Fresh Clean Filth

I’m so bored in this meeting I can’t keep myself focused but this is nothing new. I can’t stay awake in nearly any meeting.


So my mind wonders to this guy. I think about how I would like it to go.

He’s standing in front of me, already there, waiting for me to enter the room. I walk in and close the door. He says nothing but gestures with a slight nod of his head that I should walk over to him. He doesn’t break eye contact and when I’m about a 2 feet away he gives that tiny almost imperceptible nod for me to get on my knees, and I hesitate, then smirk but duly do.

I look up at him and smirk again as I can tell he’s getting hard and he hasn’t given me any instruction yet. Slowly I open his belt and his jeans. He still hasn’t said anything but just as I go to release his cock he bends down, cups my head with his hands and says gently into my ear ‘You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you?’ My mouth drops open and I make a little noise because yes, yes I did think that it was going to be that easy.

‘Get to your feet, I’m not letting you have what you want. I’m going to take what I want’. I stand up and he lifts me gently onto the table and then stands between my legs, holding them around his waist. He leans in and kisses me and again shakes his head and says ‘I can’t believe you thought I’d just let you have my cock in your mouth, now do as I say and stay quiet’.

He keeps kissing me, deep, engaged and I hardly notice how deftly he’s gotten my jeans open. But he can’t get them any further so he has to stop kissing me. ‘Lift your arse, I need these down further. I lift, and he pulls them down just past my thighs. He leans back in to me and licks up my neck to my ear and he sucks it, pulling on it hard. And once again I almost don’t notice him yank my knickers down – they obligingly move a lot easier than my jeans.

He pulls away from me so he can get a look, he knows I was waxed for him yesterday and he can see the perfectly smooth mound and the neat little crease. He grins at me then spits on it and rubs over and back on it with his thumb. I start to make noise and he stops me with two fingers in my mouth. ‘Get them good and wet’. When he takes them out he’s not happy, he wants them wetter. He tells me to spit on them and straight after I do he has his mouth on me with his tongue deep in my mouth and one hand behind my head. And for the third time I am ambushed; while he distracts me with the kiss he has pushed his fingers into me, twisting as he does.

I let out a proper noise, and lose my ability to kiss back, he smiles into my mouth, delighted with his power.

His hand at the back of my head grips my hair and gently pulls my head back, his mouth is at my mouth almost talking into it.

‘You were warned about noise, weren’t you’, the movement of his fingers has stopped and I am trying to lift my hips to pull them back in, but no relief.

‘The longer you misbehave the worse it will get’ and with this he moves his thumb to my clit and ever so gently starts to stroke it. Almost, too gently. I need more pressure and he knows this, he knows exactly what he’s doing.

‘Stop moving, and if you make any more sounds I’ll stop entirely’. I don’t know if he means that, I don’t know if he has the will power but he is very believable right now.

‘Are you going to behave?’

No response from me.

‘Abilene? Tell me that you’re going to behave’

My lip curls in slight defiance and I spit out that I will, sir.

‘Good’ and with that he takes his thumb away and his fingers out. My mouth opens in shock but I suppress the tortured ‘please’ that I know will not serve me.

With one step back from me he grabs the end of either leg of my jeans and pulls them right off. Then stepping back in between my legs he pushes my thighs further apart – my knickers still on me. I love this, I don’t know why having my knickers half down with my pussy exposed just makes me feel dirtier in the best way.

He takes my left hand and sucks two of my fingers and then tells me to hold my lips open so he can see my pussy better. I can hardly control my breathing and I know the cries are going to come soon. He’s surprised that I don’t move my fingers to relief myself and for that I am rewarded. Slowly he bends his head and inhales deeply then steadily starts kissing my swollen lips. Kissing everywhere but my clit, not even using his tongue yet. But his kisses are getting deeper and faster. I know that he will not be able to stop himself soon. And finally his tongue parts my lips and he probes me with it, sucking each side of my clit, up and down the lips. Then making his tongue flat and licking right up the slit til his tongue finally catches my clit and I cry out. He no longer cares, he looks up and me and rips my knickers off, he needs to get in, I can feel his naked desire to have his face deep in my cunt. Quickly he kisses me so I can taste myself, before he goes back down, not to return until he has ripped an orgasm from me.

He kisses my cunt like he kisses my mouth, firm and measured darting his tongue in and out and sucking as he goes. I am moving my hips up to meet his face as I am aching to have him press against my clit so I can come, just as I know he wants me to. But he will drag this out a bit more, this is, afterall his show.

I beg him to make me come but he won’t, never when I ask for it. This is his pussy he reminds me and he will eat it as he pleases. I am so close to begging when he easily slips two fingers back into me and with a thumb on my clit and his mouth sucking it too I come so hard, shouting his name.


He stands back with a proprietorial grin, surveying the mess he’s made of me. Assessing how easily he can get me to this state. As I try to draw my breath he starts to pull his underwear and jeans down. I don’t need an invitation I am off that table in seconds, only delighted to get my mouth on his cock but again, I will not be given what I want.

‘Oh no you don’t. You made a lot of noise so that will have to be punished. Bend over’. As if this is punishment, he spits on his cock, more because he knows I like the sound of it rather than it being necessary, I am soaking wet. And he pushes hard into me as I lay across the table.

Again he gets his hands in my hair and pulls it back as he starts to fuck me harder. Deep, almost out, then slowly in thrusts. I beg him to go faster and he does. He’s so close but he hasn’t lost control. Just before he comes he pulls out and gets me on my knees so I can finally, finally have his cock in my mouth and he gives me what I always, always want. He comes hard in the back of my throat with that noise, that sound that I never get tired of hearing.






Now, that’s what I was doing when I should have been concentrating on the meeting. I was writing that story in my head. For once, that’s a scenario that hasn’t actually happened….. I just thought of someone and how I’d like them to fuck me but eventually I could only think of one person who could fuck me like that, the one who owns 90% of my wanks and who I will not sleep with again. But good to see he will always inspire – even if I hadn’t started out picturing him in this, which incidentally is how he gets into my wanks also. The fecker.

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