wait. This is a friend of mine who can give a proper perspective on what it feels like to be cut and uncut.

While I know this guy well, I don’t know his penis so I won’t be making any contributions from a personal level. I will say that I disagree with some of his comments, I hold a different opinion but I won’t be making them public





Over various discussions with both my male and female friends over the years, the subject of penis’s has come up (pun intended) more than once. Oh we’ve discussed size, shape, taste, comfort, skill levels and even piercings. But until I had to get a circumcision at the fully grown age of 34, (for medical reasons in case anyone thinks I did it for aesthetic reasons) this was never really a topic of conversation.

So I am now over two years with a brand new penis. Although I know some men who are also circumcised, they had the operation as a child. Therefore I am now in the unique position of knowing what it is like to have sex both cut and uncut. Since my operation, the topic of sex before and after the procedure is now something of a common occurrence among my friends and I and my sexual partners. I could say I was surprised to discover there was this much interest in my experiences both before and after, but I would be lying. When my date for the operation was set it was not the potential pain after the op or the chance of something going wrong under the knife that had me thinking, rather, it was how sex was going to be with no foreskin.

So this here and now is just that. My pros and cons of both. Something for the cut and uncut man to discover about the positives and negatives of whatever type of penis you have and something for the woman to take heed of who may have yet to get their hands on a cut dick – they’re not exactly rare, but the majority of Irish man are uncut.

A quick note on the operation itself. It hurt like a fucker. Not the operation, I was asleep. But the recovery period. With a lifetime of having my penis’s head covered when not aroused, to have his lovely head bringing pain to my nervous system every time I moved was quite distressing. But not quite so distressing at the stitches around my cock – big, black and bloody. (sorry but that’s how it was.) But not quite as distressing as waking up in the middle of a night with a piss-horn and being in agony as the stitches pulled. But not quite as distressing as the stitches catching on your underwear. But not quite as distressing at discovering that your erection was a full one and a half inches shorter than it used to be.

YES! I kid you not. From a six inch cock to four and a half inches was perhaps the most distressing thing to ever happen to me in my life (ok a bit overstated). However, this was down to the stitches which were holding back my penis from extending to its full length. A scary time, but once the stitches came out it gradually returned to its rather glorious (if I do say so myself) six inches. All in all, it was almost a year after the op before I felt finally comfortable with my new penis, but enough of my trials and tribulations. Let’s answer some common questions I’ve heard.

How is sex different? Does it affect how you fuck? Is it better or worse than before? Can you last longer? Does it look funny?

Ok. So. They are hard questions to answer because as with anyone’s sex life, not everything is as simple and straightforward as a yes or no answer. Things aren’t always black and white. Well, maybe in some scenarios, but like my new penis, sex is varying shades of grey (not literally).

The cons of being cut are as follows. First con. I don’t think my dick is as pretty while erect as it used to be. No, let me change that. I KNOW, it’s not as pretty while erect as it used to be. There are some small scars (thin and white) where the stitches were. It’s only noticeable during an erection and to be fair, it’s really only me that notices it. It’s more of a me issue rather than being a big deal. My cock is still pretty (straight, hard and throbbing) but I will always know that it was once scar free and gorgeous. But honestly, it’s not a hang up, just a little bit of my own head weeping over nothing really.

Second con, is hand-jobs. Not just from a partner, but during masturbation. I no longer have a foreskin which glides easily back and forth over the head of my cock with a skilled hand. Obviously with masturbation I know what I like to feel so it’s easier to get around – and I can experiment lots too in my own time – but unless a woman knows in advance that I’m cut and can lube up her hand in advance (spit is fine) it’s not going to feel too nice. Whereas when I was uncut hand-jobs were easy to access because of the natural lubrication beneath the foreskin and tugging on a dick didn’t take much skill because it all really looked after itself. Things are different now. When I was uncut, a woman’s hand could grab any part of the shaft and move her hand and the foreskin could find its way back and forth over the head. Now, there is none or very little movement of the skin on my shaft so the hand needs to concentrate on the head. The hand must become my foreskin whereas before it only needed to guide the foreskin to move. However a woman who has had her hands on a cut dick before will know what to do without being told to, so it’s not all bad. But honestly, I miss my foreskin when it comes to hand-jobs.

Third con is my frenulum. For those who don’t know, the frenulum is that thin piece of string-like skin on the underside of the cock that attaches the foreskin to the the penis. During oral sex it is highly sensitive to a tongue. It’s basically the male clit. Most of my frenulum is now gone. I am still sensitive in that area but it’s nowhere as pleasurable as it once was. I miss that.

