What qualifies me, why I do this, what motivates me

I’m not a character, I’m a real girl and these are my real thoughts and experiences. I really think these things – have done these things, fantasise about these things. But I also have a real job that couldn’t be more removed from this, which I’m lucky to have and I have friends and family – most of which have no idea about this. So why do it then?

Because I need an outlet for this (it won’t stay in my head) and I like writing – and the best writing is about what you know and love, allegedly. And maybe people might like what they read? I certainly like reading other bloggers who are similar to me like this one.

I’m not claiming that I know everything about sex but I do know (nearly) everything about the sex I’ve had and what I think about it. And I’m fully qualified to talk and rant about that!

I’m anonymous because Ireland is a small country, because we don’t live in an equal society and as 21st Century as we like to think we are, the stuff I talk about can be used against me as a woman. Could be used against a man too most likely, but in a different context. I don’t want to upset my employers, or my parents or indeed anyone I’ve talked about here. That is certainly not my intention. So if you want to upset my employers, parents and partners by revealing me, I’m sure it would be very easy to do but all it would serve is to ruin it for everyone else as I would have to stop posting (making the massive assumption there that people like what I post)

I’m 5’8”, I’ve blonde hair, green eyes and I’m obsessed with my modest boobs, I’m their no.1 fan.

You can call me Abbi.

(As far as I know The Only Irish Sex Blogger)