We’re going for a drink. This never happens, going for drinks is not what we do. Going out at all is not what we do. But I have to see this band and I of course want to see him.

It’s been about a month. I haven’t had sex and neither has he so it seems.

He stands behind me as we watch the band, proprietorial and slightly protective, making sure no one bangs off me, but also making sure that no one can see what he’s up to.

Standing right up behind me, he presses himself into my arse. I can feel him rubbing himself against me; this isn’t for him, he is not gratifying himself, it’s for me. It’s to tell me how much he wants me, it’s to tell me he’s already hard.

My dress is short and he has no trouble lifting it and getting into my tights and knickers. He reaches through my legs and pulls my whole cunt back towards him. When he’s satisfied himself with how wet I am through my underwear he starts to give me something. He rubs his thumb back and forth over the lips. He’s close into my neck but I don’t know if he can feel my sharp intakes of breath, but he can certainly fee me push back into him, making access as easy as possible.

I don’t stop him, or pull away or adjust anything. He’s gotten my assent he can take this further – he reads me so well.

Circling my clit and then trying to push the lips open further I realise he’s not going to stop, he wants me to come, here, in public, in this crowd. I’m not into public displays, I don’t get off on it but I want him so much and his hands are so deft all those concerns don’t surface, I just stand and have him do what he wants to me.


People brush off us, we have to stop a few times, but each time he goes back to it, and edges me closer. I start to get worried that I’m going to come. Little noises escape my mouth and yet I can’t stop, I still feel it building. This shouldn’t be working, but it is. The next time we’re broken apart I go to the toilet and take off my knickers. I’m still wearing tights, relax.

When I come back I hand them to him, not one to ever miss a beat he has them fully secured in his fist and is raising it to his mouth to smell them before I’ve even leaned in to tell him.

He keeps this up for a bit then sticks them in his pocket, and returns his hands to my cunt.


It’s not an ideal angle for fingering, standing behind me, but he’s managing to do it, to rub and swell and stimulate exactly what I need. I’ve never managed to be aroused in venue full of people before. I keep thinking it will end but it doesn’t. He keeps me on the precipice for ages.


I don’t come. But only because I couldn’t trust myself not to make noise. I stop him.


We stay and have more drinks. He doesn’t want to leave and I do. I need release I need him to finish the job.


When we get back to the hotel I am agitated and I want to be made come straight away. And out of character (literally) I breathlessly ask him to go down on me. He stops in his tracks, pulls my head up near his mouth and threateningly says ‘Don’t you ever tell me how to fuck you again’. Not the quiet, calm super villain menace that I usually get, this had real aggression in it, even though it too wasn’t shouted. And I fucking loved it. It made my cunt ache and slicken for him even more.

I would never have guessed that those words would have worked on me. I would have said no, if someone had said would I like them. But in the heat of the moment, with him – dominant perfection.


He then drags me to the bed and starts to fuck with me.

I don’t know what we do but it works towards me being made come with his fingers and mouth. Just as I am reaching the peak, I tell him. I say it twice, possibly three times, he waits til I’m sure and then he stops. Stops completely.

I cry out, close to actual tears and start to breathlessly repeat the same sentence, heaving trying to get the words out, all of them running into each other ‘Whywhywhywhywould’ ‘No, why,whywhy?’ ‘But I’m, I’m, I am, I was …… whhhhhhyyyyyyyy’

I am really nearly crying and so aroused and confused. But I see him waver for the first time ever he’s not sure if I really am going to burst into tears (I’m not sure he could cope with that) and he says, in the most unsure voice I have ever experienced from him ‘I did it on purpose, it’s going to be so much better when I edge you further and you finally get to come’

I remain unconvinced and distraught, almost. And he gets on with his plan, to start again. He comes back up the bed and holds me, starts kissing again, rubs his solid cock along the wet edges of the lips of my pussy and I am wholly aroused again. And he goes back to eating me.

I don’t know how long but when I do get close again, I don’t make the mistake of telling him again – I’m not letting him do that again I’ve been on edge for hours!


And I do come, magnificently on his tongue and fingers. And I think he’s genuinely annoyed with me! Not for long but he wanted to do it 4 times. Yeah right! Like I was gonna let you do that again. He tries to convince me that after 4 times I’d have had the greatest orgasm ever but no dice. I don’t even know where my next one is coming from and I’m not about to starve myself.


When I’m not insane from arousal, I can see his point. I can see how he does these things purely to satisfy me not just to tease me. But in that moment…. It’s so hard to submit to someone’s masterplan.

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