How Do I Feel About Come

After the last guest piece I’ve been thinking about cum play. And I got asked to submit a piece for kink of the week…. Unfortunately I wholly failed as I was around the country and busy holding together a heart that seemed determined to burst* and while I’ve really desperately wanted to do this, I haven’t had the chance. Or really the ability to make any words come out.

So this piece won’t get included but I’m going to talk about cum play anyway.


Well first off how do I feel about come? I’m a fan, I like the taste and I love the smell and especially love the feel of it. But not everywhere. I don’t want my partner to come on my face. It’s just not something that I enjoy at all. I can’t get past the idea that it’s somewhat of a degrading act  –  and I’m not averse to ‘degrading’ acts – some of the things I want guys to do to me certainly would fit that description for others. But for me, personally, I don’t find it hot. It’s one of the only things I’ll say no to. And honestly I’d be disappointed if I explained this to someone and they were to insist that they still wanted it. It would be more of a turn off if someone were to ignore my limits than even the act itself.

But that’s the only thing I don’t want to do with it. I most certainly do want it in my mouth. I for sure want it on my tits, or across my back or deep inside me. Here’s a little disclaimer that I probably shouldn’t admit; I can’t feel it when a guy comes inside me. I have to trust that he’s not faking it (or indeed know him well enough that I know he isn’t) but as for feeling it shoot inside me? No chance. Not once. I’ll know when it runs out of me or gathers in my knickers and makes a big stain on the bed.

The first blow job I gave, I swallowed and that set the tone for me for the rest of my life. I liked it but soon discovered that I needed to keep that to myself as girls weren’t supposed to and if they did, they shut up about it and never told me. So I shut up and pretended the same.

But I didn’t care, this is how I liked it and there was never, ever an argument from the guys I was with. So what if it seemed like I was the only girl who did and I couldn’t tell anyone.


I’m not sure I like it anywhere as much as in my mouth and those formative years could be why. But I do like being with someone I can trust and knowing that when they get close I can grab their arse, squeeze it and pull him deeper into me to finish there. I love the idea of that. And of course knowing that it’s going to fill my knickers later. (I’m not sure when I started doing this, I don’t even know another girl who does it, but soon after he’s come inside me I grab my knickers and put them back on – to catch his come. The wetter they get the better. It’s just a little foible of mine so it seems)

But really what I love is when he’s deep inside me, pumping hard and he tells me he’s gonna come but he pulls out, tells me to get on my knees and finishes in my mouth. Fuck me if I don’t absolutely love that move. To feel him shoot it into my mouth or right back my throat, with his cock throbbing and so I can milk every last drop out of him – I love the surprise of that as much as the satisfaction of having made him come solely from a blow job. Only problem is how much it turns me on and how much I want to be fucked afterwards.



I haven’t done much come play – I talk about it with partners, and they always say they want it (most of them) but the reality, so I’ve found, is that as soon as they’ve come they have no interest in anything at all. In the universe. Let alone continuing with any sexual tasks. So on a few occasions I’ve held come in my mouth looking at them to see if they want it…. They have been oblivious.

So I raised this with my most frequent of lover and he reluctantly admitted that he thinks that he would need a few minutes to gather himself before he could muster interest. But to his credit he did offer this solution which I am dying to try.

He wants to make me come, no surprise there, it’s how he always starts, then he wants to fuck me reverse cow girl. He’s sitting upright, on the couch me facing away but able to leverage with my feet on the floor. I work him up and down as he gets full view of my ass. Then I grind onto him to make him come, hopefully I can make myself come again as this is a good catalyst for him. When I’m done I lift myself off him and give him a minute or two, rest up on the couch beside him. And eventually when he’s caught his breath we start kissing, he dips his fingers in my cunt and starts circling my clit again. He slides them right in trying to get his come on them, which he then slides into my mouth. When all of this gets him hard again he wants me to stand over him, my cunt just over his face and let his come drip into his open mouth.

We haven’t done this but I can picture the look on his face, his hand on his dick, my legs either side of him as he catches it all. When he has it, I kiss him and he passes it back to me. Then I sit on his mouth and make him lick me clean. Stopping to kiss him again so we both keep tasting it until it’s gone. Then I’ll work myself on his face until he makes me come again.


This is my new fantasy. This is the one I am now craving.




*let’s not talk about it, I’ll be grand soon.

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