I’m Not Done With Your Throat Yet

I can’t get these words out of my head, they creep up on me and punch me in the stomach. The good way. That knowing pull that drags down to my lips and makes an ache for my cunt. Their utter perfection; like a gif on a loop it just plays in my head of its own accord and sometimes my moan is almost audible.

They might be the best words he’s said to me. If I tell him I’ll ruin it, he won’t be able to say it like that again.



As he let himself go, gave into that place where he takes full control,  and started to own it .. he says calmly and for himself: And I’m not done with your throat yet


It’s the delivery. He means it. And he means it for him. He can finally see his total control of me exercised in front of him and this comment is like … almost involuntary, it’s elicited by the sight of me completely at his mercy.


I will do anything for him in this moment, his fingers deftly working my cunt. Building me up, going deep then coming out again, fucking me and teasing me. I know I will come from this, I know I will come well. He’s done it before and I trust he gets off on it. Which makes me writhe against him.



But these words, ‘I’m not done with your throat yet‘ whispered close into my ear as I heave with the weight of breathing, spoken because he wanted to say them, not for my heightened pleasure; but that is why they do just that. My breathing is in gasps, and I sigh into a moan of need.




I’m not done with your throat yet 



A hint of menace, equally promising and threatening, reminding me of what he did to it earlier. How he fucked it. Held his cock down it until I gagged and my eyes watered. Then did it again. How he held my head back over the edge of the bed, angling himself so he could get a rhythm, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Using my mouth as he wanted, reaching the back of my throat then grasping my hair in his hands and holding me in place; his whole length choking me and cutting off my air. Then releasing me. Pulling my head up and kissing me as I struggle for breath before returning me to my task.




I’m not done with your throat yet

Oh god I hope you’re not.

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