Fingers – Please Fuck me With Just Your Fingers

Exactly one calendar month. And I was starving. As much as I enjoyed it last time, I didn’t come. But there was no fear of that this time.

‘I’ll be up early in the morning, I have to be in Dublin for work’

‘How early is early?’

‘About 8am’


I was out of the shower and had on the underwear I had bought. If I have time, I usually have new underwear for him. Which is not to say that I wouldn’t do it for anyone that I loved fucking this much, I would, he’s just been the main beneficiary of it for the last while.

I text him to tell him let himself in, the door’s open. He says I’m an idiot and tells me to lock my door.

I don’t, I want him to come in.

I’m rubbing in body lotion as he comes up the stairs. I tell him I’m not ready but I know he doesn’t care. My cunt is waxed, my legs are smooth and my skin is soft as a baby’s. Not even care that I have no makeup on and my hair is still wet. Once I know every inch of me is a delight to touch and that the underwear looks great – then I’m happy to be devoured.

He comes up the stairs with intent, I can almost hear him growl approval at me. We meet at the landing and his eyes over me are the starter I wanted.

‘Fucking look at you!’ he says as we grab each other and start kissing. He still has his beard, I am happy to see. I break away and turn to run into the bedroom before he picks me up and can drag me there. The bed isn’t made, I tell him, and I’m not doing it on a bed with no sheets. He looks at me like he’s going to argue but then lets me grab a clean sheet. As I bend over to put it over one corner he predictably and thankfully, slips my knickers down, with a noise of approval for them. I reprimand him and tug them back up. Again telling him that this sheet has to go on before he can get on. And so he helps me get the other 3 corners secured.

With that done, he doesn’t put me on the bed, he kisses me again lets me see his thickening hard on, even lets me feel it for a second and then turns me towards the wall. He has my hands pressed into it with his own as he breathes me in deeply. He opens his belt, and then tells me to spread my legs a bit. He pulls my knickers aside and then slides his dick between my thighs. And then he tells me to close my legs a bit, to hold his cock in place. I can feel it throbbing and I want it but I can’t get it to where I need. But he knows this.

He then puts his fingers in my mouth and slips them back inside my knickers, just barely grazing the lips, not really letting me feel anything. ‘And you look fantastic, by the way’ he then says. His mouth is at my ear, his dick is between the tops of my thighs and his fingers are teasing my ever swelling lips. I start to move and he pushes his fingers in a bit, a little deeper, but just inside the lips, just barely circling my clit. Then he takes them away. I think he’s going to slip them into my mouth again but he doesn’t, he puts them in his, just centimetres from mine. I cry out and he kisses me and turns me around. I am now with my back to the wall, he places both my hands over my head and tells me not to move. He says it again, quieter, right up in my face, his eyes flicking from mine to my lips. I say nothing. He gets on his knees and starts to kiss my pussy through the lace of my underwear. I can take this for less than 30 seconds when I start to move against him, my hips trying to beg for more. And in less than a second he stands up and pulls me up too, he has me pinned against the wall, my legs wrapped around him as our mouths devour each other. He holds me there for longer than I think is possible before delicately turning around and lying me on the bed. He’s thinking of not letting me have it but he does, he tells me to take his cock in my mouth – but foolish me, it’s only for seconds, he has a plan to get back to.

I am flat on the bed and he crawls up between my legs, then makes a point of putting his cock away. Damn he’s mean. But I know that’s not the end. He pulls my knickers down and kisses me lightly on the mound then grabs my ankles and pulls me to the edge of the bed. He is now standing over me at the end, I am lying with my legs either side of him. I am laid out before him, he has all the control. I prop myself up on my elbows and he leans down to kiss me, sneaking his fingers into my pussy.

I gasp and he smiles. Of course he can elicit any reaction he wants from me. And this is what turns me on; knowing that he is getting off on what he does to me, knowing that is he is doing this to me to watch, to see how my body will perform for his touch. I love knowing that he is scrutinising my reactions and getting aroused by it. He wants to see how he can own me and I want to see it too.

I think, but I don’t know, that he slides in two wet fingers, he slowly slides them in and out, getting them wetter but not faster, not yet. Then he twists them as they are in me and he moves his thumb up to my clit and starts to circle it. I start to writhe on the bed and he pushes me flat back, and with his hand still in me he leans over and kisses me. This is all I want. To have him in control, to not know what he’s doing with his hand as he does what he likes to build my climax. Working his hand in and out of me, tasting me but watching my reactions, kissing me deeply getting me to lose myself as he stays in charge of it all. Begging for more of all of it.

