Guest Piece – Cum Play and Finger Banging

Quite miraculously, this delicious piece of filth from a guy called Arthur landed into my inbox last week. I was delighted to receive it.

Just to note, this finger banger is not the one who banged me recently. This is entirely unknown to me. I hope you enjoy it.




The door clicks closed. Of all the moments that will follow I like to savour this one the most. We both have an idea of what is about to happen but it won’t play out like we are thinking. It would be no fun if it did. We know the smiles on our faces do little to mask the filth in our heads at right now. I want just one thing from her and that is the realization in her face that this hasn’t happened before. That somehow, without trying anything new, she would feel like she had never come like this before.

We kiss for a moment and she backs onto the bed. The taste of her lip balm always reminds me of pounding her, I’m not sure when or where but it does; lost in her and violently passionate that’s what it evokes but I’ve never told her that. I keep that for myself. I slowly pull down her knickers to reveal a freshly waxed cunt. I want nothing but to dive into it but that’s not how this plays out. Lifting herself up on her elbows, she starts to trace her foot down my chest. My cock springs up when I quickly dispose of my briefs. She bites her lips with a slight smirk as she looks at me towering over her at the edge of the bed. I notice that she is resisting looking at my rock hard cock. She is teasing herself. She is teasing me. Perfect.

Lowering myself I slide my head between her legs, I gently trace my fingers from her calves to her thighs. I kiss around her cunt. Slowly and firmly. She lets her guard down and closes her eyes. She wants to moan, I can see it, but I won’t let her get one out of her mouth, she is subdued to silence by one utterance from me; a soft and loaded ‘shussssh’ which means not yet.

She’s then not expecting this, a direct return to play. I give her clit a quick flick of my tongue before sliding the rest of my body right up between her legs. The tip of my cock now able to kiss her cunt as my eyes meet hers. She inhales sharply. And I am rewarded with the knowledge that she really didn’t expect that. I apply pressure with my cock. Then I kiss her, finishing with me biting her lip. It’s cheesy but it’s never unappreciated. My right thumb traces underneath her left breast and up towards her stiff nipple. I feel goose bumps. She wants me in her, to be fucked hard right now and I can’t give it to her.

I lift myself up on my knees. She is breathing heavily. I trace her pussy lips with my cock, being careful not to get in too far. I lean back and I let go of my now throbbing cock. From the corner of my eyes I can see her clench her feet. Her legs are restless, she wants more, needs it. I know exactly how wet she is right now, without touching. Again I grip my cock and move it towards her swollen lips, hoping she’ll think it’s going in, it’s not. I have it gripped with one hand but two fingers underneath the shaft ready to slide into her instead. I get my two fingers inside her before she realises it’s not my cock. At long last I get my first uncontrolled moan. This one I knew she couldn’t keep in. There is nothing quite like it. She is not the same from here on in. Control is now literally in my hands alone.

I work her slowly with just these two fingers. My palm is facing the ceiling as I make the “come here” gesture with my fingers inside her. She is so fucking wet. Her back is arched. Her eyes are closed. Her moans are low now but that won’t be for long. I bring my head down to her clit and blow on it lightly. She has waited long enough; I put my lips on her clit, sucking lightly. My fingers get faster sliding them back and forth, steadily in and out. And of course a thumb on her clit, now. I trace the fingers on my left hand along her thighs. She moans loudly. It won’t be long now.

She comes as loud as I’ve ever heard her come. Her body is shaking as she begins to push her pussy towards my face. I have to taste her properly. My mouth takes her in as I squeeze her thighs with both hands, my tongue and lips lightly sucking in as much as they can reach. She tightens her thighs around my head as I get my tongue deep inside her for the end of her orgasm.

She knows what’s next. I rise to my knees. Precum actually dripping from the tip of my cock. A wave of pleasure runs through me as she carefully wipes it off with her finger and tastes me. As always she looks me in the eye, and runs her finger underneath the tip of the head which lights up my dick with pleasure. And I know it’s my turn.

I have her hands pinned behind her head pretty quick. In one movement I’m sliding fully inside her. There is the look I’ve wanted on her face. It has taken her till now to realize that it all hasn’t been done like this before. She’s had her orgasm and now she just wants to be fucked hard. I am stretching her nicely. I quickly up the pace to meet her desire. She is building. We both are. I keep a firm steady rhythm. Each stroke is from tip to base. She’ll feel this tomorrow, I want her to. I know she wants to. The thought of her feeling where my cock has been for days sends me over the edge.

We both come hard. There is no way she can’t feel my cock pulse inside her. Blindsiding me and swiftly getting the base of my cock, she pulls me out and makes sure the last bit of cum is for her mouth. She has got her wish. We kiss and I find that she hasn’t swallowed….yet. I wasn’t expecting that. I have a new memory to think of now when I taste her lips again.




Thanks Arthur, now I have a burning urge to have someone eat their come out of me….

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