Filthy Alley Sex

Will you order me another milkshake and get the bill, I’m just going to run to the loo.

You just had one?

I know. But get me another one.

Friday Night

I walk off to the loo not explaining myself. It’s about 11 on a busy Friday night at the end of the summer. It’s actually warm in Dublin and we’ve just had the best burgers in the city. We stroll up the street and stop outside the bar that we were in earlier. I hand him the vanilla milkshake, point to the bench and tell him I’ll be right back. He doesn’t argue or say anything, he’s along for the ride.


I get us two Jameson and Baileys and return to him. Asking him to remove the lid of the milkshake I dump the two drinks in and give it a stir with the straw.

It is the perfect strength and utterly delicious.



We stroll across to where he works to collect my bag. I haven’t been there at night and access is down a lane around the side. He puts a key in somewhere I can’t see and a metal shutter rises automatically.


It’s very dark and what little light comes in from the street leaves again as the shutter comes back down. It’s a filthy, narrow alley. There’s bits of discarded shop ware and weeds and the surface is uneven. We’re in a slice between two tall buildings, high up about 3 stories there are lights on and they give some outline to things – but there’s no escaping it, we’re in a grotty alley. And it is turning me on. We’ve had a few drinks and we’re topping that up with our illicit milkshake, I haven’t seen him in a week and he’s promised to fuck me at his work. But we don’t make it inside, I want it here, out in this dark, dingy, lane.


I am so amused at how perfect it is, I’m laughing at its almost movie-like perfection. He stands behind me amused at my amusement, kisses my neck and starts to point out just how filthy this yard is.


And there’s no going back.



I want it now

I take his hand and push it down my jeans, he removes it and sticks his fingers in my mouth to wet them – then returns them to inside my knickers.

The alley is just wide enough to fit a car in, and his is parked here. He turns me to him kiss him and I do for a second before I go put the drink on the boot of the car, it’s too good to drop or knock over. I turn back to him laughing and kiss him again before I pull his belt open and squat down. I can’t kneel, I’d be likely to catch some knee disease but squatting works fine. A fat, hard cock falls towards my mouth and I get my mouth around it.


I don’t care

The windows are open above us, occasionally a shadow passes across one, but it’s a few stories up. I don’t care, I want him to make noise. He moans as I get his cock really wet. I let him slip it right back my throat too and hold it there til I choke just a little. I take it out of my mouth and stand up. Two steps and I can reach the milkshake on the car, I take a sip and hold it in my mouth.


Again I drop to a squat and I slide his dick into my cold, milkshake filled mouth and then I hear him properly moan. Fuck that’s good! Fuck that’s so good.



I suck it until it’s just my warm mouth again. He holds the side of my face and gently fucks it. The light from the above windows is landing right on my face and I look up, I can’t see him but he can see me. He can see his cock sliding in and out of my mouth and one last time he pushes it all the way back my throat until I swallow it. I keep it there until I can’t breath and then I cough it out, and he looks down as my spit trails from his cock to my lips.



He is still watching this as I wipe my mouth and rub it back onto his cock. Without letting go I stand up turn around and get his cock between my thighs and rub it against my wet lips. He spits on his hand and adds it to slickness. And now his cock slides into me and I squeeze to keep it in.



He slowly thrusts into me and I start to make noise, I am so greedy for this right now but I don’t want it to be over too soon. Still standing I bend over even further so he can slide into me even easier. And then I stop and squat down again to suck his dick, tasting myself all over him, licking every bit of myself off his shaft.



He pulls me up and pushes me forward so I can lean against the car and then he starts to fuck me good and hard. His hand reaches around and starts to circle my clit as he pounds me from behind. More, harder I shout and he does, never losing his concentration on my clit.



My cunt is tightening on his dick and I can feel myself almost there and I cry this out. Which in turn elicits a panicked response of how he needs to get a condom on.



This slows us down and brings us both back from the edge. He rolls one on and slides back into me, my hands wide apart, leaning on the car with my jeans and knickers at my knees. Working me with deep thrusts I get his hand back to my clit and in minutes I’m about to come. A shouting, almost drunk, cock crushing orgasm.



I brace myself as he grabs my hips and fucks me as hard as he can to get himself there, it takes seconds. And he makes the most noise he’s made so far as he shoots into me with a low, satisfied roar.




We didn’t even make it inside. This alley might as well be made of diamonds it twinkles so brightly for me!

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