Get Fucked

I’m outside your house

Well come in then!


He closes the door behind him as I walk away and up the stairs. Telling his I’m soaked and I need to change, he follows me up.

I have my pants off by the time he stands behind me and grabs my hips.

What are you doing here? I say not out of irritation but inquiry. I genuinely don’t know why he’s here. He’s now kissing my neck as I try to take my top off.

I’m here cos I thought you needed a friendly face.


Ughhhhh – I think to myself, not what I wanted to hear. But he hasn’t stopped touching me so I move his hands down between my legs as I try to pull off my bra.

He takes his hand away from where I’ve placed it almost instantaneously and my mood fleetingly sinks even further; convinced that he’s not here to fuck me. But he moves his hand up to my mouth so I can wet his fingers before he slips them inside my underwear. My lips part easily for him.


Instinctively I push my arse back against him, trying to find a hardening cock. I’m not quite convinced that this isn’t a brutal tease; that he will leave at any second.

Do you have time? I ask with loaded expectation. My need is greater than even I knew.

Of course I do! He says this as if it was understood from the moment he arrived. But how could it have been? It wasn’t arranged, he doesn’t live this side of the city and he had already told me he had plans tonight.

It was not understood until right now.


I turn to face him, sheer relief coursing through me as I drop to my knees and get his cock out. It springs towards my mouth and he makes that glorious noise as I slide it past my lips. This is for my pleasure as much as his. I am so greedy to be filled with it everywhere, I’m probably doing a rubbish but enthusiastic job. I am so ravenous. I suck it eagerly then force as much of it as I can back my throat. I know he loves this.

Loves the feel of it as much as how it looks. How my eyes water and I gag and choke. How I cough up his dick when I can no longer breathe, spit dangling from my lips to the tip of the head.


I go back to sucking him more gently but he’s had a taste of what he likes now and wants more. He places his hands either side of my face and slowly starts to fuck my mouth. Any control I had is taken from me. I relish the delicacy with which he holds my face in place with the roughness of how he fucks it. He pushes me right up to the edge of where I can breathe – then holds me for another beat before letting me go. I spit out his saliva, dripping cock and gasp for air.

He calls me a good girl and leans down to kiss me.


I’m in no mood to be messed with this evening and in no mood to take my time. I barely register his kiss and uncharacteristically order him on to the bed and I climb on top of him. I rub his still slick cock up against my wet cunt. I am oozing need.


It’s not wet enough for me so I push the head of his cock into my lips. It’s still not wet enough so I just slide right down until it’s all in and grind down on him. Trying to get the greedy orgasm I need so badly.


Even with his thumb working my clit I can’t get there. This isn’t hard or direct or brutal enough for me tonight. I need to be hurt with it.

He pulls me off him and I think he’s going to flip me over, but he climbs between my legs pushes me flat onto my back. And his tongue starts to work my swollen clit.


It’s all gone too far for any teasing or slow movements and he duly eats with precision – ignoring my bucking and not even holding me in place. I am rabid with need, unable to keep my hips on the bed – forcing them up to meet his mouth. I can’t even articulate that I want his fingers but he eventually adds them, sliding two into me with ease now.


As soon as I have them they are no longer enough. I just want more, I want to be filled and stretched. I am writhing and bucking and all I can breathe out is ‘Harder. More’


I cannot contain myself or articulate just how much I need to come. He pushes his fingers harder into me and I lift my hips and press myself on to his tongue as much as I can. And I feel it coming, a giant climax erupts and I come hard on his mouth and fingers.


Before I have gathered myself he thankfully grabs my legs and holds them up as he forces his solid cock into my still pulsating cunt.


Another wave of release hits as he starts to pound me. He forces my legs back harder, pinning them back by my head. I can’t move, I can only take it, take whatever he fucks into me.


His orgasm builds and he announces that he’s going to come. Just before he does he pulls out and shoots jets of it all over my tits and belly. Giving me the last glimpse of him with his cock in his hand

and we both collapse. Sated.


I feel so much better. So infinitely better than I had done 30 minutes before.

I don’t need a friendly face, I need a furious fuck.

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