Stranglehold Squirting

I’m alright at sex.

I pretty much can’t say even that much about anything else in my life. But at sex I think I hold my own, I think I am ok at it.

think I’m ok at it because I really enjoy it and I really want who ever I’m doing it with to have a good time. I will make it my business to see that they have a good time. This determination, coupled with a genuine interest in it makes me … kind of ok at it, I believe.

I generally don’t come away from sexual encounters thinking I was out played or beaten or out matched.

But I was recently.


I have a friend who likes makeup and women’s underwear. He doesn’t share this predilection with many people but he’s lucky to have a few close girl friends who he has shared it with. I’m not sure why he is able to share it with us and not anyone else and not even many of his partners. He is pretty uptight about it, almost ashamed. You wouldn’t guess he was into this from looking at him or talking to him at all. There is no hint of it. And that is definitely the way he wants it.

But one night he was with a girl – it was their first night together (possibly their only night together) and her immediate go to move was to take her knickers off, throw them at him and tell him to put them on.

She proceeded to tell him he was a dirty little girl and slapped him across the face and told him she knew what he wanted and what he liked which was to be treated like the true little bitch that he is.

Now as it turned out, this is exactly what he wanted and even better he didn’t have to verbalise it. It was a dream come true for my friend. And he was in awe when he gave the details to me the following day. And I couldn’t get my head around it, how did she know what he wanted? How did she guess what he was in to? But more importantly how did she have the balls to bust out a move like that?

I got no answers. Then or since. And I still think that girl was a legend. He never said who it was.


This is all relevant because the other night, on my first night with a guy his very first move was to push me on to the bed then tell me to get on all fours. He stood behind me and pulled his leather belt out of the loops. He lifted my skirt and pulled down my tights then slipped the belt around my neck. He tightened it and it was long enough that he still had enough length to start slapping my arse with it.


None of this was an issue for me, let me state that for the record. This is most definitely what I’m into. And doled out in just the right measures. It was a personal Shangri-La.


But once again I have to ask: HOW DID HE KNOW? How did he just know that I would be into it? I cannot fathom how his very first move would be to take his belt off and simultaneously choke me with it and tan my arse. It’s not a very first night move is it. It certainly wasn’t anything that we’d discussed in length, or indeed at all.

But I was into it, I was deeply, achingly, soaking-ly into it.

After he had given my arse a hiding. He pushed me onto the bed and stood over me taking off the rest of his clothes. I turned myself around and propped myself up on my elbows panting, gasping and smirking at him, the belt was still around my neck like a leash.

He pulled off my tights and knickers then flattened me back onto the bed taking hold of the belt again. Kneeling between my thighs, he started to eat me as he tightened the grip on the belt making it taut again, returning me to the stranglehold.

I’m definitely in shock, I’ve lost my bearings and I have no idea what is happening except that I am in ecstasy.

He makes me come and I haven’t even been allowed near his cock yet.

I wriggle off his mouth and fingers, curling into a ball trying to calm down from the orgasm, while he pulls on a condom and commands me back onto my knees. He has to ask twice, I’m a mess.

He positions me where he wants me and tells me I’m going to take it like a good girl. But he doesn’t give it to me, he asks me do I think I deserve it, do I think I’ve been good enough. Oh god I can barely speak I want it so much.


Grasping my hips he ploughs into me steadily building his rhythm, getting harder with each stroke. The belt is still around my neck. As his thrusts get harder and faster he takes hold of it, yanking my head right back and pulling as hard as he can on it as he fucks me furiously. Pounding me relentlessly. Steadying himself with his grip on the belt. Can you picture that? Me on all fours, him behind me, fucking me hard while holding tight onto the leather that is strangling me and keeping me in place. My cunt aches now just to imagine it.


He is sating himself and I am just a conduit to that now. To be used.


When he’s had enough of choking me, he lets go of the belt and pushes my face into the pillow and grabs hold of my hair with both hands as he growls with pleasure, out of sight behind me. Again it’s not enough he needs to assert more power. He holds the back of my neck, pressing my face hard into the pillow as he slaps my already tender arse in time to his thrusts. And eventually roars as he comes really hard.






And not the end of it by a long shot.


He had made a bold claim at the start that I had dismissed out of hand; not that he could but that he most certainly would make me squirt.


No suspense is gonna be drawn out, here is the chase I’ve cut right to it; I squirted. Big arcs of ejaculate fountained out of me. I was incredulous.

It smelled and tasted divine.

But for the life of me I cannot tell you how he did it. I know his mouth was down there for ages then fingers, then almost his whole hand was up inside me so I can only guess that he was pressing on my g-spot. I don’t really know. But he knew, and he knew I was about to come as he got himself into another position so that he could see it – this was no accident and whatever clues my body was giving that it was about to happen, he had read them. It was just his hand going in and out of me when the squirting happened, and he kept pumping me with it as the liquid shot out of me.


So, he out sexed me. He sniffed me out, gauged what I wanted without me ever telling him and then he proceeded to make a big bold claim and actually delivered on it.

This was no fluke, he’s done this before. He just knows how to make girls squirt, or so it seems.

Hands in the air, this guy knows a hell of a lot more about pleasing women than I do about pleasing men. He’s more knowledgeable and intuitive.

And I hate saying that.


We had sex all night and all morning until I kicked him out because my sister was calling round. And every time he went at me, he made me come. And a few times he brought me to the edge and didn’t let me.

I was owned …………………….and I don’t know how he did it and it’s making me crazy!




How did he just know?

How do you look at someone and just know what they’re in to? I think I have let my education slip, I need to up my game and raise the bar. I have a lot more learning to do.

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