Halloween Car Fuck

‘Let me know if you want a lift home.’

In that, as I nod towards the squad car

‘Yeah in that, what did you think!’

Damn right I do! I’m not staying out much later though, I’m going soon.

‘Doesn’t matter, just give me a shout when you want to leave and I’ll swing by and get you.’


I get a text about 20 minutes later; I’m on a break so I’ll be in my own car.

I’m sorry not to get a spin in a cop car but I know that he now won’t have anyone with him.

So …! It’s just you..? I text

Just me.


Two minutes later he’s outside.

I had thought when he texted that what I’d get was a lift home; he’d get out of the squad car and maybe I’d get my hand on his cock. If we were lucky one kiss if his partner wasn’t looking. But now…. Now there would be no one else with him. I’d sitting in the front seat. And again I thought, maybe I’d get it in my mouth for a few seconds, and there’d definitely be kissing.

He tells me I look fabulous. I put my hand on his cock and it stiffens to my touch.

‘Look what you do to me. Every time.’

The day it doesn’t react is the day I stop

‘Well that’ll be never then’ he says cheerily.


He is taking me to my parents’ house. I am home for the weekend. It’s not that far, certainly not at this time of night, it wouldn’t take long to get there. And I know I don’t want to get out of this car. I’m not sure what I’m expecting but I ask him if he’s going to pull in somewhere.

‘Do you want me to?’ he says and it sounds like a genuine question.

Yes of course I do.

And he swings off the main road and onto a back one. My hand hasn’t left his crotch. He takes a few turns but isn’t happy with any of the choices, his hand is now up my skirt with his thumb rubbing my clit. I am aching for him to press harder but he doesn’t.

I really want my head in your lap right now, can I?

‘I too want your head in my lap’, he says ‘but we’ll probably crash and die’

I don’t think this is the way I want to be found out.

There is no blowjob.


He takes a few more turns, I know we’re not far from the river, or a main road but I have no idea where we are. He does though, he always does.

Pull down your tights, he says. I do, and my knickers, even though he hasn’t asked. But he never has a chance to feel it, he has found the boreen he was looking for. As we turn up it the fog that had been coming up thickens, the road narrows and I see a dilapidated church complete with graveyard loom ahead. This is perfect. I do note aloud that we are probably going to get murdered. But it is Halloween so I’d probably be ok with that.


He pulls in and the car is barely stopped before he has his seatbelt popped and is leaning over to me. I fumble with mine, like an idiot and almost can’t get out of it. And I finally get to kiss him. Wanton, hungry, devouring kisses. I love them. He’s a good kisser, a great one in fact but it’s not just that, he totally lets go, he goes for it, there’s no pulling back or reservations with him. He wants my face on his and he pulls me into it. I love this. It makes me feel utterly desired. He never pulls away, he never stops the kiss, I can have as much as I want.

He pushes me back against the seat and goes to lean over me, I think to get his mouth on my other lips. I push him off and tell him no way! That he better give me that cock right now. And for once, one glorious time he doesn’t argue with me he just lets me have it. No games no teasing, no denying there’s no time. And he sits back and releases it for me. And I kneel on my seat and bend over his lap to get his cock in my mouth. So greedy for it and yet greedy for his mouth too. I suck and lick it eagerly and then start to deep throat it, this position is perfect for it. One or two dips and I can get it all in, swallowing his whole length. I don’t even notice I’ve done it properly until I hear him make that noise of satisfaction ‘God I love when you do that’. But that’s enough to distract me and I come back up and kiss him, not for long though, like kid in a toy store I want everything at once and my mouth is back on his cock sucking and licking and dipping down as far as I can go.


I’m wearing a short leather skirt that I had helpfully pulled up around my waist. My tights and knickers are at my knees and I am bent over him as he is still seated in the driver’s seat. Just so you have the picture; my arse is exposed. And he gets his fingers into my wet and swollen lips. I gasp as he pushes two easily into me but I don’t let go of his cock. I keep sucking and moaning.

He’s really good with his fingers, something I’m not sure I registered before? And as he has two in me he has one on my clit, delicately circling it. I can’t take it much longer, I can’t concentrate on sucking him, his fingers are too good. I sit up to kiss him and he shoves his fingers further up me and then gets his other hand to attend more to the front. I love this. I have always loved this. Something about a guy kissing me and fingering me so well gets me so hot. I think it’s all those years as a kid when that’s all that happened, being so aroused, I think it’s hardwired into my brain now.


I am making so much noise and I really don’t care. I am trying to push down as hard as I can onto his hand as I want to be filled with it. He takes one hand away and shoves his fingers, slick with juice from being in me, into my mouth. Oh god I taste so fucking good. I can’t get enough of this.

I am practically sitting on his hand and bouncing on it as he watches me suck his other hand clean. When I do he kisses me to taste it and then works his cock with his hand as he again goes back to watching me writhe and buck on his other one.

I am insane with the need to come and on the brink – I just can’t tip over.


I go back to sucking his cock as he fucks me with his fingers and continues to circle my ever swelling clit. I have to keep stopping to gasp as I cannot believe how hot this is, how turned on I am and how fucking deft his fingers are – again I don’t know how this has never registered with me before. I swear if I ever fuck him again I am going to demand that he makes me come with just his fingers and kissing me on the mouth. Nothing else. It’s a forgotten and often overlooked pleasure.


He’s had enough at this point, he gets out of the car and comes around and opens the passenger door. He tells me to come out to the edge and get on my knees. And with not much effort he pushes into me. His fingers felt great but this, this is the filling that I wanted.

Long, steady, controlled thrusts.

But this isn’t what he wants. He pulls out and tells me to get into the back. This is a little tricky with my tights holding my knees together and I don’t even know where he wants me.

On my back, as it turns out.

I pull one of my legs free of my tights and underwear and give him access to get between my legs.

I can’t move from there, I can just be fucked. And that’s fine with me, I want to be.


As he enters me though, his dick catches on one of the inner folds and I let out a tiny yelp. I’ve tried to disguise these as noises that could be pleasure. Because I never want him to stop even when I’m injured. And as soon as he’s in and thrusting I can no longer feel it, I just feel myself slicken around his cock as it glides in and out of me, pumping me rhythmically and satisfyingly.

I could stay here all night. But that’s not going to happen.

And soon he says my other favourite words, growls them really ‘Uh I’m going to come’.

I want you to, I say and I want to add something about it, I love it when he comes, I love his face the noise. I love seeing it, or feeling it – which I rarely do. I want to tell him to come in my mouth – but I don’t this time I just want him to come.

He says it again, ‘Uh God I’m gonna come.’ And again all I say is that I want him to, that I really fucking want him to.

I love when he finishes inside me. But I really wanted him to come in my mouth. Or at least say something hotter, more aligned with how turned on I was.


He stands up to sort himself, I pull my tights and shoes back on and stand beside him outside fixing my skirt. He grabs me and kisses me, both of us incredulous and pure delighted with ourselves. Giddy.


He brings me to my parents’ house but I won’t let him pull up outside, just in case. I kiss him one last time, again he leans into it, no holding back, no obvious eagerness to stop.

He always has enough for me, it’s never rationed.

I get out and say ‘Thanks for the ride home’


God I hate him.







And now I will get to come thinking of that night. For the first time, but definitley not the last.

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