Anal Etiquette

Had a weird convo about Anal – well, not a convo really. I made a comment and the Twitter exchange didn’t really get into a convo, how can it.

Someone implied that boys love Anal and it was the same as girls loving a big income, I fucking refute that. On behalf of women and men. I earn my own money thanks. There’s enough men choosing safe security and enough women looking for excitement, you can’t say all men want anal and all women want financial security. That’s lame. And reductionist and really is a glib response. I think more of either of the sexes than to just accept or tolerate that.

I know more than one guy who is going to settle for security. When they could have chosen anal. But if the inference is that you don’t settle for the up the bum girl? Then that makes me even sadder. Can’t we see how that’s self-defeating..? If guys are willing to judge girls for having anal then a lot less girls are going to do it. It’s just sad for everyone. But ask yourself, if indeed you’re a person who judges people for doing it or a person who’s judging people for wanting it – what is it that you feel allows you to have your preference at the expense and negation of someone else’s? Whatever you do with someone or want someone to do with you, you should be happy to do it, and not come away from it thinking that you’ve gotten something over on them. Or think less of them because they were willing to engage in the very thing you wanted yourself.

And just because someone might want to do something that you’re not into, that doesn’t automatically equate to them disrespecting you.


Anyway, that was a little tangent but the thing that sparked it was a guy’s reaction to a misquote and him then assuming that I was open to anal. I mean I am, but that’s not what I was saying that early on in a Tinder courtship. But it was too late, he ran with it and was then more impressed with me than he had been. He turned super keen. Like a 10 litre vat of Coleman’s keen.

And this surprised me. I suppose it shouldn’t but it did.

It seems it’s still a really big deal. But how big a deal is it…? Is anyone talking about it? How many people are actually having it, how many are willing to admit to it and how many like it?

And how many judge you for your preferences?

I don’t have any answers – except from my own peer group and that’s hardly representative. But I can tell you this, if I thought all I had to do to get someone to chase me was to casually drop in that I wouldn’t mind a bit of up the bum, then you can bet your own arse that I’d be doing it, and have amassed myself an army of slaves to boot.


All men    nothing and all women nothing. There are no absolutes. And statements like that are infuriating.




Just a wee caveat:

If you think I am going to have bum sex with you, you should know that I won’t be taking yours up there unless you’re taking something of a similar size up yours. There’s a whole legion of you out there who have no appreciation for the logistics and difficulty of the manoeuvre. Only when you’ve understood that yourself, and had respect for what I’m taking, then can you have my arse. Seems only fair. And if you have to think about this, then you don’t deserve to be getting anyone’s arse.

I quite like a finger in my arse, it feels tight and the right kinda dirty. I like two fingers in there when I’m being fucked from behind – being told that he’s rubbing his cock through the skin in my arse. It feels different and I like the whole idea of it. And I like it, sometimes, when I’m being eaten and the guy has his tongue on my clit, some fingers in my cunt and a wee baby finger up my arse. It’s intense and tight and I can clench on everything. But I can just as well leave it. It turns me on and gets me to orgasm but for some reason it diminishes the sensation of the climax – there’s possibly too much going on sensation wise for me. Anyway, I think I’d like my ass to be played with a bit and then before I come for it to be left alone.

But that’s probably very personal perference. But that’s my current stance on it.

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