Fourth con is one that might sound horrible but let me preface it by saying that as time has gone on, this con has become less and less and I am sure that over the years it will return to its pre-op levels. The pleasure I feel during the initial part of intercourse is not quite the same. This was the very first thing I noticed when I first had sex after the op. Now I’m not saying it was devoid of pleasure; far from it. Just that it wasn’t the same intensity level. But over the past year I have noticed this is no longer the case. I am sure now that it was just my penis getting used to its new life. Ha! I don’t know the science of it, I just know what I feel.

Now for the pros.

First pro. Orgasms! Yes, orgasms are more powerful. If I might have lost a few percentage points of pleasure during sex, I have gained them at the climax. This is one thing I will never be able to explain properly. Guys who are uncut, take your most powerful climax. Now, imagine it felt better. Guys who are cut, take the feeling of your dick inside your partner’s tight, wet, cunt. Feel good? Feels better when you’re uncut. You see most men know only one experience. Although it might sound it, I’m not saying that one is better than the other, I’m just saying I’m one of the few who has experienced both sides.

Second pro. I can have sex a lot more times and get hard a lot quicker after I cum. I wasn’t expecting this one but was happy to find it out. Again, this is all very subjective and it can depend on a whole plethora of reasons but on the whole, I can definitely get harder a lot quicker after sex. When I had a foreskin my head would be very sensitive to touch after sex. Whereas now I have no foreskin, my head is used to rubbing against my leg or my underwear or the towel when I dry myself. It has lost sensitivity to the point where I could smack it off a wall and not feel a thing (slight exaggeration). So because it’s now less sensitive, it’s quicker to stand to attention a second, third, or Holy Mary Mother of God, a fourth time!

Third pro is the second pro.

Fourth pro. Hygiene. Now pardon the mental image I am going to place in your mind, but gone are the days of washing under your foreskin. No more cheesy dick (not that I ever did have, mind you). Quite literally, maintenance of a cut dick is as easy as anything. Also, in the same breath, gone are the moments of pain when a woman forgets that your foreskin is attached to the head of your dick and almost rips your frenulum. It’s happened, to more than one buddy of mine. Your penis is now just one seamless piece of meat that looks after itself. Foreskin related pain or hygiene is now a thing of the past.

Fifth con. If I think my penis is not as pretty while erect, I know it’s much better looking while flacid. Where once he hung with his little turtleneck pulled up over his head and retreated far into his shell during the cold, now he hangs there proud and majestic and looking like a rock star, his head there for all to see. No more hiding for that guy. Sure, it might not be a major pro, but I’m damn fond of it.

With regards the questions: Sex is neither better nor worse; it’s just different. The same way some sexual partners you’ve been with are neither better or worse. Just different.

No, it hasn’t affected how I fuck. I was worried at first that I might be. My first sexual experience after the op was one of trepidation and forethoughts of slow and gentle intercourse in case I hurt myself. After two thrusts I knew I was fine. Slow and gentle went out the window. I pounded the life out of her more to see what my cock could do rather than for her pleasure (the only time in my life I haven’t put my partner’s pleasure first). The penis is indeed a hardy boyo.

Is it better or worse than before? Again, it’s just different. This is my penis now and as you’ve read, there are pros and cons to the new cock.

Does it look funny? Answered above.

And finally. Can you last longer? There is a genuine stereotype or myth or whatever, that suggests that cut men can last longer. From women I’ve heard hand on heart stuff that they found this to be true. For me? It depends. Before the op, mostly I could last quite a while. Not always, mind you. I have had my moments of being embarrassingly quick but luckily they were rare. That being said, on two occasions since the op, that has happened again. So being cut is not necessarily a sure fire way to enhance your longevity. But, and again this is purely subjective, on the whole, I have found that I last longer now that I’m cut. This is especially true after the first orgasm. Granted, this is usually true for uncut guys as well. But let’s say (for example) I last two minutes longer on the first go than when I was cut, it doesn’t sound like a lot but probably on the whole cut vs uncut, cut will take it by a nose. However, on the second and third times, the longevity will tend to shoot up dramatically when compared to when I was uncut. But look, this is not pure scientific research or anything. It’s just personal experience and it’s entirely subjective.

To put it in perspective. I have slept with one woman since the operation that I had slept with before the operation. Sex with her was much the same as it was before and after the op. Both in pleasure and longevity (good pleasure and relatively long, in case you were wondering). So it is safe to assume that my sexual experiences post-op are not just totally down to my new penis. There is a partner involved and cut or not cut, he/she is going to have a lot to do with your experience too.

That being said, I’m not unhappy I had the operation (although I had no choice) and if was given the option of magically going back and not getting cut? I’d take it, so long as I got to keep the pros of being cut as well.



There you have it….

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