But he has work to do, and he pulls himself back and changes tack with his fingers. He works three deft fingers into my eager and wanting cunt, then twists them slowly as I moan for him. This time the shape his hand makes leaves a knuckle circling my clit, I’m so perfectly wet and able for this increased pressure. And then he pulls his fingers forward as they are deep in me, finding my g spot and working it. I am making more noise, I can’t stay still. My back is arched and he is working me towards a huge orgasm. Fucking me with his hand then, pulling his fingers so they press on my g spot, then circling my clit. And he repeats this. Or at least that’s what I think he’s doing. It’s a perfect storm of sensation. And I can’t help or ruin this, I can’t press down or wriggle. There is nothing I can do to intensity it or speed it up, I just have to take it. I just have to let go and let him do what he had so clearly set out to do. I’m rarely privy to these plans before he executes them. But I am in no doubt that he had intended to stand over me and make my come with his hands.

As his hand fucks me harder and I get louder I tell him I’m close, not that he needed to be told. And without me telling him, he focuses on just circling the clit, knowing that’s what I need most to finish this. His fingers still in me, a thumb or knuckle steadily works my clit until I clench hard and come magnificently.

I am still moaning and writhing when he gets his mouth on it. My swollen, wet, aching lips. And gently he kisses and licks me until another wave rushes over me and I think I could die. His lips lapping delicately at my cunt. His tongue flicking over my pulsating clit.. I buck and twist and scream his name.


‘Did you see that! Did you feel it! Fuck me it was huge!’ He just smiles at me, laughs actually. ‘Your…. That … skill with  …..your fingers…. It’s incredible, I wasn’t even sure what you were doing half the time’. I just about manage to say. I am wrapped in his arms on the bed and he slips his hand back into me and presses on my g spot and says ‘This?’ I can barely take it and I tell him I have to pee and try to wriggle out of his arms. He holds me there, I swear this man’s life mission is to get me to squirt and he insists he’s close when I have that needing to pee feeling. I remain unconvinced and he releases me so I run downstairs to pee, I can’t do anything until I do.

When I come back up he is naked, sitting on the bed, framed by the door, with his fuck off hard on in front of him, he’s not even touching it. I smirk at him and get on my knees to crawl over to it.

He doesn’t let me have it, he guides my mouth close to it then tells me not to move. He slowly moves his foreskin back to reveal some precum. But when I go to lick it he pulls away. Warns me that I was told not to move. Again he returns his cock head to right beside my mouth and pulls back his foreskin, teasing me. ‘Open your mouth’ I do. ‘But don’t move, don’t suck it’. He’s being sadistic now but of course I love it. With me on my knees, naked between his legs, mouth open, he rubs the head of his glistening cock all around my lips – never letting me get at it. ‘Now put your tongue out’ he gets the head wet then goes back to rubbing it all over my lips. I’m in agony now, I want him in my mouth so much. He pulls back his foreskin once more and points, tells me to lick all around underneath the rim of the head. Both sides and then he finally lets me suck it. Deep, wet and all the way back my throat. I lick it everywhere and all down his balls and underneath. I get it as wet as I can and work it with my hand too. I am barely at this for a full minute when he says it; almost a moan, ‘God I love how you suck my cock, I love what you do with it’. This both turns me on and gratifies me. I do love sucking his cock, but I love even more how not one stroke of what I do is ever taken for granted.


I climb up on the bed and he follows me, telling me he had no intention of giving me any dick this morning; that he was going to make me wait until he came back in the afternoon. And we both laughed at the notion that that would ever be possible. Although mine was slightly more nervous than his, I think he could, if he put his mind to it; make me come, do what he liked with me and deny me his cock…. I thinkhe could but I don’t know.

He lies on top of me, rubbing his cock slick from being licked and sucked, against my lips that are still wet from coming not very long ago. He slides it up and down my lips, working it back and forward, getting everything good and wet, both of us being teased with this. He then catches the hood of my clit and starts to circle it, still not having entered me at all. I move underneath him, greedy and hungry for it. He still takes his time. He presses down harder and manages to open me a bit; he is a tiny bit inside me. Again he moves back and forth, sliding over my clit and into my lips. Each time going a little deeper never getting any faster. Edging into me, controlling me as I try to grab his ass and pull him in deeper. Controlling me as I raise my hips trying to get him more into me. Nope. This is his pace and he is going to own it.

Finally with a last push he is fully in me and I gasp. He thrusts hard and I feel all of his length. And my body explodes with the sensation. And he then starts to fuck me, properly, steadily, making me feel every inch of him with every stroke. I beg for more but he stays steady and then I feel it, another orgasm build and take over me. I am bucking and writhing underneath him and cannot control it. I don’t know if he felt mine, or it was because I said it, but he then started to come and we both came together. I can’t remember the last time that happened. He came hard inside me.


He has to go then, and I am too blissed out to care to ask him if he’s coming back and what time. I pull the duvet over me and sink into the most blissed out state I think I have ever felt in my life. Fresh, clean sheets, my soft skin tingling and the euphoria of multiple orgasms pumping through my veins – and with no obligation to be anywhere for the whole day.

I drift off to sleep and wake only to him back at my door. Looking for lunch.

This is undoubtedly the best Monday of my life.



*No.  No he didn’t get any lunch. We got distracted. But he did charmingly remind me of the time I made him a bacon and avocado sandwich on sourdough – he remembers the details too so it seems.

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