Girl On The Net – book review

I’ve never done a review – I can give you loads of reasons why but the biggest one is that no one’s ever sent me anything and asked for one. (Which is probably good, being impartial isn’t really a strong suit of mine. Also, we have that whole well documented thing where I admitted I hate vibrators… so that will ensure I don’t get sent anything. But please, can we just remind everyone that I will wear and model underwear that any company wants to send to me. I would do that shit for free) (all lines of communication are open for underwear, never forget that)


But I was sent something a few weeks ago. To be fair I did ask to be sent it, I wasn’t chosen as a worthy reviewer, there was no criteria that had to be met. To be clear, I didn’t do anything to deserve being sent this book.

So we’re remembering that I’ve never done a review and that I have no concept of being impartial when it comes to something I like?

Great, let’s get on with the fan girling!!



The day I was sent a link to Girl on The Net’s page is the day I decided to do this. She is the reason that I write – it never crossed my mind to do it before then, I didn’t know people did. And I didn’t even find her myself, my mermaid haired friend sent it to me with the follow up text saying ‘PS, this is what you should be doing with your life’.


I showed the link to everyone who was close to me, I downloaded the first book – it was an eBook and I did not possess an e-reader at the time. I wanted the words so badly I read every one of them at work on my phone. I do not recommend this at all. But such was the draw, such was the hook of a great string of words. I was in.


But I loved this second one more. And not solely because I was holding it in my hand as opposed to squinting at my phone. I loved it for itself. Ok, and a tiny bit because it was a solid book I could hold in my hand.

We all want to know more about celebrities, that’s the world we live in but we extra want to know about the people who are anonymous, we can’t help it, it’s human nature to be intrigued.

So to have a whole book giving me insights, filling in gaps I’d wondered about, god it was so satisfying. I’m going to say pimple popping satisfying and hope that you know what I mean.


It would have been satisfying to know anything about anyone who was anonymous but this was better than just popping a zit. This was more. It was surprising and entertaining and nourishing. Reading it was like coming home every day to your favourite dinners cooked for you, all of them, a different one every day. Every chapter was something else.


I feel like a better writer, a better feminist and a better contributor from reading this or that I could be. But mostly I feel like someone is saying things I want to say, just far cleverer and less belligerently than I would. I feel like it’s the voice of so many of my friends, one that I don’t hear enough in the world.

I don’t need it to be sanctioned but it’s great when you feel like it’s ok to keep being you, the way you are.



I don’t know how to do reviews, how do you talk about something without giving the details away but drawing people in? I don’t know. But I’m just going to say that my favourite chapter was about relationship goals – I’m sure that’s not what it was called but there was reference to being so content to do any menial task when you were doing it with someone you loved. And while that may sound saccharine, and incongruous you’ll just have to read the book to find out why the manifestation of it was the opposite. And how utterly convincingly brilliant it was. I am aching to be able to recreate it.

But of course I’ll have to make sure no one I know reads the book and that won’t happen as I will be waxing lyrical about it until there’s a third one to pour over.



I don’t think I’ve loved a series as much since Harry Potter. Probably shouldn’t say that?


This would be a great present for any girl in your life.


Here’s the link, I’ve made it easy for you.


Sure have a think about it at the least.

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