Guest Piece: A Waxed Boy!

God, the huge sigh of satisfied relief and excitement I got when I read this piece.

I know this isn’t the vanguard of feminism or the quest for parity but for me… all I want* is for some guy to have gone to the same lengths that I have with regards to depilation. I just want to see the same effort made. I regularly go and pay (usually) a small woman to rip my pubic hair out by the root. I have this removed from everywhere – including my arse. I do this as a personal preference. And because I believe if I make it easier to get to, then you’re likely to spend more time down there doing what I want you to do rather than picking pubes out of your mouth.

Now, most guys these says have copped on to the fact that it looks a bit better (and bigger) if they have tended to their man garden a little. Some have even shaved and one has even taken Veet to it. All of which I have fully and wholeheartedly applauded and appreciated. But never have I had my fantasy. Not once has anyone either offered to do it or has had it done as a matter of course. This saddens me as I think I would be filled to bursting point with glee if they did.

But I live in hope that someone will care enough to do what I do for them (insert super sad face here). I wear lovely underwear, I wear trashy underwear, I wear nothing but a smile. I put my hair up, I leave it down, I do prostitute makeup, I do chic elegant makeup. Basically I make a FUCK load of effort. A FUCK LOAD. And I’d love even half of that back.

So. Out there, running around is a guy who has tried it. Walked in and gotten the full deal. And here is what he has to say about it. This is Paddy’s (I swear to God that’s what he asked to be called) story.




As a general rule these days the ladies and the boys are hairless in porn.  You come across some girls hairless but not that many. Yes this turns me on being as clean and smooth as a porn star, adding a bit of length and just generally looking fucking hot. But for me the reason to remove hair from the bad boy region is to enhance the sensitivity, hair blocks that. If the partner in crime is also hairless things just get more fun. It has taken trial and error to get to this point of my hair removal that I am happy with so lets take a look at whats best.

First off I never tried Nair hair remover, you would have to be mental to slather that shit all over your bollix. So I stared with just shaving, you have to go against the grain if you want it smooth and that is just prone to cuts and ingrown hairs which is not nice especially on the shaft! Okay you look smooth and clean but soon after red marks and within a week the hair begins to grow back and the itching starts. The itching is relentless and distracting and just about put me off doing it ever again.

Finally I tried waxing, yep the full wax, balls, shaft, above shaft and asshole. To be honest I was not shy about having it done but I had seen the youtube clips of guys getting it done and the endless screams of pain. I was worried about the pain that’s for sure. So my first visit was with a girl waxing me. Will I get an erection? (Which is suppose to help with a waxing, so I have read on-line). No erection, the fear cured that. So I popped up on the table, it felt very normal and the lady explained she was using wax followed by removal with strips. As the first strip lifted above my penis I realised this was painful but nothing I could not handle and far easier than trying to shave in 40 positions. As the waxing continued I was completely fine with it. My mind even wandered. Its worth noting that you do have a bit of work to do by holding your meat stretched in different positions so all the angles can be covered with the wax. After waxing it felt amazing, the first time is so, so good. You just want to test drive it as much as possible 😉

Another time when going for waxing I had it done with just wax, no strips, this was by far the best option. I always use this method now. This makes for a much quicker recovery, no strip marks and it can be completed much quicker.

When the hair grows back after waxing it does not itch. After about a month I want to get it done again as most of the growth is on the base of the shaft. Hair on the penis is a no no for me as it makes touch less sensitive.

There is no downsides I can think of but you have to keep it scrubbed well for a few weeks to make sure of no ingrown hairs, some red marks appear but after a few waxes your skin learns the routine. I challenge you guys to try it, prove the youtube clips are mainly bullshit, you can handle the pain. The payoff is long, hot and strong 😉


Swoony, swoon, swoon! He’s not wrong guys, it hurts, but not as bad as you think. And I concur with the waxing method that doesn’t use strips. Most reputable places use this for sensitive areas. And I would never recommend you try this yourself. I’ve been at this for years, put yourself in the hands of a professional.

And please, please maybe even just consider it…..? I’d be so happy.


*That’s clearly not all I want but it’s a great place to start. I can NOT even tell you how grateful I’d be. But I can’t speak for all girls.

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