Is Your Penis Too Small for Me?

….. I can pretty much guarantee that your penis is not too small for me. (I mean, I feel like I have to point out that it might be, but odds are that it isn’t)

Size does matter. To say it doesn’t is to negate reality and people’s feelings of insecurity in a way that’s far too glib to be helpful or even accurate. It’s like saying money doesn’t matter or looks or formal education.

They shouldn’t. But we all know that they do.

Not them alone of course but as attributes they sure don’t hurt to have. You’re not gonna be worse off for being a millionaire super model with a first class honours degree.

But still, it’s what you do with your looks or your money or your PhD that count. Them alone aren’t enough to get you where you want to be. More crucially, you can be devastatingly attractive if you’re not deemed conventionally pretty. You can be happy if you’re not rich, only a small population of the world actually is. You can succeed without a masters or a PhD. These are things you can readily get by without, it’s what you make of the rest of yourself that counts.

And it’s the same for a cock. Sure a big one can feel great but it’s really of no use unless it’s wielded well, unless its handler has learned how to wrangle it or to do any of the other myriad things that make up for a great sexual encounter. It isn’t a show maker or stopper. But it’s so hard to talk about. It’s so hard to address. We are so afraid of upsetting the penis that we don’t talk about it. As if addressing it was some kind of insult in and of itself. Well it’s not.

I have a large pointy nose, a fact not an insult. I have unevenly sized breasts, fact not insult. I have cellulite covering all my arse, hips and most of my thighs; I don’t love hearing this, admitting to this or having it pointed out, but again these are just facts. Maybe how you address it with me might be an insult, if that was your intention, it would be pretty easy to do. The point is though, simply talking about your penis size is not automatically insulting. It doesn’t make it less useful an appendage if I call it small or indeed average.

Every guy has a different one, some are bigger, it’s just a fact but all are capable of giving pleasure. Is there such a thing as too big? Probably. Is there such a thing as too small, again probably. But what is ok for one person is not what’s ok for everyone. And I can love your dick just fine even if it isn’t huge. I can love it for a million attributes before size is one of them. Most notably its propensity to get hard when it’s near me (insert heart eye emojis here). I am usually in love with the dick on the person that I am in love with. I have been lucky to love and have been loved by several penises in my life time, and it has been a pleasure to love them in return. And while I loved them as they were I’d still have taken an extra couple of inches if a Penis Fairy Godmother was dolling out extra penis inches. I’m sure some of those penises could say several things about my vagina – and they might have wanted to change a few things about it too. Does any of that mean that I didn’t worship those beautiful dicks when I had them? Nope. I cherished them.


You can love yourself just fine and still take a change if it was offered to you. Yes, I’d like a big dick over an average one, there’s no point lying. But that big dick would want to be hard as an iron bar, attentive as a new puppy and attached to someone who can make me squirt* over and above just being large.


*I really have to stop referencing this. It was only one guy who did it and I can’t seem to replicate it. Christ I hope I manage it again some day.



I’d just like to state that this is not a coverall, get out clause for anyone being horrbile to you about your body. If someone is openly telling you that they would fancy you more if you lost weight or beefed up. Or telling you that they think your penis is too small or your vagina needs less folds – this is not what I’m talking about. That is something altogether different. I flat out love my tits, they are small but pert size Bs but if I was offered Ds I would take them without even breathing. And if I was with a partner who thought the same i.e. that he’d be happy to squeeze them for the rest of his life but he wouldn’t say no to the Ds either then fine – as long as every time I took my bra off he wasn’t saying: God I love these, I just wish there was more of them. We all get that, right? Good.

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